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So I know everyone is just itching to know how things are going – nothing has changed work-wise for me – still working the retail job and its going well, we’re getting into our busy time of year – albeit slowly – so things are cranking along well there.

Still do not have a car – ugh – and the public transportation system in our area is just forming a more and more sour taste in my mouth – they seriously need to work on getting their ish together, it is near impossible to hold onto steady riders, who also need to hold onto steady jobs, with the crud schedule they are running.


Lastly, some good news 0 my husband was APPROVED for his disability, to the tune of $1,107.00/month, WooHoo!!! So stoked about that!  Our plan for now is to pay down the utilities and then use what we can afterwards to put toward the purchase of a vehicle. I am adamant that I DO NOT want another car payment, just gas and insurance every month.  So once tax season rolls around we’re going to put together what we’ve saved with some of our refund to pay cash for a vehicle.  We’ll also need to set aside some money for the taxes & registration.  I am hopeful we can also find someone reliable to give whatever vehicle we have considered a once over to ensure mechanical stability.

So that’s where we’re at right now!

Well we had a Red Letter day in our house yesterday – for the first time in FIVE, yes everyone FIVE years, my husband and I have enrolled with my hub’s companies benefits program – Health, Dental, and Eye Benefits! We are thrilled to say the very least…when my hubby was fired from his previous job we not only lost 80% of our income but we also lost those oh so precious benefits…the lack of these benefits had become a point of contention with me.  Why? Well, for starters waking up with a sinus infection with no means of getting the much needed antibiotics is one thing – second was what would we do should my husband’s heart condition have become an issue?? Well that what if was put to the test two years ago almost when he had a vein rupture in his leg (most likely due to a blood clot, how one gets one when they are on blood thinners escapes me) and begin bleeding out – he spent four days in the hospital with CT Scans, MRI’s, the works – our total bills were once again somewhere in the 6-Figures…thankfully the hospital was able to get us on temporary Medicaid benefits to cover the cost, but those were only good for 6-Months – after that it was up to us to re-apply.  And Re-apply we did only to be told that we made too much money to qualify, um WHAT?!  So we went without…for many many years…and now we finally have them again! Relief is just awash at the moment…

Don’t get me wrong, these benefits aren’t FREE – nope they are coming out of his paycheck each week – and if my math is correct we’re looking at about $72.00/wk from his pay – so we take his $9.75/hr multiply that by anything ranging from 37.0 hrs./week ($312.00 – $72.00 = $240.00) to 39.0 hrs./week ($380.25-$72.00 = $308.25) less the $72.00 and taxes he’ll be working his rear off each week for about $200.00/Week…OUCH! I feel for him I do.  We deliberated for Weeks to decide if it would be work the extra hours and cost of sending the kiddos to be Brigades, so this came with much more deliberation and debate…all in all if my math is correct we’ll be down ROUGHLY $30.00 – $35.00 each Week, in that he’ll be bringing home about $30.00  – $35.00 less per week than he is currently, because as we all know Benefits are pre-tax dollars that lower your taxable income, which really isn’t that bad. I am still not 100% sure how I feel about it, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens after the paychecks actually start showing up, the first one will be this Friday.

On a secondary note – I am seriously kicking myself in the arse…we went over budget on our Grocery budget  by $30.00, spending $200.00 vs. the $170.00 I budgeted on Friday – which means that we had to use the cash allocated for gas for groceries and them make the Debit withdrawal from the bank account for Gas, roughly $29.00.  And, on top of that I meant to also budget for Checks as we’re running low, so that was another purchase of about $28.00 I forgot about – ugh seriously kicking myself in the arse here!  So now we’re down that $52.00 starting the week off…OUCH!

Oh and of course, once the weekend is done and finished do we discover our daughters sneakers are not only too small but have holes in them…goody…we’ll be shoe shopping this weekend…in the meantime she’ll wear her slip ons she seems to prefer…

That’s all for now, until Budget Time Ya’ll!!!