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And More Worry

And Even More Worry

We’ve sent back the paperwork, however, there’s two more items they want, a hardship letter and a letter stating we don’t pay HOA fees – like I’ve told them a thousand times our neighborhood was built LONG before the very idea for HOA’s was even a concept!  Ugh frustrating much?

So what is my worry?

Well truly its twofold:

1. They’ll deny it saying it’s all a spending issue again – and that because our interest rate is already below market, 4%, that they can’t help us – so that’ll leave us in a lurch.

2. If they do accept it, I worry that in a year we’ll be back in the same position – escrow statement comes in and we are short AGAIN and unable to pay that balance and they tack it onto our payment every month…and BAM we’re back at square one…

Unless something changes I don’t know what to do or where to turn…I’m looking for work, been looking for work, but the market here in pretty saturated and jobs are scarce…my co-workers been applying for jobs for going on the last two years or so now and nothing, she’s had a handful of interviews but nothing…so I keep on keeping on…the resume is posted to Monster & Indeed and I am hopeful to find something at this point.

I still want to work in publishing – but unable to make the move anywhere…

I worry that if we do have to move that my poor furbabies are going to have to be re-homed…no rental is going to take 2 Dogs, 3 Cats + 1 Bearded Dragon…so then what?  I don’t want to uproot the kids, but I don’t know if we can continue on the path we’re on…

Just don’t know where to turn – what to do – or where I’m going.

Just needed to VENT…

Well I finally got Fed-Up with not having a raise or benefits or paid time off – going to my boss over the last several years has proved futile – so I finally went to the HR Team about it, sent them this email tonight:

Good Evening HR Team,

First off I don’t want this communication to get back to Boss Lady quite yet.
What I am writing about tonight is simple – I have been with Company almost four years (my anniversary is coming up on the 18th of this month) and in that four years I have not once had a raise, a review, or even a chance to obtain the benefits 99% of our Services home office team has.
Put simply when I was hired my offer letter stated my term was for 6-Months while XX & Company worked to streamline the ERP/Company Oracle systems; after 6-Months Boss Lady told me that I would continue to remain employed with Company for “A hot minute” (yes she literally said that) but that Company & XX were working on a solution.
Fast forward roughly a year and still nothing; we had one sit down to discuss how the XX ERP & Company Oracle systems could be cohesive, but each time XX Legal has shot it down – in my tenure attempts have been made twice and both times shot down. So then we came up with alternative solutions to prevent multiple submissions of timecards and that’s where we are now.
However, my status remains the same in PS “TEMP” – I don’t have benefits, I don’t have paid time off, and I have not received a single raise.  Each time I have asked Boss Lady about this I get “We’re not sure what we are doing with you or your position” I am sorry but you mean to tell me in almost four years you haven’t figured it out – never mind the fact that there’s been people before me doing the same job as I am for years prior.  So it does not make any sense to me.  Two summers ago I asked for a raise, and was once again shot down – in a nutshell I’ve been in a stalemate in terms of my job, income and benefits for almost four years.
And, in that four years I’ve come close to losing my home twice (we’re in that situation now), have had my power & water disconnected, and have had to struggle to figure out how to pay for groceries.  The cost of said groceries has gone from $125.00/week to $200.00/week to feed my family of four; my gas cost has gone from $20.00/week to $60.00/week, my car insurance has gone up – basically all of my expenses have risen, yet my income has stayed stale.
On top of this I am not afforded the same chance at training outside my annual EHS, Integrity, and Bottoms Up training’s as someone who is a full-time permanent employee with the company.
My husband who works at Major Pet Retailer has gotten a $2.50/hr raise over his tenure in the last four years, he’s got benefits – that’s a RETAIL position – so then why is it the company I work for a Multi-National company unable to provide those same basic things to myself.
Now I like my job – I like going to work each day – I like being with Company and wish to continue to stay with Company – however, if my situation does not change then I will be forced to seek employment elsewhere.
Thank-you for taking the time to read this, I know it’s long.
Please respond here to this email address, I want to keep this off of the XX Radar.”
Obviously I was crossing out here names of my boss, the company I work for and the one we contract for…
I am hopeful something comes of this…Goddess knows we need it…another conversation with Citi tonight proved it – we’re due for Dec – May, $5K once again…ugh