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And I am still VERY bitter…evidently.

Thought I’d put it all behind me then my previous employers’ outplacement company called this morning and I just about bit the poor woman’s head off…ugh…

She was trying to get me to do a one hour online Orientation Webinar and I literally just couldn’t wrap my head around sitting in front of the computer for an hour doing this webinar.  I did cruise through the website before I left the company and I was less than impressed – seems these days to find a job one has to become a Marketing Guru/Narcissist. Ugh.  For those of us who are more humble and unwilling to turn into a 20-Something Millennial, this is going to prove to be very difficult.  I am 37 yrs old, I have 18 years working experience under my belt doing all realms of administrative/clerical and some sales work, I have both a BA and an MBA, I truly don’t think I need to “brand” myself and become that which is driving the world to a higher rate of narcissism. That’s just not me.  I don’t need to become to web celebrity to secure a job. This is truly ridiculous.

She offered to review my resume and help with interview tips, which I’ll take.  BUT these days it’s not about finding a company that matches ones ideals and in turn finding that dream career, nope these days the job market is about matching your “brand” to a company.  It’s truly been reversed and its ridiculous.

Oh and don’t even get me started on that crap website LinkedIn…has anyone truly ever had any success navigating that website?  Or is it just me?  I can’t seem to make it work for me…they want you to put ALL of your skills, talents, certifications, licensure, etc. etc. etc. etc. out there and then invite your entire address book to “network” with you, it really is just FACEBOOK for your damn resume.

Seriously people, when did this turn of events and manner of job seeking happen?  What happened to putting your resume in for a job, the hiring manager reviewing it, and then the interview – seems the pre-interview happens BEFORE your resume even hits the hiring manager’s desk…

Can we tell I am so done with the Corporate world and its Shenanigans?  The company I dedicated 5 working years to just discarded me like a piece of trash because I didn’t agree with the path they were wanting to take for my position (no I don’t know this for sure, BUT I do know the BRAND NEW finance person for our division and I didn’t get along AT ALL).  So here I am 37 yrs old, competing for jobs I could do in my sleep with these narcissistic 20-something year old millennials who’ll do the job for 1/2 the cost I am willing to take.

If I could drop many F*Bombs here I would…

Thank-You to everyone who commented on my Blog Posts today – we’ve come to some resolution I outlined in post #2 -however, there are some items I need to clarify just so we’re all on the same page here

1 – With my hubby working in retail his schedule is extremely wonky and it changes week to week, we’ve talked about getting 2nd jobs it’s just not feasible w/the cost of daycare/babysitters being so high

2 – I don’t like the idea of being self-employed, working for myself, etc.  It’s just not something I am interested in doing, nor will I consider doing it

3 – Yes I have an MBA – BUT I am lacking the experience to back it, so I can’t use it…which sucks but it’s the truth – so that eliminates doing anything outside of entry-level/intern type work using it

4 – I am working more and more each day to transition to Publishing, the book I am reading right now Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as presented by L. Ron Hubbard is a paid review and should it go well could lead to other work and other paid reviews (I hope!)

Right now we’ve scheduled payments to AT&T and CFPUA to make those two payments over the next 10-days

I think it’s time to re-evaluate the budget and pay closer attention to all the minor details.

Thank-You Again Everyone!