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So I thought I’d try and share an update on where we’re at with certain topics I’ve discussed here…

The Mortgage – the State and the Non-Profit came through for us – we were awarded a 5-Month Period of Payments on the Mortgage, we’ll pick back up in January 2017.  That being said I am seriously scared to death on what’s going to happen come January.  The non-profit contact did tell us that we can apply for some sort of “gap” funds…whatever that is should our situation not change.

My Job – I was hired on Part-Time with a Southern Retail Department Store – initially I was in the Fine Jewelry Department, but the Part-Time hours just weren’t enough.  So after discussing it with the counter manager we put my name into the pot to move into the Ready-to-Wear Women’s Clothing Department, FULL-TIME! I actually got my benefits packet in the mail today,  WooHoo!

With that being said – Insurance – We applied for Insurance through DSS sometime early last month for my husband and I – and we found out today that we were approved, WooHoo!! So I might hold off on enrolling in benefits through work (medical at least for now) to conserve some funds.

We also started the process for my husband’s Disability – the paperwork has been sent back in and he’s had his physical – they called today to clarify some things and then stated more paperwork is headed our way for him to complete – we really NEED this Miracle.  So hoping they approve him so we can get some stability – though 9 times out of 10 the applicants are denied the first go-round…we have until January…ugh

The other item we need to decide on is Silver…she’s really more than we can afford each month with her $540.00 payment – $273.00/mos insurance – and Gas…so we’re trying to determine what we’re going to do with her.  As much as it would break my heart to part with her, I can’t seem to see us being able to continue to pay for her…

The other upswing in our household is that about two weeks ago we adopted a new baby girl for my Son – I took him to PetsMart and we found him a new baby, we welcomed Josina (now named Sakura) into our house – she’s a four month old little lady whose just made herself to home!

And yes I am still cruising through my Cook/Bake from Scratch journey!  More of that to come!

So to Speak…

I have so much in my brain right now – I’ve discussed where we’re at with the Mortgage and the van – and we have that underway.

The mortgage is in a holding pattern until the funds from our 401K arrive via Fed-Ex after it’s sent – the NCHFA has told us that we’ll have the funds forgiven after 10 years in the home – I really hope that we’re successful in paying the mortgage ourselves after their support runs out after 18-Months.

However, today I received the paperwork FINALLY from Wells Fargo to close my account – I sent an email to the HR Team of my previous employer requesting they complete the paperwork and send it back to Wells Fargo as soon as they can so I can get this money quickly.  So now we wait…as per usual.

Bonus, though today we got a call from DSS telling us we qualify for Family/Adult Medicaid through the State so we can get medical insurance.  YAY! My husband has been experiencing random low grade to somewhat highish fevers and I am really worried about him – BUT we’ve been unable to get him to the Dr’s to get it looked at.  And, he’s been unwilling to go to the hospital to get it looked at, and I understand that, ER’s are not clinics and not the place to go for medical attention.  So tomorrow, off we go to DSS to get this application in.

I was told today that another manager in my store is looking for someone Full-Time in two of her departments – she’d already offered me extra shifts and I am going to take them – however, my counter manager told me to talk to this other manager about getting a full-time position with her.  I am considering it because we could definitely use the money, and its looking like my future is bound within the walls of the store…for now at least as I am having a very hard time finding work outside of the store. Been looking for a couple of months now with no luck…so yup.

I am also considering undertaking a change in our diet – recently one of my favorite author’s has started on her blog a series of posts about Depression Era Eating and cooking.  She’s listed those items to store in bulk and now I am thinking about how to outfit our kitchen to accommodate bulk dry goods in my kitchen. (her initial post is here, Food Frugality in the New Depression) – it’s a 12′ x 12′ square with one wall of cabinets interspersed with my stove, sink, and refrigerator

The other side of the cabinets is the same, and on the 3rd wall is a steel dog crate for Sadie.  So now I have to get creative, maybe using some shelves and the real estate on the floor by the other wall on the other side of the kitchen next to the living room…

I think doing this would allow us to save some money at the grocery store – just because we’re on Food Stamps doesn’t mean we have to eat like crud – we can use those funds to pay for bulk items at the store and eat well. At least that’s my thought…what do you all think? If nothing else the money saved will be helpful in paying for other items.

One is Silver – we’re considering selling her, as much as it breaks my heart – we cannot continue to pay her monthly payment, the insurance and gas – we’d need another vehicle so possibly going back to a buy here – pay here place OR buying something for cash.  We won’t get what we owe Regional for her – I am aware of that – BUT the bigger picture is that her monthly payment ($540.00) plus the insurance ($272.00/mos) plus gas ($140.00) is just too much for us right now on my $9.00/hr income…so we have to determine if that’s a viable option…

Ok I think I’ve offloaded enough…

Ok so here we are, still passing through each day step by step just trying to get by – so where are we?

Well the Non-Profit is done with our application, the only way they’ll pay it out and close with us is if we come up with 1-months payment, $852.14, as a gap payment.

Then I got a letter from the DMV/State of NC telling me that due to a missed court-date outside of Raleigh in April I have to now pay the past due taxes on Silver, roughly $495.00, or they’ll suspend my license.  I got a ticket for the tags being expired when I went to the Chapel Hill burn center in February, didn’t go to the court-date because the courthouse is 2.5 hrs away and I knew I’d not have it resolved by the time the court-date rolled around.  Then I forgot to call for a continuance – so here I am.  Ugh.

We know I need my license, that’s a given – so now we’re trying to figure out our next steps. I’ve requested paperwork to close the 401K I had through my previous long-term employer, roughly $3,100.00, after taxes/fees we’re looking at about $2,800.00.  So going to use this money to pay both the gap funds and the taxes on Silver.  Then whatever is left will be used to pay our water bill, $245.00.

We’re trying to decide our next steps, my bi-weekly checks are somewhere around $391.00 are not enough to cover all of our bills. So I am still looking for another either full-time or part-time job to help cover the gap.  The State’s stopped by UI funds – and we now have to re-up our food stamps again.  So I am just at my wits ends.

So here we are – losing sleep – possibly losing Silver again – and just trying to figure out how our life is going to pan out in the coming months.

So the Sheriff’s office came by today with a court summons/notice informing us that the court date for the Foreclosure hearing has been set for 01/21/2016 at 11am…

So it begins – my hubby is going to go to the hearing to find out what the move-out date is…

In the meantime I am looking for housing for us…we’ve settled on the fact that we’ll need a 2-bedroom house with us using a fouton/daybed of sorts to sleep in the living room…I don’t know if I want to puke/cry/or scream bloody murder right now.

I am MAD – there I said it MAD – this is our own doing I know – we couldn’t keep up with the payments before my hubby lost his job – and then I lost mine too – thankfully I was able find a new job relatively quickly but STILL…we can’t keep up, the mortgage payment + utilities + groceries + the car payment + insurance plus plus plus…ugh.  I am sure some of it was a stagnant pay rate for YEARS.

I don’t know what else to say truthfully…I’ve put inquiries into several places for houses for rent – BUT I’m sure we’re going to run into the problem of our pets – 2 dogs + 3 cats with one dog being a Rottweiler Mix who weighs 85lbs and one being a Pitbull we’re going to run into brick walls left and right…and NO I am NOT willing to give any of them up…

Nor is moving back to MD an option – for several reasons

a) my new job – it’s a great opportunity and I don’t think it would be smart to walk away

b) we were miserable in MD – angry all the time, stressed to the max ALL the time

c) living with my parents would cause undo stress to all parties involved…

Ugh. I am talking in circles.

Gonna go sulk in a corner now…

Good Evening Everyone!

It’s been roughly (3) Months since I last checked-in and WOW things have changed some – some for the good and some staying where they are…

Our tax return lasted us about 2.5 months this year – 90% of which was spent paying bills – we dedicated a large portion of it to help pay the mortgage, car payment, insurance, utilities, etc and it turned out to be a blessing for sure! Those months right after Christmas always tend to be a problem for us, but having the tax refund really helped smooth the road from that point forward.  The remaining 10% we spent on shopping – we took about $600 and hit Myrtle Beach, SC for a day of Outlet Shopping, cruising Broadway at the beach and then dinner at Red Lobster! It was a fun-filled day that we all needed!  And the rest went to little purchases here and there – movies, books, other clothing items, food, etc.

For the good, and I mentioned this on my NCReaderBlog the other day – I have taken on a 2nd job, part-time, working for an Indie Author named, Heather Hildenbrand, author of such books as ImitationDevitation, and the Dirty Blood Series, doing her administrative work – helping her with blog tours, cover reveals, working on her newsletter as she needs me do and just anything and everything she needs help with! The hours fluctuate based on her needs and schedule, but I love it! She’s an amazingly sweet lady who is just very cool!  I found this job via her Street Team facebook page and applied as soon as it hit my newsfeed – she was like whiplashed I hit her so fast w/my inquiry and resume LOL!!  This position adds an extra $40 – $80/month to our budget or $10.00/hr as her needs require, and has helped with some smaller expenses as they’ve come up – stuff like oil changes for the new van, or something as simple as putting gas in the car or paying for emergency groceries!

Another, for the good change as been a gym change for me – if you all remember roughly 15-Months ago I joined Planet Fitness to help with my weight loss goals – well I reached my goal weight and was looking to move more into weight lifting and decided to give the New Rules of Lifting for Women program a try – well to do the program in full I really needed more weight room flexibility so after a lot of soul searching I decided to leave PF and joined Gold’s Gym – and I also took on a personal training twice a month to help me reach my goals.  The costs of which were a $200.00 enrollment fee + $19.99 month for the membership and then $50.00/month for my PT – who has been well worth the expense! She’s just amazing – she’s a powerlifter and has been working with me to increase the weight I use while guiding me with proper form! I’ve been a member of Gold’s now for about a month and I feel so much more at home than I ever did at PF! Probably because I know my way around the weight room more 😉

Otherwise, we’re remaining static – the last restructure we did with Citi went through and as soon as the paperwork was returned to them they sold our loan to Midland Mortgage – who is just now receiving the paperwork from Citi – oy what a ride that’s been – but I spoke with them yesterday and all is good – our credit hasn’t been affected by the changeover and we’re paying the payments as scheduled, so we’re good!

Life continues to move forward and we’re just taking things one day at a time.

Man in the past recovering from an overdraft took several weeks because we’d think we were ok and over-budget, pay too much to the bills and then get back in the hole – having this new budget system has helped us prevent such a situation, I have a better hold on the finances (so to speak) and can overcome such hardships with fewer problems.

BUT don’t let that hide anything – we still are looking for ways to make some extra money – specifically for Christmas – we’re saving for that but it’s been very slow, we’ve pretty much spent our cash withdrawal down the last penny.  Making extra money/income has proven difficult – WritersCash fell through simply because I didn’t feel comfortable doing the work – seemed to much like it was people buying research papers for college and that just wasn’t something I could get behind – that and it was entirely academic writing…so that’s scratched off and we’re back at square one.

This being said, we’re doing ok for now, I am tad stressed because I haven’t paid the mortgage in a couple weeks, we’re behind on the car payment, and we’re playing catch-up on the utilities, specifically the electric, UGH UGH UGH!  I think right now just about the only thing working in my favor is the fact that I am now down 7lbs on my journey to weight loss and better physical health…that’s saying something right there LOL!!

Anyhew, the reason we’re here, the budget – here goes – the transactions posted here immediately below are including what we spent over the weekend before I did the checkbook balancing over lunch today, so the negative shown is not completely accurate:

 $24.24 Remaining from W/E 11/03/13  $525.97 Lara W/E 11/10/13 Salary, Pay Date 11/15
 $42.27 Amt. Spent  $247.67 Jimmy W/E 11/10/13 Salary
 $(18.03) Avail. Starting  $773.64
 $2.09 KTC  $(18.03) Avail. Starting
 $16.22 Wal-Mart  $773.64 Total Pay
 $5.12 PetsMart  $755.61 Avail. For Bills
 $9.17 McDonald’s
 $4.18 Wal-Mart
 $5.49 Target

And with the line item breakdown:

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 11/15
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $89.00 APM Int’l, 11/15 Auto-Draft
 $7.99, 11/21 Auto-Draft
 $111.00 Great Lakes, 11/17 Auto-Draft
 $60.00 AT&T
 $70.00 Progress Energy
 $32.62  $32.62
7%  $2.28
 $2.28  $30.34

The beauty here is that the $89.00 APM Int’l will no longer be there after this month – we’ve cancelled my son’s contract and pulled him out, he was miserable going to TKD and wasn’t participating or learning anything new – which honestly is sad, because I sincerely feel that IF the instructors actually took time to teach him and engage him he might have been more interested and learned more and maybe just maybe he’d still be going – but the last few months over the summer I noticed that he was left on his own more and more and basically ignored unless he did something he shouldn’t have…sad but very true…

Anyhew, and now with the cash withdrawal – now I will say something else here, my husband is taking our daughter out on a Daddy-Daughter date later this week and I didn’t budget for that, but I did ensure that there was enough cash left in the account so he could take her out without much worry.

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $320.00 Cash for Week
 $89.00 APM Int’l, 11/15 Auto-Draft
 $7.99, 11/21 Auto-Draft
 $111.00 Great Lakes, 11/17 Auto-Draft
 $60.00 AT&T
 $70.00 Progress Energy
 $2.28 Merrill Transfer

So that’s where we’re at right now – recovering from the Overdraft, getting ready for Thanksgiving- which OMG is NEXT week, when did that happen?!?! LOL!!! And then subsequently getting ready for Christmas.  We’re, I’d say this week, Ok

Lesson Learned: Track Bills Better and Think Positively because You Too Can Recover!

Financial Roller Coaster

Up and Down

Around and Around

Up and Down

Back and Forth

I swear to Goddess my life, especially our financial life, never stays consistent – not sure if it’s us, the economy, our jobs, or what, but I can’t make hide nor hair of any of it…one week it seems we’re ok, then the next I review the overall numbers and we’re down – we try to find ways to cut back on spending, but I hate to say it we’re at bare bones as it is – with the ever increasing cost of living our meager income isn’t keeping up – some would say it’s not meager but alas it is compared to the increasing cost of living – I am not one to try and decide between eating and our Mortgage – I’d like to find a way to handle both, that’s not too much to ask is it?

I think I mentioned this last week – we got our equity statement and with the shortage on the equity our payment has gone up by $80.00/mos, this too is causing a strain on our finances, and the overall financial picture.

So now it’s come down to the: How do we bring in more income? We’re looking at several options, nothing concrete quite yet, but we’re tossing around some ideas:

1. Hubby can do more of what he’s doing for his customer @ Work – maintaining fish tanks while people are out of town for extended periods – sort of like the guys with my company or those who work w/Screen Gems and end-up going out of state for Movie productions

2.  I can try again to do something with my photography – hubby tells me all the time that he hears customers at work lamenting that they want professional style pics of their pets, but no one affordable to do it – I’ll do it!

3.  I can also try to get my book reviews into a publication of some kind and get paid for it…then again I don’t know how that works exactly as I am sure I need the publishers permission first…research to be done there.

4.  Possibly doing some PetSitting, we love animals and all four of our furbabies are amicable to other animals, so it would be somewhat easy to do.

Those are just some vague ideas we’ve thrown around…now onto why the budget is not making me happy AGAIN, see below – we managed to keep our extraneous spending down to a minimum but two runs to Harris Teeter for missing grocery items caused a bit of a jump from last week – then I over budgeted our finances for the week and ended up pulling funds in from our Merrill Account to cover that overage…UGH UGH UGH:

 $36.88 Remaining from W/E 09/08/13  $518.08 Lara W/E 09/22/13 Salary, Pay Date 9/27
 $17.23 Amt. Spent  $215.13 Jimmy W/E 09/22/13 Salary
 $19.65 Avail. Starting  $733.21
 $1.65 KTC  $19.65 Avail. Starting
 $1.74 Harris Teeter  $733.21 Total Pay
 $12.77 Harris Teeter  $752.86 Avail. For Bills
 $1.07 McDonalds  $6.27 Adjustment
 $17.23  $746.59
 $15.00 In From Merrill

Alright here goes with the breakdown – the money for Citi was transferred to our savings account to be paid out to them with this Friday’s paycheck so I am sending them more than $125.00, the $100 for the car payment satisfied September’s payment and now we’ll be scrounging for October’s payment as it’s due on the 6th…we don’t have it budgeted for a couple more weeks yet, STRESS STRESS STRESS!

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 9/13
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $100.00 Credit Accept.
 $115.00 Progress Energy, Bal. Due: $162.00
 $125.00 Citi
 $31.59  $31.59
7%  $2.21
 $2.21  $29.38


In actuality the lump sum cash withdrawal we take every week has had one benefit I’ve seen as of late and that is we’re actually coming in under budget on just about everything – so the cash jar at work is pretty full – rounding in at about $75.00, which is the budget I set for Halloween (costumes & pumpkins for carving), so we’re set for that! Whoop Whoop! One Small Victory There!

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $320.00 Cash for Week
 $100.00 Credit Accept.
 $115.00 Progress Energy
 $125.00 Citi
 $2.21 Merrill Transfer


So there’s that…am I happy with it? No I wish there was some way we could pay the Mortgage Payment on time every month – I am taking suggestions from those who read my blog – seems I am either mis-allocating my funds or we’re doing something terribly incorrect here!

MISC. SPENDING HAS BEEN BROUGHT UNDER CONTROL!! We only hit the checking account twice last week for small drafts and didn’t spend hardly anything at all!  I am very proud of us!!!  I have literally been on pins and needles waiting to share this wonderful accomplishment with everyone!

The only reason we had (1) stop at PCJ (Port City Java, Wilmington’s answer to Starbucks, but WAY better!) was because Jimmy was running a headache (the extra shot of espresso is an easy fix for a headache) and I needed some coffee, so we stopped at the PCJ by the Wal-Mart we shop at and grabbed (2) small Latte’s and the kiddos some snacks.  On Thursday after Girl Scouts, I did run to Starbucks and picked up a new travel mug to replace the one I got for Christmas from my manager – it broke last Wednesday morning when I dropped it while washing it – I was able to use the rest of a Gift Card I got for my BDay from my In-Laws to pay for the bulk of it and the remaining balance was very small ($2.56) so I didn’t fuss!

But aren’t you guys proud of us! We’ve been trying to do this for EONS and somehow we managed it last week!

This is good because as I was reviewing our overall financial picture this morning did I realize that we are way over our heads financially and this cut-back will help us recuperate the overage elsewhere…

After putting into a small spreadsheet everything we have going out, this is what I came up with while sitting at OT Solutions waiting for Austin to get done with his therapy session:

The income numbers I used was what we were paid on Friday – you’ll see these replicated below – and these are our monthly numbers for everything using a 4.25 multiplier on the weekly expenses – used instead of 4 as there’s something like 4.25 – 4.5 weeks in any given month:

 $496.56  $2,110.38
 $258.92  $1,100.41
 $755.48  $3,210.79
 $830.00  Citi
 $297.50  Brigades
 $337.00  Credit Acceptance
 $850.00  Groceries
 $170.00  Gas
 $64.47  State Farm
 $89.00  APM Int’l
 $21.39  Blockbuster
 $111.00  Great Lakes
 $106.25  Pizza Dinners
 $106.25  Jimmy’s Money
 $106.25  Cat & Dog Food
 $125.00  Progress Energy
 $125.00  AT&T
 $105.00  CFPUA
 $21.25  OT Solutions, Inc.

Leaving a Difference of: ($262.56)

OUCH! No wonder we’re broke as sin!  Even if I cut back the weekly pizza expense and when APM Int’l is done in November with Blockbuster being cancelled (as will be done this week) – I will still have that $25.00 in my grocery budget to pay for food on those nights and with the possibility of cutting out OT  – Austin’s therapist is talking of possibly transitioning him out as she doesn’t feel it’s needed any longer – we’re still in the hole: ($130.92)!

Our biggest expense is the house – and with our payments being as inconsistent as they have been our Escrow account has been overdrawn so now we’re having to make-up that difference in our payments as we were also unable to make the extra payment for just the escrow account thus causing the monthly payment to jump up from $765.00/mos to $830.00 – OUCH!

Alright here we go with this week’s numbers:

 $35.11 Remaining from W/E 09/08/13  $496.56 Lara W/E 09/15/13 Salary, Pay Date 9/20
 $15.95 Amt. Spent  $258.92 Jimmy W/E 09/15/13 Salary
 $19.16 Avail. Starting  $755.48
 $12.59 PCJ  $19.16 Avail. Starting
 $0.90 KTC  $755.48 Total Pay
 $2.46 Starbucks  $774.64 Avail. For Bills
 $   –  $5.00 Unpaid to OT Solutions
 $15.95  $779.64

And the overall breakdown:

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $10.00 OT Solutions
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 9/20
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $7.99, 9/21 Auto-Draft
 $21.39, 9/23 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 Coastal Beh. 9/25
 $64.47 State Farm, 9/24 Auto-Draft
 $200.00 Credit Accept
 $30.00 Boys’ Haircuts
 $55.79  $55.79
7%  $3.91
 $3.91  $51.88

And…with the lump sum cash withdrawal:

 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $10.00 OT Solutions
 $360.00 Cash for Week
 $7.99, 9/21 Auto-Draft
 $21.39, 9/23 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 Coastal Beh. 9/25
 $64.47 State Farm, 9/24 Auto-Draft
 $200.00 Credit Accept.
 $3.91 Merrill Transfer

And that left me with just over $18.00 cash to put into the savings jar this morning! We’re well on our way to being able to fund Halloween! YEAH!

Well that is all from me for this Week! Until next week!

I am seriously curious, where does our money go? I thought I had a good handle on things, seems not so much – we’re behind on just about everything – Electric Bill, Internet/Phone, Mortgage – some pretty big ones – the car payment and water bill we’re current on and that’s it – and that my friends bugs the crud out of me – I wish beyond all wishes we were current on our mortgage, would make our lives so much easier – we’re STILL, yes STILL waiting on a response from Citi regarding the restructure and I am getting very impatient for an answer – seriously wish they’d just tell us something – anything…ah the lamenting story of my life.

So where are we – surprisingly we’re behind again – while we received three (count them 1-2-3) checks from our Health Insurance for reimbursements for co-pays made for office visits and another check from LCA (must’ve missed a payment going out before the account was paid in full) – so that’s an additional $65.00 that came in this week – all that did was bring us up to where we should be vs. where we are currently.   I am trying beyond reason to figure out why my hubby’s paychecks have been far less than we had been seeing, between $170 – $180 the last couple of weeks vs. the $210 – $220 they had been – that difference of $40 – $50.00 is HUGE for our budget.  So I had to make a lump sum payment to Progress Energy this week and a reduced payment to Citi in order to keep our electric on and I am going to have to reallocate funds next week to AT&T to keep the phone/internet on and then find extra funds to help get our electric bill current so I don’t have to do this again in a couple of weeks…UGH UGH UGH! I am so frustrated!

So here we go:

 $35.29 Remaining from W/E 06/23/13  $491.38 Lara W/E 06/30/13 Salary
 $49.78 Amt. Spent  $170.15 Jimmy W/E 06/30/13 Salary
 $(14.49) Avail. Starting  $661.53
 $2.99  $(14.49) Avail. Starting
 $1.61 Target  $661.53 Total Pay
 $1.45 KTC  $647.04 Avail. For Bills
 $15.97 Target  $65.00  Refunds from UHC + $5.00 Put Back from OT, Pd in Cash
 $2.27 PetsMart  $712.04
 $15.97 Target  $15.99 Adj.
 $6.00 Tommy’s  $728.03
 $3.52 Target

So as you can see our breakdown above shows we overspent – and we do this week in and week out – I am going to be doing a summary soon to figure out where our money is actually going to so we can try and figure out ways to trim our budget and put money back to pay the mortgage.

 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 7/10 Auto-Draft
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $140.00 Progress Energy
 $170.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Dinner, 7/05
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $40.00 Gas
 $175.00 Citi

As you can see I had to skip paying DB Plumbing this week – which is putting us behind by a week with them – but the money just wasn’t there with the auto-draft of Tate & Kirlin and the $140 to Progress – it is these things we try to balance each week and where we come up short…

 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 7/10 Auto-Draft
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $140.00 Progress
 $300.00 Cash for the Week
 $175.00 CitiMortgage

So that’s all I have to say this week – if there’s anyone out there who has some suggestions I am open to hearing them…

Have a Good Weekend Everyone!

So I go through all of the trouble to create that new budgeting system and I mess up by not pulling the right model for last week – only to realize this yesterday! GAH! It balanced, but now I have to pay the Car payment two weeks in a row vs. the mortgage this Friday, Car Payment next Friday, 2nd Half of Mortgage the following Friday…GAH! This may work out for the best, but we shall see.

Let’s see what happened last week – well for one we spent way more from the non-budgeted monies fund than I would have been comfortable with BUT there’s good reason for it, my hubby FINALLY was able to go to the Drs for a Well check-in/new patient intake appointment and was given some meds to help clear up a cold that might have turned into pneumonia or bronchitis as he has a tendency to get this time of year, so that was a $20.00 co-pay and then $20.22 at Wal-Mart for the meds and fixing for milkshakes (he was told to have 1 a day until he gains 20lbs) both unplanned expenses but nonetheless I was happy the money was in our account to pay those expenses.

The rest of it was general purchases, 1 – a trip to Once Upon a Child for new bathing suits for the kids, 2 – a trip to Books a Million for a summer math workbook for my son and 3 – a trip to AC Moore for yarn for my project blanket I am working on, everything else were our normal small mid-week purchases.

So enjoy, I am hopeful it’s not too painful to review…it wasn’t all that bad honestly for us:

 $196.24 Remaining from W/E 05/12/13  $496.56 Lara W/E 06/02/13 Salary
 $128.36 Amt. Spent  $219.38 Jimmy W/E 06/02/13 Salary
 $67.88 Avail. Starting  $715.94
 $15.18 AC Moore  $67.88 Avail. Starting
 $11.77 Once Upon a Child  $715.94 Total Pay
 $11.03 Office Max  $783.82 Avail. For Bills
 $10.65 Books a Million  $170.12 Depot ($155.12 from UDR Stock Sale/$15.00 Replacement for Office Max Purchase
 $4.74 Lowe’s Foods  $953.94
 $2.99  $150.00 Transfer to Savings (UDR Stock Sale to Replace $$’s used for June Car Payment)
 $6.29 Target  $803.94
 $5.41 KTC
 $20.00 NH Med. Group
 $20.22 Wal-Mart
 $5.11 PetsMart
 $4.00 Target
 $10.97 McDonald’s

As you can see along with the monies from the sale of my UDR Stock we took $15.00 leftover from the budgeted cash monies of $30.00 for the Letters/Labels/Stamps and put that back into our account – the $11.03 to Office Max was my hubby using his debit card to pay for the letters/labels/stamps I asked him to print (see post from last week’s budget) instead of the cash I gave him – he felt guilty about that but we fixed it! And then I took $150.00 from the UDR stock sale and transferred it over to our savings account to replace part of what we withdrew two weeks ago to make June’s car payment.  That account is back at $735.00 – we still need to get it up to $750.00 before we can go shopping…that to come later.

Alright, the overall budget:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 Coastal Behavioral, 6/19
 $89.00 AmeriNational, 6/15 Auto-Draft
 $170.00 Groceries
 $429.94 (Actual: $42.92 NF/$142.73 Food = $185.65)
 $ 40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 6/14
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $185.00 Credit Acceptance
 $20.00  Lara ~ Dr. Co-Pay
 $109.94  $109.94
7%  $7.70
 $7.70  $102.24

As you can see we went $16 over budget on groceries – I attribute some of that to the kids requesting stromboli for lunch on Saturday, the cost for those fixings came somewhere around $13.00 with the addt’l $3 in an air freshener I purchased for our laundry room (stinky cat boxes, ewwww!)

Alright and now with the lump sum cash withdrawal:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 Coastal Behavioral, 6/19
 $89.00 AmeriNational, 6/15 Auto-Draft
 $320.00 Cash for Week
 $185.00 Credit Acceptance

So that’s that – Father’s Day was kept simple – my hubby opted to just cruise around Mayfaire (outdoor mall type area) and then have cold cut sandwiches for dinner! All in all I spent about $5.00 for drinks & Snacks at Atlanta Bread for Father’s Day – he’d have had my head if I purchased a gift for him.  He hates getting gifts as much as I hate Valentines Day!

Hope everyone celebrating Dad’s Day had a good one!  That’s all for now, see you again on Friday!