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Well as suspected the car was deemed a Total Loss – not worthwhile and cost effective to repair it, I figured as much, as did my husband, my parents, and just about everyone else out there…

What gets me most though is the why of it all – why now? why was it our time to lose out on the car? why couldn’t this sort of thing happened next year after the car was paid off and our credit was cleaner? WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!? I just don’t get it – we really had it outlined to pay off the car, get our mortgage situated and caught up and THEN and only THEN look into getting a new car – we’d given ourselves a year to clean up our act financially and BAM fate throws us this curve ball – I am mad, mad as a hatter about this, and stark raving…but I am keeping it all on the inside – boiling over would do me absolutely no good, so here we are…

I spoke with the Total Loss team this morning and here’s what they told me:

Using the National Automobile Dealers Association ratings based on Month of the Accident (February) Year of the Car (2000) number of Miles on the Car (150 – 160K), Make (Ford) and Model (Focus SE) the total value is $3,475.00 added to our reimbursement amount is NC Sales Tax of $104.25 and NC License & Registration Fees of $55.00 – Total Reimbursement = $3,634.25.

So breaking it down:

$3,475.00 – NADA Estimated Value

$104.25 – NC Sales Tax

$55.00 – NC License & Registration

$3,634.25 total

10-Day Payoff on the Loan = $2,254.62

$1,389.63 – Remaining Balance

Less our $100.00 Deductible: $1,279.63 due to us

Not terrible; not wonderful either…not sure what we’re going to do, but they’ll stop paying on the rental on Tuesday 3/11 – which gives us a week to find a replacement – Good Luck to us right?!?!?


Good News: Car Passed Inspection and my hubby got the Tags renewed this morning. I also got Accepted to WritersCash as a Freelancer, Woop Woop! Gotta now get my PayPal account Activated so I can get paid!

Bad News: I had to drain our Merrill Account to cover the electric bill – they were en route to shut us off if we didn’t pay them $107.00 to keep it from being shut-off…we wouldn’t have had the funds until Friday to pay them and yeah we can’t go that long without power…too cold outside for that and our Beardie would die from the cold…UGH UGH UGH!