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Which only meant we had more “loose change” or other monies to spend elsewhere – while I am glad about that after seeing the total of how much we spent this week, $88.80 on Misc. Items we probably could have done without, or better planned for in our grocery shopping we’d have that money going into this new week coming up…kicking myself in the arse on this one I swear!

Last week I posted a topic on Weight Loss and Budgets stating how my weight loss program has been costing us additional monies – what I did not mention is that now I am yet again at that in-between stage in terms of clothing sizes meaning while all of my Size 12/Mediums still fit, I am wondering how much longer they’ll still look decent – the 12’s are starting to just loosely hang on me, yet we don’t have funds enough quite yet to get me into 10s…and I still need shorts for summer…fantastic.  The other side to the weight loss is that I am not eating the same foods as the rest of my house – my lunches consist of items consistently different than what I used to eat (which was closer to what my kids eat) along with alternating items for dinners…to say grocery shopping has gotten interesting would be an understatement…while I have worked it so that I am not spending more on the grocery budget – just different – some of what I eat now comes from Target vs. Wal-Mart or even from Harris Teeter vs. the other two just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

On that note, here we go here’s the budget from this week:

 $15.54 Remaining from W/E 03/09/14  $523.78 Lara W/E 03/16/14 Salary, Pay Date 03/21
 $88.80 Amt. Spent  $288.13 Jimmy W/E 03/16/14 Salary
 $(73.26) Avail. Starting  $811.91
 $15.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $(73.26) Avail. Starting
 $2.99 Food Lion  $811.91 Total Pay
 $4.54 Target  $738.65 Avail. For Bills
 $11.00 Target
 $26.73 Target
 $5.13 KTC
 $4.80 Target
 $1.00 Facebook?
 $2.51 PetsMart
 $2.03 Rite Aid
 $13.07 Food Lion
 $6.03 Everybody’s
 $1.52 Office Max

As I mentioned above – we spent WAY too much this past week…seriously will cut that back in the coming weeks otherwise we’re going to be royally screwed financially.  I am still trying desperately to put money aside to help fund Christmas this year, just want to ensure we don’t run into the problem on having to pull it back into our account like I did two weeks ago.

So here’s how things broke down, we had our internet bill due which meant no money going to the mortgage – yes I am starting to sound like a broken record here…going into Q2 2014 I am going to work much harder to correct this…

 $121.66 AT&T, 03/21 Pre-Payment
 $85.00 LAS Financial
 $60.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $63.44 State Farm, 03/24 Auto-Draft
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 03/21
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $40.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $60.00  Gas
 $7.99, 03/21 Auto-Draft
 $50.56  $50.56
8%  $4.04
 $4.04  $46.52

So there you have it – our budget – we’re back to square one – BROKE as a JOKE and not liking it at ALL!

How does one fix the above?

  1. First and foremost they STOP spending money frivolously
  2. They find a means to bring in more money – we’re working on this
  3. They find a means to take advantage of ‘free money’ (i.e. rebates, things benefits through work cover and such)
  4. They get smarter.

Any other suggestions? Taking them now!

Hope you all have had a good week!


*whew* as I look over last week’s numbers I am very happy to know that the overdraft and subsequent fee didn’t impact us too terribly much, we stayed out of the checking account and thus were able to recover once we were paid on Friday the 22nd.  So yes I am very pleased about that…and now we’re looking toward fiscal planning for Christmas.  I booked our rental car on Friday afternoon, 12/22 – 12/28 for a Toyota Rav-4 or similar, that’ll cost us $328.68 – which in all honestly isn’t that terrible, and who knows maybe we’ll get a free upgrade 😉 Hey once can hope right?

XMAS Coin Jar

I did manage to forecast our budget out through our Christmas trip and I am somewhat ok with it – the kids sad to say have figured out that Santa doesn’t exist so they have scaled back their wish lists, also knowing that Grandma & Grandpa from my side have already purchased their gifts…they know that they’ll only be getting something from their Dad’s parents, my Uncle, their Aunt & Uncles and Mom and Dad.  So they’ve scaled them back which I am happy about…so now it’s a matter of budgeting/saving the funds to pay for those gifts/stocking stuffers – in the past we’ve forecasted how much every individuals’ gifts would cost and we budgeted a little each week to pay for them…as of right now I have just over $65.00 saved for Christmas gifts, so I am happy to say that’s 4 Gifts right there! Whoop Whoop!

Slumber Party

And somewhere in the mix we have a BDay Slumber Party for my daughter – we opted for this vs. a traditional party as it’ll be cheaper in the long run…I think we’re over doing it slightly…but it’s what happens when there’s a December birthday!

Alright, so this week I budgeted more for groceries because of Thanksgiving – we’re hosting (2) Baby Boots, aka Marines fresh out of Boot Camp who can’t go home for the holiday, so I purchased slightly more than usual to make sure we have enough to feed our special guests, so I tacked on an extra $50.00 to the grocery budget and surprisingly we were still under budget, I am VERY Happy about that

So here we go:

 $25.34 Remaining from W/E 09/08/13  $514.10 Lara W/E 11/17/13 Salary, Pay Date 11/22
 $30.76 Amt. Spent  $191.62 Jimmy W/E 11/17/13 Salary
 $(5.42) Avail. Starting  $705.72
 $16.86 Walgreen’s  $(5.42) Avail. Starting
 $1.77 PetsMart  $705.72 Total Pay
 $1.53 KTC  $700.30 Avail. For Bills
 $6.21 PCJ  $89.00 Void APM Int’l
 $4.39 Chick Fil-A  $789.30

You’ll notice APM Int’l coming back in from last week – we cancelled my son’s TKD Contract and November would have been the last draft, seems the Do Jang cancelled it early and it never drafted, so it went back into the budget – I sent them a request to stop the drafts and they did, so that got put back into the budget – also below you’ll see I purchased a pair of Athletic shoes – seems my at-home workouts were doing some damage to my ankles, so on Dr’s  orders I went out and bought a good pair of athletic shoes with ankle supports – after wearing them all day yesterday I can safely say I am very happy with them, money very well spent! Nothing like a $100 pair of shoes for $64.18!!

And with the kids being out of School on Wednesday and my hubby being off of work I opted not to have the kids go to the Brigades on Wednesday in an effort to save a little bit of money – and we saved $30.00 for the week on that one – so I put that money back into the Citi Payment!

 $40.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $250.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 11/22
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $5.00 CCA, 11/25 Auto-Draft
 $200.00 Citi.
 $63.44 State Farm, 11/26 Auto-Draft
 $64.18  L-Athletic Shoes
 $16.00  AT&T Bal. Due
 $35.68  $35.68
7%  $2.50
 $2.50  $33.18

And with the lump sum cash withdrawal:

 $40.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $380.00 Cash for the Week
 $200.00 Citi
 $63.44 State Farm, 11/26 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 CCA, 11/25 Auto-Draft
 $64.18 L-Athletic Shoes
 $16.00 AT&T Bal. Due
 $2.50 Merrill Transfer

So there we are! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll see you all around post-holiday!