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Two days ago I posted this:

What is it with Cars/Vans and Hemorrhaging Money? As if Stressing Over a Mod Isn’t Enough…Let’s Add this to It!

Financial Windfall

And today after a large amount of begging the Fates and the Goddess I talk to for some help of some kind for money or some help somewhere I get in the mail (2) Checks from State Farm for the kids’ medical claims from our wreck in February! Each check was issued for $210.00/ea x 2 = $420.00 which is just about what we spent on getting the repairs done to Bessie.

I posted this to Facebook earlier:

“If you want to send out those good vibrations now is the time to do it, let’s list off the shit that’s gone WRONG in the last week:
1. The Van Issues = $450.00 still not fixed
2. Bed Bugs in Ashley’s bed = Her spending the night in my bed
3. Bed Bugs in Austin’s bed = Him spending the night in my bed
4. A possible disconnect notice from CFPUA I haven’t even opened yet – OK Small Correction – It was just the usual water bill, but it’s still $188! OUCH!
5. Now the finance company for the van is calling for their “past due” payment…they don’t like the $75.00 a week I am sending – my contract state $150.00/two weeks – um what’s the difference? $75/week or $150/bi-weekly, there’s no difference here nor there
6. My job is on the line because I am having to work at home for more than the originally planned timeframe – so worried my boss is going to call me and tell me that my time w/my company is done and then we’re really f*cked!
Anything else want to get lumped on my overloaded plate?!?! Seriously!!! Why now? Why when my Hubby is gone??? I am totally overwhelmed right now!”

And then to check the mail and find those there! Man it felt amazing to see that and to know Goddess was watching over us and handed us that money right when we needed it!

I shared this sentiment when I saw what was in the mail:

“Miracle of all Miracles – Just got two (2) Checks in the mail for the kids’ medical payments from the accident in February!!! Oh man we have funding now I just need to get it to the bank!”

Talk about a bit of Amazing Luck!

So Thank-You to the Goddess!