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Got a call right around 11:30 am this morning from my home phone – strange hubby was supposed to be at work – then he said those dreaded words

“I’ve been Terminated”

WOW Bells and Whistles Going Off Here…um WHAT?! He’s been with his store for 5 – years, moved to Grooming last fall and well basically was all but pushed off of a cliff.  I won’t get into the details, but man the store and company failed him miserably.

So where does that leave us:

1.  He’s not got to call Regional Acceptance (van finance company), Midland Mortgage (Obvious), and Music & Arts (we have a rent-to-own contract on my son’s trumpet, we’re due to make the final payment this summer)

2. He’s headed to DSS on Thursday to apply for Food Stamps – this is not something I am proud of – but my income alone isn’t enough to cover all of our bills.

3. I’ve emailed my HR team to request information on enrolling in my company’s benefits – this will cut my income down another $100/week…ugh

4.  He filed for unemployment this morning, so at least that is done.

I am scared – I won’t lie – we’re wondering if the fates have it lined up for us to not be successful – we’ve been struggling financially for 12+ years – we’ve never had a stable month/year, NEVER (alright we had a brief period when we first moved into my Grandma’s condo where we had some disposable income) – and I know a lot of parents struggle financially when they have kids – BUT we never seem to dig ourselves out of this hole we’re in…we’re constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul and it’s truly just disgusting…

I say this because it seems ever since we closed on the house which seemed like it wasn’t ever gonna happen…the mortgage lender kept coming up with paperwork we “had to have” to close and kept delaying the closing…yeah thinking it just wasn’t meant to be…and since that time NOTHING I repeat NOTHING has gone right for us – 3 weeks after we closed I was Term’d from the job I was working, it took me four months to find a new position, and even that was Part-Time – I managed to keep that job for almost 18-Months before the person I was working for could no longer afford to pay me – during my tenure there my hubby was arrested for embezzlement and on probation for more than a year!  I was able to find two temporary jobs before landing the one I currently hold – and I am miserable right now – each day I dread going to work and just literally most days want to throw my computer at my boss and tell her to shove it…

We briefly talked about going “off grid” and just packing what we can, piling into Silver and just driving – no real destination in mind – just going West – working Odd jobs where we can, camping when we need to, and just exploring.  We know there’s logistics that we’d have to figure out, BUT man doesn’t that sound awesome!

So that’s where we are right now…kind of floating along…

Oh and for some odd reason our AC isn’t working…ugh it’s like 90-degrees in my house- we have ZERO cross breeze in the house and are sweating like there’s no tomorrow…I am ok with this when I’m at the gym, but SERIOUSLY I’m at HOME!

Do you guys remember, what was it back in May when I sent a letter to my HR Dept?  I posted it to my blog on this post:

Well I finally Got Fed Up – Sent an Email to HR

So I haven’t heard anything back – there was some initial back & forth between myself and the HR Manager, which I shared here, and pretty much let it drop from there –  awhile ago I guess my frustration started to surface and I had a conversation with my boss where she told me that HR was working to get me on staff full-time with benefits, a raise, paid time off, etc.  I took it with a grain of salt, didn’t think anything of it because I’d heard the speel before…so I let it go.

This morning was rough with the kids dawdling, not wanting to get ready for school – so much so that my daughter missed her bus – so I had to run her to school and got to work around 8:15 ish – I had all intentions of following-up with HR this morning, especially after yesterday’s post, find that here.  However, my boss beat me to the punch, she called me into her office and told me that she had something for me from HR…uh oh I’m thinking…but nope…she says Congrats you are finally a permanent member of the team!


Eyes Popping Emoji



Color me surprised! Yup she had an Offer Letter from our Corporate Office for me stating that as of yesterday I am being offered a $0.75/hour raise – full time permanent with Overtime pay – benefits including Paid Time Off, Vacation, Sick Leave, Paid Holidays, 401K, and Health/Life Insurance!! I am soo gobsmacked still I can’t wrap my head around it quite yet! But I am pleased.

The math works out to $30.00/week on a 40.0 hour week or $120.00/month or $2,760/year!!! I figure that extra will offset the cost of the 401K/Life Insurance, etc. Not sure if we’re switching insurance yet, hubby and I have to look at the two plans side by side before we decide…so yay!!!!  Great Way to Start a Tuesday, No?!?!

A While ago I Posted this Post Well I Finally Got Fed Up – Sent an Email to HR  and since I posted that I’ve had a lot of inquiries as to what’s going on, so I thought I’d share the following conversations I’ve had with the HR Manager for my area:

The following day I received this email from the HR Director:

“Hi Lara,

I am the HR manager for your area and I have received your email.  I am looking into your concerns and will follow up with you next week. Thank you for reaching out.”

I am keeping the HR Manager’s name out of this, the following email chain followed:

From Me: “Thanks XXXXX!  I do appreciate it.”

And then for 8-Days Natch, sent this follow-up:

“Good Morning XXXXXX,

Just Following up, curious if you’ve had any luck gaining headway with this issue?  Or if there’s more information you need.
Happy Friday!”
Her Response: ” Happy Friday back at YOU!I am working on it and think I have all the information I need, I have a follow up meeting set for Tuesday. Keepyou posted.  Have a good weekend.”

My Response: “Awesome! Thanks so much!!! I do appreciate you looking into this for me.

Have a Great Weekend!”
Her Response: “Don’t thank me too fast.”
My Response: “I’m not I just appreciate someone finally taking my concerns seriously, Boss Lady always just gives me those non-answers and to finally have someone looking into it is something I appreciate.  Trust me.”
Her Response: “We will talk next week. Don’t be too rough on Boss Lady, I got all my information from her.”
Internally I rolled my eyes thinking to myself “Wonderful, Wonder what crap answer she gave the HR Manager”
11-Days Passed with Nothing Further, I sent this follow-up:
“Good Morning XXXXX,

Hope you had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend! We did, hit the beach twice w/the kiddos and just hung out at home.
Just following-up on this request, have you made any headway, have any updates?
And yet again no response until I sent this email 5-Days Later, I came down with a nasty cold over the weekend and was to say the least less than pleased I had to try and work at home all the while take care of this nasty cold
“Good Evening XXXXX,

Following-up again on this, haven’t heard anything back yet and curious what’s doing.
Also just wanted to give an example of a concurrent issue this lack of benefits causes – I’ve been up and down all weekend w/this cold like thing cough runny to stuffy nose low grade fever and I emailed Boss Lady to let her know that I’d be out tomorrow – BUT working from home – when I really need another day to rest and maybe even check in with the Dr – but because I can’t afford to lose anymore pay on top of what was lost last Monday – Memorial Day, I am in a bind.  I’ve worked at home when nauseated – literally when sitting up made me feel like I was going to hurl because I couldn’t afford to lose the income – worked through Mono earlier this year because again couldn’t afford to lose the income.
Any update at all would be wonderful!
FOUR Days Later I get this Response:
“Hi Lara,I know I probably sound like a broken record with all of these different travel schedules. But your concerns really have been researched a number of us have been traveling. As a matter of fact I am currently in CA. I will be back in the office on Wednesday. Let’s try to catch up maybe that afternoon on Thursday morning.”

I responded in Kind with this:

“Ok thanks for letting me know – was getting concerned there for a moment.

And yes, Thursday sounds great!”
And in the between there I hosted one of the finance guys from our corporate office and the poor thing got an ear full from me about everything – my need for paid time off, benefits, lack of a 401K, and why I thought my Boss isn’t willing to give me benefits, telling him I didn’t want that to get back to Boss Lady…he understood – his disdain for the corporate BS Game was something he also discussed…he too was thoroughly astounded that me and this other woman in my office were in the boat we’re in…so we shall see…
That’s where I am right now…waiting for Thursday.