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Good Morning Friends!

Happy Thursday! Hope Everyone’s had a good couple of weeks since my last update.

Right now here’s where we are

Hubby is still unemployed and searching – he had one “interview/information session” with a place on Monday that wanted him to pay something like $1,500 to get licensing and certifications…um yeah not gonna happen.  He’s done a handful of those personality type assessments (which BTW he’s really getting tired of doing) and still natch.  He spends close to 6 hours a day searching for work – I’ve had to impress strongly on him the need to take breaks and find some balance within his job search – he’d cut pretty much all of us out and was so focused on that he couldn’t see the forest for the trees, was truly frustrating.

Anyhew, we were planning to go camping with our Girl Scout troop this weekend, but couldn’t justify the cost of a tent, two new sleeping bags + pads and mess kits, so it was decided I’d go alone with our daughter borrowing a tent from our troop leader…we already have the sleeping bags/mess kits from previous trips.  So tomorrow we leave for a weekend of fun in the sun at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Tabor City – roughly 90ish mins. from our home in Wilmington – the troop is paying for the trip, I just had to give a $20 food contribution.

Food stamp card

The only real changes since my last update are that we were finally approved for Food Stamps – to the tune of $228/month – what they expect us to be able to buy with that is just astounding…ugh…that’s literally $57/week…our normal grocery budget is $150 – $200/week…so this should be real interesting.

Unemployment did finally get back to my Hubby and told him he should have a decision letter by the end of the week…haven’t seen on yet, so maybe today or tomorrow’s mail.

Yarn to Afghan Creations (1)

Though I did also get my 1st Order from my Etsy shop!  YEAH!!! Though it was a family member she did order and afghan and a scarf/hat set sold for a total of $142.00 including shipping! Working my way through completing that order along with two other orders, one for a Monster High hat & arm warmer set, sold for cost of supplies, and a Minecraft themed hat/scarf set, sold for $35.00, profit on my end will be $30.00 – got the hats of both of those completed, check them out

Enderman Minecraft Hat 2 Monster High Hat Black 2

Aren’t they cool?!?!? I am looking forward to getting the rest of the orders completed.  So that’s where I’m at right now…still trying to figure out the profit/loss + shipping stuff for the Etsy shop, not 100% on the balances there.

Check out the Blog too Yarn to Afghan Creations

Hope everyone’s having a Good Week…we’re getting there slowly but surely!