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Ok so not only is the drain for the washing machine screwed up now the tumbler isn’t working right so during the spin cycle you hear it running but ALAS the tumbler isn’t moving, so everything is coming out SOPPING Friggin wet! Wonderful, just Wonderful! So now I have two options:
1) Use a laundromat until we can afford to replace the damn thing, which maybe, just maybe if we play our cards right we can swing enough Home Depot GC’s for X-Mas to replace it
2) See if I can find a reasonably priced replacement via Craigslist (not likely) or at the Habitat Home Re-Store down the street from us – here’s hoping this one is more likely!

We have a Frigidaire front loader washing machine, it was a gift from my Grandparents when we bought our house, we chose this model because they use less water than a top loading machine and thus would save us $$ on our water bill (which it’s done)…so I would be looking for another model close to this one so I can keep the cost of the water bill down – this would be a good thing as it seems CFPUA wants to raise our rates once again…fun right??!?!?! I don’t bloody think so!