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I am exhausted!

I have found that riding the bus everyday to and from work makes my days three hours longer than the work-day itself.


I have to be at work by 9:45 am – I have to leave the house by 7am to catch my 1st bus at 7:20 am, then a connector at 8:00 am arriving at the shopping center where I work around 8:45 am – if i leave at 8:00 to catch the 8:20 am bus I risk the connector being late and thus in turn being late for work (the buses here are NOTORIOUS for being unreliable and consistently OFF schedule)…so instead I get there early – sometimes I go to the break room of my store and hang-out other times I’ll head to Starbucks and borrow their internet while having another cup of coffee.

Then when I get off work at 6:15 like I did today, I caught my 1st bus at 6:45 and the connector at 7:15 getting dropped off around 7:35 and home around 7:45 – talk about a SUPER long day.

I am both mentally and physically exhausted.

Last paycheck I wasn’t able to put aside any money, I actually had to pull funds from a savings account to cover our financials for the two week period – still getting used to this bi-weekly pay schedule.  I did send $200 to Progress Energy for our electric bill and had some other items auto-draft.  I also cancelled my Personal Training contract and put a timeline stay on my gym membership (which will continue to draft) in an effort to save some money.

Anyhew – we’ll get there, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I am rambling – can you tell I have a LOT Of mental downtime on the bus?




Why do I always find myself in this situation?  A place where we are struggling to find that balance with our financials + our life+ wanting to keep our kids from suffering financially in our lives (i.e. missing field trips we can’t pay for, getting them new clothes when needed, etc.) it’s a constant battle to try and figure it all out – we have way more going out than coming in and 2/3 of what’s going out is just the Mortgage, Car Payment, Car Insurance, and the Utilities…I can’t stay ahead of them no matter how hard I try.

So where are we:

 – Midland Mortgage – 6 Weeks Behind, 1.5 Payments = $1,281.00 due by 06.15.15

– Regional Acceptance – 6 Weeks Behind, 1.5 Payments = $808.50 due by 06.17.15

– Cape Fear Public Utility Authority – New Statement Shows $285.00 due by 07.05.15

– Progress Energy – New Statement Shows Another $289.21 due by 06.01.15

 – AT&T – No new Statement Rec’d yet, assuming it’s going to be another $130.00 due by 06.15.15

Then there’s the whole need you know, EAT, and our grocery bills run about $150 – $200/week depending on how much we need – and we eat fairly healthy so that means a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheeses, and the like and those are more expensive than the processed crap in the store (backwards I know) and then if there’s a week I’m in need of protein powder that’s another $40.00 for both of those (vanilla and chocolate – used for two separate things and bought maybe every other month, 2 x 2lb containers last a while)

We try to make use of my husband’s work coupon to save money on Dog food one week a month and we haven’t used it yet this month – so we’ll probably use it tonight to save some money there as we also need to get kitty food.

And Silver, our van, requires about $30 – $35/week in gas, which Thanks to our Costco membership I save a little money there each week! Whoop Whoop!

And my husband’s money changes week to week, but here lately he’s required all of his $25 + some…ugh…I so can’t wait until he’s back to grooming so he can get tips + his commissions – oh yeah I didn’t post about that – but about 6 weeks ago or so he was injured during his shift – a 60ish lb dog was flayling around and knocked into my husband’s rib cage – and ambulance was called because about 15 mins after that incident he started having chest pains that radiated up his arms, neck and into his back, so we thought it was a heart attack – after spending 6 hours in the ER it was determined that it was musculoskeletal and he was sent home to follow-up with his primary care Dr – the following Monday he went to see his Dr and it was determined he had broken some ribs and had some bruising to the muscle’s – back & forth with the employer for Worker’s Comp – put on leave and then light duty for 6+ weeks means he’s losing money – we’re back to just his paycheck which hasn’t been much especially when they take out his benefits…ugh…

I am grateful though that I have been able to work my full-time schedule and if I’ve had to be out of work I have leave to offset the hours – YAY!!!  That’s been very helpful for sure.

And while my work for my author-employer has been steady it’s not income I rely on to help cover finances because the hours are up and down depending on her schedule…I mainly use that money as a means to fill a gap when we’re requiring it – like now Silver is due for an oil change, and I intend to use my next paycheck to cover that expense which I am estimating to be about $65 – $70 with the oil change, tired rotation, filter replacement, etc.

Ok back on track – so with the above we still have our normal monthly drafts:

– My Gym Membership $19.99/mos on the 17th

– My Personal Trainer, $50.00 on the 1st

– Subscription, $7.99 on the 21st

– State Farm Insurance, $272.00/mos on the 28th

– Music & Arts Center, $33.41 on the 18th (son’s Trumpet Rental)

– Vet’s Wellness Plan for Sadie, $32.95 on the 5th (this is with my hubby’s discount)

It’s no wonder we’re broke…ugh…I seriously need to invest some time into getting OT hours – I keep forgetting I too have benefits that draft from my check and need to make sure I work enough to offset those costs.

So that’s where we are – I am also running burnout at work – trying to save my leave so I can take some time off this summer and have some remaining for Christmas break as well…wish me luck!

Money Weight Scale

MFP Logo

I’ve mentioned in passing through a lot of my recent posts that I’ve been a course of  losing weight since October 2013 – since that time I’ve lost roughly 44 lbs – it’s been a  lot of hard work, watching what I’m eating, carefully logging everything that goes in my mouth, and every minute of exercise I do (no matter how minimal)…I’ve been using one site to do EVERYTHING, My Fitness Pal ( and have loved it! The community I’ve found there has been extra supportive, pushing me when I lost my Motivation – picking me up when I felt down – and encouraging/congratulating me when I succeed! Every victory, literally, has been celebrated and I’ve loved it! For someone who suffers anxiety/depression getting outside support and encouragement means the world!

Clothes Mentor Logo So on the back-end of all of that I’ve had major amounts of shopping to do LOL! As my weight has  dropped, my clothing size has also dropped, I’ve gone from a Size 18 Pants/XXL shirts to Size 12  Pants/Medium Shirts – none and I mean literally NONE of my clothing from a year ago fits, it’s all way  too big on me and even with a belt the pants didn’t stay on…SOO I’ve hit the stores picking things up here and there.  My main source of shopping has been Target’s Clearance racks for yoga pants ($18/ea on a GC, size Medium) and Tank Tops (4 x $7/ea = $28.00), Wal-Mart’s clothing section (1 pr of Yoga Pants x $12), some random t-shirts/tanks x $4/ea on clearance and underwear, pckg of 8 pairs for $6; I’ve also hit up a consignment shop in town, walked out of there with 2 pairs of jeans and two work shirts for $48 (one pair of jeans was BRAND NEW Levi’s with the Tags’ STILL on them for $10!!! WOW!) – the only real splurge I’ve had was a good sports bra I picked up at Dick’s Sporting Goods right after Christmas for $35.00…all in all I’ve spent a good bit of our tax refund on clothes – and I still have a long way to go in terms of filling my wardrobe.  I’ll need a new pair (s) of shorts for Summer, a new bathing suit (HELLO BEACH!), some more t-shirts and new bra’s at some point…

PF Logo So how has this affected our budget?  Well since I began this track I’ve done as noted above – spent  money on new clothes – I’ve also joined a gym, Planet Fitness ( – and I’ve added  items into our weekly food shopping for just me (whole wheat bread, I can’t believe it’s not butter light,  sugar free coffee creamer, more fruits and veggies) so those are adding up. I am hoping once I hit  maintenance I won’t have to spend quite as much…we shall see!

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