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Ok so here we are, still passing through each day step by step just trying to get by – so where are we?

Well the Non-Profit is done with our application, the only way they’ll pay it out and close with us is if we come up with 1-months payment, $852.14, as a gap payment.

Then I got a letter from the DMV/State of NC telling me that due to a missed court-date outside of Raleigh in April I have to now pay the past due taxes on Silver, roughly $495.00, or they’ll suspend my license.  I got a ticket for the tags being expired when I went to the Chapel Hill burn center in February, didn’t go to the court-date because the courthouse is 2.5 hrs away and I knew I’d not have it resolved by the time the court-date rolled around.  Then I forgot to call for a continuance – so here I am.  Ugh.

We know I need my license, that’s a given – so now we’re trying to figure out our next steps. I’ve requested paperwork to close the 401K I had through my previous long-term employer, roughly $3,100.00, after taxes/fees we’re looking at about $2,800.00.  So going to use this money to pay both the gap funds and the taxes on Silver.  Then whatever is left will be used to pay our water bill, $245.00.

We’re trying to decide our next steps, my bi-weekly checks are somewhere around $391.00 are not enough to cover all of our bills. So I am still looking for another either full-time or part-time job to help cover the gap.  The State’s stopped by UI funds – and we now have to re-up our food stamps again.  So I am just at my wits ends.

So here we are – losing sleep – possibly losing Silver again – and just trying to figure out how our life is going to pan out in the coming months.

A look at the Budget

Whew another week in the trenches done and over with! YAY! So thrilled about  that.  We had a fairly decent week last week – what with the surprise financial gift  from my Grandparents and then getting our Federal Refund on Saturday I am  very pleased with how things are starting to look going forward – I say that every  year and then BAM come April the money is gone and we’re back in the pits  again…we have laid out some of the what’s we’re going to do with our refund:


  1.  Adopt a Puppy – Done
  2.  Pay – Off the back due on the car – Portion Pending with Week Ending 02.09.14 budget
  3.  Replace some broken window sashes in the house – hubby is to be calling Lowe’s on that today
  4. Take Nixon to the vet for a Wellness visit, vaccines, and to check his ear infection
  5. And maybe do some shopping for the house – new couch, some decor, etc. this is a big MAYBE
  6. Clothes shopping for Jimmy & I – 1/2 of my wardrobe no longer fits because I’ve lost 34lbs since October and he’s in need of some replacement items

Other than that we’re looking at having about $1,000 left over and we’re not sure how we’re going to allocate it, probably save some of it, probably pay forward some on the mortgage, we’ll see.  Nothing is set in stone right yet.

Tax Refund

So without further adieu, I’d like to introduce Sadie, a 7 Mos. Old Rescue we adopted on Sunday



Yes she’s another mouth to feed, but she’s our transition baby for when our Nixon passes – he’s 9 almost 10 years old right now and if we’re lucky we’ll have a couple of years with the both of them!

So here we go, this is the budget WITHOUT the refund as we are still deciding on what to do with it:

 $73.22 Remaining from W/E 01/26/14  $487.64 Lara W/E 02/02/14 Salary, Pay Date 02/07
 $56.19 Amt. Spent  $182.27 Jimmy W/E 02/02/14 Salary
 $17.03 Avail. Starting  $669.91
 $5.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $17.03 Avail. Starting
 $49.52 Target  $669.91 Total Pay
 $1.67 KTC  $686.94 Avail. For Bills
 $  –  $42.00 Dep. From Savings Box
 $  –  $728.94
 $  –  $2,548.00 IRS Tax Refund
 $56.19  $3,276.94

So we are working off of the $728.94 starting point – a good thing is that I was informed on Friday that our Brigades tuition each week will remain at $70.00/week! Whoop Whoop! So happy about that!

 $185.00 CFPUA
 $120.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 02/07
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 New Shoes for Ashley
 $83.94  $83.94
8%  $6.72
 $6.72  $77.22

On Friday I got brave and finally did something with the money sitting in the Merrill Account – I bought (2) Shares of GE Stock for a total of $50.00 and some change, so as long as it does well our retirement fund will grow some – still need to diversify some more but that’s research I’ll be doing when I finally get some time…I just picked up two shares of something I could think of off the top of my head – that and I work for a GE Contractor so it just felt right.  It’s a step forward right?

Anyhew, with that being said I am off! Ya’ll have a good Week!

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Yesterday I discussed ways to recover from financial debt mis-management and one item that was suggested was to create a Financial Goals Look Book to refer back to when you begin going off of your path, today I am going to create a mock-up of that book here – I realize that the article meant a real-life physical one you could hold in your hand, seeing as how I don’t have the resources to do as such today I am going to put it here.

So Enjoy!

First and Foremost: Paying Off the Car so we can Allocate that Monthly Payment ($336.98) to the Mortgage

Car Paid Off

Second plays off of the above, Financial Stability – I figure once the car is paid off and we can put that money back into the mortgage our finances should semi-stabilize


Then from the above, we can begin to build two separate savings accounts; #1 an Emergency Savings Fund


And then maybe simultaneously #2, a Retirement Savings Fund – we’ve started t his with our 8% Merrill Transfers each Week, Now we just have to Stay out of That Account

Retirement Savings

Then somewhere along the line maybe, just maybe we can get and stay Current on All of Our Utilities


And then maybe we can begin putting money aside for some kind of Family Vacation – something we’ve NEVER done outside of traveling to and from Maryland to visit family – I’d love nothing more than to take the kids on a real vacation, to say Disney (cliche I know, but it’s truth!)

Mickey & Minnie Vacation

And them maybe we can begin allocating funds to invest back into our home, there are two things  I’ve love to do more than anything: 1 is to replace the sash’s of two broken windows, and 2 is the replace the flooring in our main living areas from the icky grungy contractor grade carpet and tile we currently have to maybe some Pergo/Laminate Flooring

Pergo Flooring tilt-sash-replacement-window-300x212

And I figure in order to do some of the above we need to either find new jobs or maybe find some extra income – and I can do that by maybe just maybe finding a way to get paid to do book reviews!

Paid Book Reviews

So that’s the basics of my look book as new goals arise  I’ll add them here!

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