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So where are with with the modification…as of right now STUCK…what I mean is simple, Citi sent us a letter stating they can’t approve us for a general modification due to our financial documents we’d never be able to re-pay the arrears, which are in the 5-Figures right now…yes we’re that far behind guys…and that we can be approved/set-up for a FHA Making Home Affordable something or other, but we’re waiting for a letter to arrive for that – when my hubby called last week or the week before about it our “counselor” told us that the letter hadn’t even been sent – there was a deadline date of 10-09-14 on the original letter…so where does that leave us? Currently in limbo.  I’ve been looking at rentals in our area, but there’s nothing we can reasonably afford that’ll accept our animals – and um yeah Giving them up is JUST NOT an Option! We’re not that kind of family…we’ll keep looking until we find somewhere where we can take them all (all SIX of them!) – the only remotely decent thing I’ve found is a 4-Bedroom house out in  town called Delco, which is about 30-Mins West of where we are currently located and about 45-Mins from where I work…while not ideal, if push came to shove that would be an option…then again I am willing to bet it’s been rented by now – so we keep our eyes out and see what life brings our way…

So what else?

Well a thought occurred to me over the weekend, and why I didn’t think of this sooner I’ll never know – but there’s all this news of pushing the minimum wage rate to $15.00/hour – which to me seems a bit extreme, but whatever – it finally dawned on me that $15.00/hour is MY SALARY! So if this minimum wage thing passes I’ll basically be making Minimum Wage…uh Hells NO! Ugh seriously need to fix this…YES I’ve been looking for work…NO I haven’t had a single interview…NO I have zero clue why…I am curious though as to what in the world we’re being set-up for.  My hubby just started working as a groomer (he’s still in his 8-Week 100-Dog Training Period) and will be making more money, but why in the world is it that I am “stuck” – I have a few ideas lined up in my head, it’s just a matter of making them become reality…so with that I am going to add in the below.

Now for anyone who has stuck around my blogs for any length of time will know that I am a TOTAL sucker for all things Nickelback – and when I heard they were releasing a new album, well you know I have been all over that…however, as per usual Chad’s got a message to share be it Political (as is evidenced in the 1st single off the album, Edge of a Revolution) or motivational, as is the case with the below, ‘What are You Waiting for?’ I hear this and think to myself that it’s time to move forward and time to get my arse moving!

So then this all begs the question of Where in the World did things go askew for me??? My financial life has been a royal friggin roller coaster since I moved out of my parents house back in the summer of 2000…what is it that I am missing? I have a wonderful husband whom I adore, two beautiful children and yet we continue to struggle – when are we going to get our release? When are we going to finally be in a settled situation?  Ugh frustration is running rampant here, can’t you tell?

Really it should have been obvious…do one before doing the other…finish the home loan modification BEFORE car shopping…our sales man at the dealership called me today, minutes ago actually, and told me the max amount of a loan I can get while we are in the middle of the loan modification is $7,500 which will give us a payment of just a couple hundred dollars a month without being able to trade in our Focus.  AND, they are requiring a $1,500 down payment, which would render about $6,000 in financing…well that’s not gonna happen…BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel…finish the modification, come out on the other end of that and then we can talk.  He told me once the modification is done then our options are much wider…

So perhaps this is fate intervening on our behalf, not allowing us to take on more than we need to right now…I just hope they don’t need to re-run the credit, but they probably will.  The benefit is that perhaps we will have more options for vehicles in a month’s time – two months – who knows.  I do know that I don’t want to wait another 4-5 months for this to happen.

I have followed-up with our Rep at Citi to find out where we’re at in the process, it’s been roughly two weeks since the paperwork was sent to him, and now with this change I am going to have to find a way to make the payment to Credit Acceptance this weekend…they’ll get said payment next week…for April’s payment.  Now we have to really work to remain in their good graces so that somewhere new will be willing to finance something for us.

Now I need to stash the down payment monies into our Saving’s Account so we don’t spend it!

Lesson Learned: Finish One Process BEFORE Beginning Another.