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Well tomorrow I start work for a new job.

This time as a contract employee for a Contractor at a Paper Processing Plant. Did you get all of that?

Doing timekeeping, being the face of the the Contractor with the client, and doing whatever administrative tasks as requested.

The company I am contracting with found me, how I don’t know, but they found me, everything happened real quick last week and tomorrow I start work.

They are paying me $16.00/hr with overtime each week, I literally have to be at work at 7am every morning and work a 10 – 11 hour day each day. So yeah we’re looking at what I was making + hubby’s salary each month just on myself alone – NOW this will only go through the end of May 2016 BUT it might be extended into the summer, just depends on the work requirements.

I am nervous for sure, I’ve never worked this kind of schedule, nor have I worked in this sort of environment before…so I am hopeful.

So that’s all!


I am so totally starting to feel like a broke record here…the email I sent to HR (find it in this post) and then the subsequent follow-ups (find those here) have rendered NATCH, not a damn thing has come as a result;  I did go digging for the HR Manager’s boss’s email address and information – giving her until the end of the day today to get back to me then all of my communication is going to her boss.  I WILL NOT be ignored, NOR will I back down.  This is one of those situations I feel that the fight needs to continue and this needs to be dealt with.

On a side note though, I have registered with for my job search – while I am not sure, well not 100% sure my current employer is going to do a THING about the email I sent, nor are they going to take ownership of the crap situation I am in, I have decided that maybe its better to just look for a new job.  As I have said in the past I am not looking for just any job, being pickier, figure that as long as I am employed currently I can be.

Next, we have had some discussion at home about our financial situation, we have some larger decisions to make:

  1. How to bring in more income – should my hubby take on a 2nd job? Would it be work it financially? Would my stress/anxiety levels allow for me to basically be a single Mom?
  2. Should I go ahead and try to find some freelance work? I have registered with two Freelance websites (, and to try and find some work that way
  3. Should we pursue another Mortgage Modification? I am about 90% sure we wouldn’t be approved for it because our interest rate in ALREADY way below current market rates @ 4.5%
  4. If no modification what are our options? Bankruptcy? Ditching the house and moving? With rental rates as high as they are in our current city, the likelihood we could stay here in slim…so then what?
  5. If we have to move, then where to?

I can’t restructure our budget any further, I’ve cut back as much as I can on just about everything, I am NOT willing to cut more from our grocery budget ($200.00/wk) because I want to continue to eat healthy and eating healthier is more expensive than not (I know such a contrary situation)…the only upswing right now is that the kids get Breakfast & Lunch @ camp w/Brigades, so I am only providing a morning “snack” to take their ADHD meds with (otherwise they get nauseous)

So anyone – thoughts? Suggestions?

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