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So I’ve been getting a LOT of requests from Facebook for the bread recipe I posted about the other day here Using our Food Stamps to Bake Bread, and with permission of the amazing author ML Gardner I am sharing her recipe here, so Thanks ML for the recipe and permission!

So go gather your Supplies and let’s have fun baking! You’ll need roughly 20-Mins Prep Time, an hour and a half of rising time and another 22 mins of baking time, so make sure you set aside a good chunk of time.


6-Cups Flour split into two 3-Cup Portions

3-tbsp Sugar

1 – tbsp Salt

2-tbsp Shortening

2-pkgs Yeast (NOT the fast rising yeast) or 4 1/2-tsp of reg. yeast

2 1/4 Cup Warm Water – NOT Hot that will KILL the yeast

You will need 2-Bread Pans, this recipe yields two loaves of bread


In a large bowl/mixer- mix 3-Cups flour/water with everything else, when all mixed together slowly add the remaining 3-cups of flour 1-cup at a time until it’s all worked in.

If the mixture is still too wet, add flour in small amounts until mixture is not as wet.

Knead this mixture for 5-Mins, should form a ball that looks like pizza dough.

Cover and let rise for 60-Mins

*hint my Mom’s used for eons, heat oven on 200-degrees for 1-Min, turn off the oven, cover dough in bowl with towel and place into warm oven for rising*

Punch down and form bread into bread pans

Cover and let rise again for 45-Mins

*re-heat your oven as you did previously*

When 2nd Rise is complete, bake loaves

If using short pans, 425 x 20 – 25 mins, my oven only required a 22-Minute bake time

If using long pans, 375 x 20 – 25 mins.

Tap the top of the loaf, it should be golden brown and have a hollow sound – this determines doneness.

And there you have it! ML suggested putting some butter over the bread top when it comes out of the oven to soften – I used margarine to do this the other day and the butter taste was overpowering – so if doing this use salted butter – the real deal!

Finished Bread Loaves

Done Baking

This bread is good for sandwiches, as a side to spaghetti or as toast! It’s very multi-dimensional!