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Seriously??!?! So here’s a mid-week update to keep my Friday budget post from becoming too long –

After FOUR (4) yes I said FOUR Months of waiting we FINALLY heard back from Citi about our restructure and what do you know??? It was DECLINED citing spending habits vs. actual need – so then I guess that the fact that several unexpected expenses bulked together with lost working hours was the only cause for getting (5) months behind on our mortgage??? Seriously…I understand that’s what the issue was but when we added it all up the total amount going out was more than our income and it was BAM BAM BAM one expense right after the other we couldn’t catch a break until almost Halloween…and then when we ask for help from the one place that coule provide it, yup DENIED!  I am so frustrated I don’t know where to begin.  So what do they tell us??? Pay what you can and try each month to make a full payment – um what about that $5K+ that is  back due on the loan – no answer…gee Thanks!

So now that’s finished we figure ok since one situation didn’t work out, perhaps our second one would…replacing the money pit that our car has become, a 2000 Ford Focus with 130,000 miles on it – the “new” alternator that was put in last Fall may not have been installed correctly or might not have been the only issue, I have ZERO Clue – all I do know is this – I have to ‘prime’ the engine when I stop for a red light – meaning I have to apply the brake and lightly apply the gas in order to keep the car from stalling.  And yes I still have to do this even after replacing the battery (after my 4th stall out waiting to get off property from my job)…in April…we’ve had tune-ups and oil changes done to no avail it still does it.  Then recently my brakes have decided to ‘grind’ which I know means one thing and one thing only – Roters need replacing – those suckers are pricey as all get out – fun right?? NOPE!

Now we’re going to try a 2nd route with maybe replacing it – my hubby thinks he might be able to talk to our finance company and see about them pointing us in the direction of a replacement/new loan through them so we can get out of the money pit it’s become…that call is being made tomorrow morning…let’s hope it works…

The only bright light that came from the last 48-hours – my Wedding Song was playing on the radio today, going to post a video here for everyone to enjoy!


Lessons Learned: Don’t rely on just one route to correct a problem…always map out more than solution to an issue and prioritize your housing over every other expense! Build your emergency relief fund as it’s the only way to keep yourself out of hot water later down the line!