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Well here we are Day 4 of unemployment…

Not overly happy with my current situation, but this week I’ve just tried my best to relax and just unwind some before jumping headfirst into the job search next week…

I’ve registered with NC Works, filed for unemployment, and have gone on one interview at a staffing agency, the rest of the week I’ve spent creating fun and awesome crochet stuff, hitting the gym and sleeping! Hee Hee guess that’s a good way to spend a vacation week, no?

Oh I have also scheduled my COPAT (Corr. Officer Physical Agility Test) with the Dept of Corrections, that’s scheduled for 11/19, giving me ample time to prepare for it.  There’s a lot of physical work I need to put in to get 100% ready for it, my trainer has offered to help me in any way she can, so I am just doing what I can on my own and will incorporate into my workouts what she suggests.

Next week, I jump in full force, taking my turn looking for work in the afternoon, going to the gym, and planning Girl Scout meetings for my Brownies’ badge work, all the while also working on fun crochet stuff – see a theme here?! LOL!!!

Anyhew, tomorrow my severance, bonus, and vacation time payout hit my bank account, so we’ll be living on that money for awhile, next week we also have to go to DSS to submit more paperwork for the kids’ Health Choice and see about bumping up our food stamp monthly allotment from $258/month, to more now we’re down to just two Unemployment Incomes per month instead of one + a salary.

Figured I’d drop in an update…nothing really earth shattering has happened since I walked out of my office for the last time last week…can’t turn my work brain off though…really hoping the replacement is doing what she’s supposed to, and that my poor co-worker they had me cross train isn’t dealing with her too much…will send her an email tonight to say hey and check-in…can’t just shut-off five years…

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Got a call right around 11:30 am this morning from my home phone – strange hubby was supposed to be at work – then he said those dreaded words

“I’ve been Terminated”

WOW Bells and Whistles Going Off Here…um WHAT?! He’s been with his store for 5 – years, moved to Grooming last fall and well basically was all but pushed off of a cliff.  I won’t get into the details, but man the store and company failed him miserably.

So where does that leave us:

1.  He’s not got to call Regional Acceptance (van finance company), Midland Mortgage (Obvious), and Music & Arts (we have a rent-to-own contract on my son’s trumpet, we’re due to make the final payment this summer)

2. He’s headed to DSS on Thursday to apply for Food Stamps – this is not something I am proud of – but my income alone isn’t enough to cover all of our bills.

3. I’ve emailed my HR team to request information on enrolling in my company’s benefits – this will cut my income down another $100/week…ugh

4.  He filed for unemployment this morning, so at least that is done.

I am scared – I won’t lie – we’re wondering if the fates have it lined up for us to not be successful – we’ve been struggling financially for 12+ years – we’ve never had a stable month/year, NEVER (alright we had a brief period when we first moved into my Grandma’s condo where we had some disposable income) – and I know a lot of parents struggle financially when they have kids – BUT we never seem to dig ourselves out of this hole we’re in…we’re constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul and it’s truly just disgusting…

I say this because it seems ever since we closed on the house which seemed like it wasn’t ever gonna happen…the mortgage lender kept coming up with paperwork we “had to have” to close and kept delaying the closing…yeah thinking it just wasn’t meant to be…and since that time NOTHING I repeat NOTHING has gone right for us – 3 weeks after we closed I was Term’d from the job I was working, it took me four months to find a new position, and even that was Part-Time – I managed to keep that job for almost 18-Months before the person I was working for could no longer afford to pay me – during my tenure there my hubby was arrested for embezzlement and on probation for more than a year!  I was able to find two temporary jobs before landing the one I currently hold – and I am miserable right now – each day I dread going to work and just literally most days want to throw my computer at my boss and tell her to shove it…

We briefly talked about going “off grid” and just packing what we can, piling into Silver and just driving – no real destination in mind – just going West – working Odd jobs where we can, camping when we need to, and just exploring.  We know there’s logistics that we’d have to figure out, BUT man doesn’t that sound awesome!

So that’s where we are right now…kind of floating along…

Oh and for some odd reason our AC isn’t working…ugh it’s like 90-degrees in my house- we have ZERO cross breeze in the house and are sweating like there’s no tomorrow…I am ok with this when I’m at the gym, but SERIOUSLY I’m at HOME!

Ok so here’s the deal – when Jimmy lost his job in 2008 we also lost 80% of our income and our health benefits as well – so immediately we applied for State Health Insurance and for a time all four (4) of us qualified – that is until I began working full-time again and Jimmy & I no longer qualified, but the kids were able to keep their benefits.  Then in 2011 Jimmy went into the hospital for a torn ligament in his thigh that was bleeding out – the hospital got the two of us back on Medicaid for a brief period to cover the costs of the hospital.   Once that (6) six months was up we no longer qualified and I was ok with that.  Then he got full-time at work and along with that came the full-time benefits – ok not a problem, it was an extra $76/week from his paycheck to cover our costs, which in reality was a loss of something like $30.00/week as it balanced out with taxes, etc…BUT the kids were still on NC Health Choice for the time being…

Now we go to re-apply for their benefits last week and BAM we’re told once again we make too much for the kids to remain on NC Health Choice unless we pay a monthly deductible – which the state files as “affordable” at $172.10 per child PER MONTH! That’s $344.20/Mos for health care for the kids – someone PLEASE tell me how that is affordable???? PLEASE!!!!  That’s more than my monthly car payment…um who in the WORLD thought that one up???  In the past we had an annual deductible of $100/yr…

So I am having Jimmy call DSS today to see if that was actually their final decision, or if they are still reviewing the case – this needs doing today because Ashley has an appointment with Dr. A this afternoon to go over her ADHD meds/weight check, etc.  Austin still has his weekly OT Appointments and his own appointments with Dr. Robby and Ms. Rivenbark (his therapist) at school to mitigate his own issues – we simply cannot stop going to these appointments…nor can we reasonably afford to add the kids to Jimmy’s already pricey health insurance…UGH UGH UGH….So you see our dilemma?

It’s a double-edged sword…seriously!