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So to Speak…

I have so much in my brain right now – I’ve discussed where we’re at with the Mortgage and the van – and we have that underway.

The mortgage is in a holding pattern until the funds from our 401K arrive via Fed-Ex after it’s sent – the NCHFA has told us that we’ll have the funds forgiven after 10 years in the home – I really hope that we’re successful in paying the mortgage ourselves after their support runs out after 18-Months.

However, today I received the paperwork FINALLY from Wells Fargo to close my account – I sent an email to the HR Team of my previous employer requesting they complete the paperwork and send it back to Wells Fargo as soon as they can so I can get this money quickly.  So now we wait…as per usual.

Bonus, though today we got a call from DSS telling us we qualify for Family/Adult Medicaid through the State so we can get medical insurance.  YAY! My husband has been experiencing random low grade to somewhat highish fevers and I am really worried about him – BUT we’ve been unable to get him to the Dr’s to get it looked at.  And, he’s been unwilling to go to the hospital to get it looked at, and I understand that, ER’s are not clinics and not the place to go for medical attention.  So tomorrow, off we go to DSS to get this application in.

I was told today that another manager in my store is looking for someone Full-Time in two of her departments – she’d already offered me extra shifts and I am going to take them – however, my counter manager told me to talk to this other manager about getting a full-time position with her.  I am considering it because we could definitely use the money, and its looking like my future is bound within the walls of the store…for now at least as I am having a very hard time finding work outside of the store. Been looking for a couple of months now with no luck…so yup.

I am also considering undertaking a change in our diet – recently one of my favorite author’s has started on her blog a series of posts about Depression Era Eating and cooking.  She’s listed those items to store in bulk and now I am thinking about how to outfit our kitchen to accommodate bulk dry goods in my kitchen. (her initial post is here, Food Frugality in the New Depression) – it’s a 12′ x 12′ square with one wall of cabinets interspersed with my stove, sink, and refrigerator

The other side of the cabinets is the same, and on the 3rd wall is a steel dog crate for Sadie.  So now I have to get creative, maybe using some shelves and the real estate on the floor by the other wall on the other side of the kitchen next to the living room…

I think doing this would allow us to save some money at the grocery store – just because we’re on Food Stamps doesn’t mean we have to eat like crud – we can use those funds to pay for bulk items at the store and eat well. At least that’s my thought…what do you all think? If nothing else the money saved will be helpful in paying for other items.

One is Silver – we’re considering selling her, as much as it breaks my heart – we cannot continue to pay her monthly payment, the insurance and gas – we’d need another vehicle so possibly going back to a buy here – pay here place OR buying something for cash.  We won’t get what we owe Regional for her – I am aware of that – BUT the bigger picture is that her monthly payment ($540.00) plus the insurance ($272.00/mos) plus gas ($140.00) is just too much for us right now on my $9.00/hr income…so we have to determine if that’s a viable option…

Ok I think I’ve offloaded enough…

Ok so here we are, still passing through each day step by step just trying to get by – so where are we?

Well the Non-Profit is done with our application, the only way they’ll pay it out and close with us is if we come up with 1-months payment, $852.14, as a gap payment.

Then I got a letter from the DMV/State of NC telling me that due to a missed court-date outside of Raleigh in April I have to now pay the past due taxes on Silver, roughly $495.00, or they’ll suspend my license.  I got a ticket for the tags being expired when I went to the Chapel Hill burn center in February, didn’t go to the court-date because the courthouse is 2.5 hrs away and I knew I’d not have it resolved by the time the court-date rolled around.  Then I forgot to call for a continuance – so here I am.  Ugh.

We know I need my license, that’s a given – so now we’re trying to figure out our next steps. I’ve requested paperwork to close the 401K I had through my previous long-term employer, roughly $3,100.00, after taxes/fees we’re looking at about $2,800.00.  So going to use this money to pay both the gap funds and the taxes on Silver.  Then whatever is left will be used to pay our water bill, $245.00.

We’re trying to decide our next steps, my bi-weekly checks are somewhere around $391.00 are not enough to cover all of our bills. So I am still looking for another either full-time or part-time job to help cover the gap.  The State’s stopped by UI funds – and we now have to re-up our food stamps again.  So I am just at my wits ends.

So here we are – losing sleep – possibly losing Silver again – and just trying to figure out how our life is going to pan out in the coming months.




Why do I always find myself in this situation?  A place where we are struggling to find that balance with our financials + our life+ wanting to keep our kids from suffering financially in our lives (i.e. missing field trips we can’t pay for, getting them new clothes when needed, etc.) it’s a constant battle to try and figure it all out – we have way more going out than coming in and 2/3 of what’s going out is just the Mortgage, Car Payment, Car Insurance, and the Utilities…I can’t stay ahead of them no matter how hard I try.

So where are we:

 – Midland Mortgage – 6 Weeks Behind, 1.5 Payments = $1,281.00 due by 06.15.15

– Regional Acceptance – 6 Weeks Behind, 1.5 Payments = $808.50 due by 06.17.15

– Cape Fear Public Utility Authority – New Statement Shows $285.00 due by 07.05.15

– Progress Energy – New Statement Shows Another $289.21 due by 06.01.15

 – AT&T – No new Statement Rec’d yet, assuming it’s going to be another $130.00 due by 06.15.15

Then there’s the whole need you know, EAT, and our grocery bills run about $150 – $200/week depending on how much we need – and we eat fairly healthy so that means a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheeses, and the like and those are more expensive than the processed crap in the store (backwards I know) and then if there’s a week I’m in need of protein powder that’s another $40.00 for both of those (vanilla and chocolate – used for two separate things and bought maybe every other month, 2 x 2lb containers last a while)

We try to make use of my husband’s work coupon to save money on Dog food one week a month and we haven’t used it yet this month – so we’ll probably use it tonight to save some money there as we also need to get kitty food.

And Silver, our van, requires about $30 – $35/week in gas, which Thanks to our Costco membership I save a little money there each week! Whoop Whoop!

And my husband’s money changes week to week, but here lately he’s required all of his $25 + some…ugh…I so can’t wait until he’s back to grooming so he can get tips + his commissions – oh yeah I didn’t post about that – but about 6 weeks ago or so he was injured during his shift – a 60ish lb dog was flayling around and knocked into my husband’s rib cage – and ambulance was called because about 15 mins after that incident he started having chest pains that radiated up his arms, neck and into his back, so we thought it was a heart attack – after spending 6 hours in the ER it was determined that it was musculoskeletal and he was sent home to follow-up with his primary care Dr – the following Monday he went to see his Dr and it was determined he had broken some ribs and had some bruising to the muscle’s – back & forth with the employer for Worker’s Comp – put on leave and then light duty for 6+ weeks means he’s losing money – we’re back to just his paycheck which hasn’t been much especially when they take out his benefits…ugh…

I am grateful though that I have been able to work my full-time schedule and if I’ve had to be out of work I have leave to offset the hours – YAY!!!  That’s been very helpful for sure.

And while my work for my author-employer has been steady it’s not income I rely on to help cover finances because the hours are up and down depending on her schedule…I mainly use that money as a means to fill a gap when we’re requiring it – like now Silver is due for an oil change, and I intend to use my next paycheck to cover that expense which I am estimating to be about $65 – $70 with the oil change, tired rotation, filter replacement, etc.

Ok back on track – so with the above we still have our normal monthly drafts:

– My Gym Membership $19.99/mos on the 17th

– My Personal Trainer, $50.00 on the 1st

– Subscription, $7.99 on the 21st

– State Farm Insurance, $272.00/mos on the 28th

– Music & Arts Center, $33.41 on the 18th (son’s Trumpet Rental)

– Vet’s Wellness Plan for Sadie, $32.95 on the 5th (this is with my hubby’s discount)

It’s no wonder we’re broke…ugh…I seriously need to invest some time into getting OT hours – I keep forgetting I too have benefits that draft from my check and need to make sure I work enough to offset those costs.

So that’s where we are – I am also running burnout at work – trying to save my leave so I can take some time off this summer and have some remaining for Christmas break as well…wish me luck!

Well its early 2015 and we’ve already filed our taxes – so thankful for my Dad and for Turbo Tax – he patiently accepts all of our tax paperwork, asks for missing information and files our taxes for us every year.  Without him I’m pretty sure we’d end up at either WalMart, Liberty Tax, etc. getting them done paying too much to file them, so Dad Thank-You so very much!

That being said, we’ve received our refund from the Federal Government, this year we received $4,344.00 and somehow we owe the State of NC $51, so that will be filed and paid within the week – Dad suggested we wait until the last possible minute, but I want to make sure its paid when I know I have the money for it.

So now we’ve sat down and discussed how we’re going to spend it and allocate the funds – priority #1 was the utilities – getting current with them and paying them off, so here’s the breakdown:

 Utilities Due
 $                    450.00 Progress Energy Due 01.02.15 Paid 01.05.15 via Phone Pay, Conf# 06223256020515
 $                    157.18 Addt’l Progress Energy
 $                    173.91 CFPUA
 $                    147.45 AT&T Due 01.05.15 Paid 01.04.15 Via AT&T Website, Conf# 4LH7MYW9B045RH1
 $                    928.54
 $                 3,364.46 Remaining After Paying Utilities

Tonight, Thursday Feb 5th, our Electricity was cut off because of such a large past due balance, so we had to pay that and then some to keep it on – that payment was made over the phone tonight – tomorrow I’ll be paying the Water bill and the remaining balance of the Electric bill.

I then added in our projected income for the month and mapped out when the bills are due:

 Income for February
2/6/2015 2/13/2015 2/20/2015 2/27/2015
 $                    471.34 471.34 471.34 471.34 Lara’s Income (40.0 Hrs/Week)
 $                    269.02 269.02 269.02 269.02 Jimm’s Income
 $                    740.36  $             740.36  $    740.36  $    740.36
 $                 4,104.82  $          4,104.82  $ 4,104.82  $ 4,104.82 Remaining After Utilities + Income
 Bill Due for February
 $                    269.24  $             269.24  $    269.24  $    269.24 Regional Acceptance
 $                    430.07  $             430.07  $    430.07  $    430.07 CitiMortgage
 $                        5.00  $                    –  $            –  $            – Tate & Kirlin
 $                           –  $               33.80  $            –  $            – Music & Arts
 $                           –  $               19.99  $            –  $            – Planet Fitness
 $                           –  $                    –  $      57.97  $            – Oster
 $                           –  $                    –  $        7.99  $            –
 $                           –  $                    –  $      91.80  $            – Medieval Times Money for GS
 $                           –  $                    –  $            –  $    121.41 State Farm
 $                    704.31  $             753.10  $    857.07  $    820.72 Total Due for Other Bills

What’s kind of funny with Regional Acceptance is many years ago they financed the Alero I mentioned in my previous post about cars, see that here, so to be back with them is something I was surprised about when we got the payment paperwork earlier this week, but alas I guess there’s only but so many places that’ll finance people with less than stellar credit.

So then after the above was done, we mapped out our “Wish List” for the money with projected costs:

 Wish List
 Item Budget
 New Computer  $             250.00 to  $    300.00
 Clothes for Lara  $             200.00
 Jimmy’s Fun Money  $             200.00
 Kids’ Fun Money  $             125.00 $75 for Ashley/$50 for Austin
 Dinner Date  $             100.00
 Family Dinner  $             100.00
 Doggy Meds/Nixon Vet  $             150.00
 $          1,125.00

These are things we know for sure we want to do with the money – we’re going to give ourselves some “fun” money to play with and she $200 for my hubby and I will be used to replenish our wardrobes and spend as we need – we’re planning a date for the two of us – and then a shopping/dinner excursion to possibly Myrtle Beach to hit the outlets!  Should be fun! With my weight loss I know I need new Summer clothes – mainly work pants – some new dress sandals – new yoga pants – socks-undergarments, etc.  So I am hopeful I can find some reasonably priced items!

So then lastly we made a list of larger items we know we need to take care of in the house, those include:

 New Flooring for Front Hallway
 Ashley Metal Bed Frame – New Linens
 Austin Metal Bed Frame – New Mattress – New Linens
 Poss. New Couch/Chair for Living Room
 Rake, Shovel, Garden Tools
 Ottoman w/Storage Inside
 Carpet Cleaner Rental
 Sadie Teeth Cleaning/Nails

Fairly simple things – and whatever’s left will go into Savings.  We’re going to do our very best to stretch this money as long as we can to have that padding…gotta be smarter with it, its a larger amount of money than we’re used to seeing.

So that’s where we’re at right now!

Just to remind everyone – we were going through with our what? 4th Attempt at a Mortgage Re-modification, you can read about it in these posts:

Checking In…Where Are We…And Some Random Thoughts…
Thoughts on the Modification…
Well Here We Go Again…Into the Grinder of a Modification

So we got the letter from Citi yesterday and under the FHA Home Affordable possible (yes you read that right, possible) modification we have to first pay three (3) payments of $860.14/month with the first payment due 11/1 – YES in just two (2) weeks they want us to come up with $861.00! Um WHAT?!?!? I have other bills – including, oh I don’t know, EATING, due before that time…no I am not mis-prioritizing things, instead I have already scheduled our monthly car insurance, $81.72/mos drafting 10/24 first and then maybe, just maybe I could give up some funds toward this mortgage payment, BUT BUT wait for it – UTILITIES are due! Oh yeah those pesky monthly payments, right now we owe

Progress Energy (Electricity) $250.00

CFPUA (Water, Trash, & Sewer) $182.00

AT&T (Phone & Internet) $125.00

Grand Total Due: $557.00

Then you know the weekly expenses

Groceries – $200.00 x 2 = $400.00

Gas – $40.00 x 2 = $80.00

Cat & Dog Food – $40.00 x 2 = $80.00

Jimmy’s Money – $20.00 x 2 = $40.00

Friday Pizza Night (the cost of which is equal to groceries) $25.00 x 2 = $50.00

Brigades – $60.00 x 2 = $120.00

Mid-Atlantic Finance (Bessie’s Payment) – $75.00 x 2 = $150.00

Grand Total: $920.00

Between the Two: $1,477.00

Over the course of the next two weeks we’re estimating an income of roughly $1,630.48

That leaves what? $153.48

So where exactly can we afford $861.00??? Someone please tell me?!?!?!?

So here’s how this is playing out – today my Hubby is going to call Citi and see if in fact they need that initial $861.00 on 11/1 as the letter indicated, and if so then we have to figure out what our options are,

Option 1 hubby suggested taking out a small loan to cover the mortgage deficit over the next three months, so roughly $2,500.00 and that would only be done if the cost of the payments was reasonable – note this is NOT something I am on board with.

Option 2 would be the allow the foreclosure process to begin and pray we don’t get kicked out of our home for an extended period of time, allowing us to save money and rebuild our credit while remaining in our home.

Option 3 would be to walk away, find a cheap (ish) apartment here in town (so we could continue our current jobs) and move – this would mean a change in schools for the kids, which I don’t like but if push came to shove that’s where we’d go.

Option 4 would be file for Bankruptcy, he’s thinking Ch. 11 so that everything is put on hold for 5 or so years, but someone told me this morning that Chapter 11 is mostly for businesses…so not sure how this would play out.

Option 5 would be to bail on everything and head back to MD where we have family that can help us…

I don’t really believe we’re here…we try and we try to keep our head afloat, previously rent always took priority in our lives, but then again we’ve never been in a situation where we didn’t get paid time off and a stagnant salary…so now that’s changed some and I am hopeful that now we can work with the change in my income situation and prevent the losses of income.

On that note we did decide last night that we’re going to do what we can to bring in some overtime – for me I’ll log in an hour or two here and there on my rest and yoga nights and some on the weekends and he’s going to see about overtime in the salon at work just so we can bring in more income.



Spoke with my Hubby after he talked with Citi and as they’ve explained if, Yes the payments are due on the 15th of the Month like any normal payment plan for a mortgage, so that gives us 4-Weeks aka 4-Paychecks to come up with the $861.00 due or $215.25/week for this month and each subsequent month during the trial period.

At the end of the trial period HUD will step in an pony up our back-due amount, roughly $10K less the 3-Payments we’ve made and the monies currently sitting in our un-applied funds account.  IF we can make these three payments then and only then will the underwriters move forward with a HUD Home Affordable Modification with our final monthly payments yet TBD.

I’ve done out the budget for the first payment and I am not sure still about paying the utilities…but we’ll figure it out…

Thank-You to everyone who commented on my Blog Posts today – we’ve come to some resolution I outlined in post #2 -however, there are some items I need to clarify just so we’re all on the same page here

1 – With my hubby working in retail his schedule is extremely wonky and it changes week to week, we’ve talked about getting 2nd jobs it’s just not feasible w/the cost of daycare/babysitters being so high

2 – I don’t like the idea of being self-employed, working for myself, etc.  It’s just not something I am interested in doing, nor will I consider doing it

3 – Yes I have an MBA – BUT I am lacking the experience to back it, so I can’t use it…which sucks but it’s the truth – so that eliminates doing anything outside of entry-level/intern type work using it

4 – I am working more and more each day to transition to Publishing, the book I am reading right now Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as presented by L. Ron Hubbard is a paid review and should it go well could lead to other work and other paid reviews (I hope!)

Right now we’ve scheduled payments to AT&T and CFPUA to make those two payments over the next 10-days

I think it’s time to re-evaluate the budget and pay closer attention to all the minor details.

Thank-You Again Everyone!

Earlier today I posted this post Have a Quandry  and I got a wide variety of responses from both Facebook and here on my blog – some suggested  changing our Internet/Phone carrier

“have you consider no contract phone like simple talk & virgin mobile? i have virgin mobile which i pays $38.11 per month. mostly use text and data usage.”

 Anyway, your AT&T bill is quite high for Internet and landline. I cut my landline cause it was costing me $45.00 per month.”

 I agree that AT&T bill is high. We pay Verizon the same as what your paying and we have cable. That’s without the special price we had when we signed up. My bill is $160 with tax for cable, high speed internet, and a landline. Talk to them about any specials that can lower your bill or change providers.”

“either way, the most important is finding a way to reduce cost. i have verizon fios internet & digital tv: $86.00. since you are loyalty customer, i am sure at & t will work something out.”

And maybe seeing if either CFPUA or AT&T would work with us – as predicted CFPUA was like “go away, you’re on your own” as predicted – they are a monopoly and no one has ANY control over them…so we have to pay that in full or they’ll shut our water off (not like we can’t just go turn it back on as needed, the cover to the switch isn’t locked)…and we’ll end up paying a reconnect fee of $55.00 – so after some discussion w/my hubby we decided to do two things:

1.  We are cutting back our grocery budget from $200 to $150.00 for the next two weeks to free up $100.00 to put towards AT&T.  We’re going to employ his employee discount coupon for either Sadie or Nixon’s food (same brand, one coupon, one bag) to get $10.00/off a bag of their food which’ll allow us to put that money back into the grocery budget.

2.  We split up the payments to AT&T into two, one $100.00 payment this Friday the 16th and one $50.10 scheduled for the 23rd.

This will prevent us from having our service interrupted and will allow us to also pay our after school care.

My hubby didn’t like the fact that our car insurance premium went up by almost double – so he’s called the insurance company and someone at our agent’s office said it didn’t look right – she was digging into it – she said it should have only gone up by a little bit, when they quoted me it was going to be something around $80.00 odd dollars NOT $128.00/mos…so we’re on hold with that situation – if that’s the case and it’s only $80.00/mos then we’ll have that $40.00 to put back into the Grocery budget.

So how did we encounter this situation?


The same way we ALWAYS do – we dared to go out of town and I lost something like 17 hours of pay over the course of two weeks – so that drastically cut into our income…thus the reason for the email to my HR Team I sent last week.  To which I am still waiting on a response, they are investigating it and should have an answer for me later this week *crossing my fingers its good news*

So that’s where I’m at right now!


Well here we go again – have two bills past due – the Water Bill ($191.16) and AT&T ($150.10) and not enough income this week to cover them…ugh if I pay them both then I won’t have enough to cover the after school cost which’ll bump that up to $140.00 next week – but I can’t afford that either because as it is I’ve had to push back the due date of my Student Loan draft from 5/17 to 5/24 to help cover the cost of these bills…so now what? What do I do now? Drain the savings to cover the day care? Or let one of the slide, maybe the AT&T Bill and we go without phone/internet for what two weeks…ugh…what if I need to work at home for some reason? I don’t like my hubby being at home without a working phone in case something happens (he doesn’t have a cell phone)…decisions, decisions, decisions…

This is part of my frustration with my job and lack of paid time off, I had to leave work early two days last week to attend to some Doctor’s appointments – one for Ashley to go to her therapist, and one for me for a shoulder injury – and I lost 2.5 hours of pay – which in the grand scheme of things isn’t terrible, but it eats into my pay and I lose that time + whatever over time I would have gotten last week.  Best I can hope is that my hubby’s paycheck is higher than it was last week to help cover some of that difference…




What would you all do?  I can’t sacrifice Grocery, Pet Food, Hubby’s Bus Money and the other weekly expenditure’s we have to cover this…


Well another week has blown right past us hasn’t it? Seems 2014 is going to fly just as quickly as 2013 did, I can’t keep up anymore I swear LOL! Anyhew, this week passed with very little hang-ups or surprises we could say, we submitted the application for a scholarship/reduced tuition for the kids’ after school program, so we’re crossing our fingers we can get one of those and keep their tuition where it is currently – that unexpected increase will cost us dearly – so keep your fingers crossed for us!

This week is panning out to be a busy one, with the kids being out of school today and the Brigades being closed we’re looking at a swap off at lunch time today for my hubby & I – not like we haven’t done this before – and then Ashley has an appt with a new psychiatrist on Wednesday for her ADHD drug management and then Friday they are out of school again – this time though thankfully the Brigades is open!

Unexpected Gift

So on that note here’s the budget for the week – the unexpected gift I mentioned was from my Aunt, the sweet lady she is! She ordered some Girl Scout cookies from my daughter for Operation Cookie Drop, read here to find out more about that – and though she didn’t tell me how much she was sending me, she sent a check for $75.00 – $25.00 for the Cookies and $50.00 for me to use as needed! WOW! With changes to the NC Income Tax laws we’re going to see a reduction of about $50.00 in our checks – yes folks that’s $100.00/wk x 4 = $400.00/mos! OUCH! So it was very nice to get that gift from her, so a huge shout out Thank-You to my Aunt & Uncle!

Operation Cookie Drop


 $19.18 Remaining from W/E 01/05/14  $511.74 Lara W/E 01/12/14 Salary, Pay Date 01/17
 $57.06 Amt. Spent  $239.43 Jimmy W/E 01/12/14 Salary
 $(37.88) Avail. Starting  $751.17
 $5.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $(37.88) Avail. Starting
 $5.31 McDonald’s  $751.17 Total Pay
 $2.37 KTC  $713.29 Avail. For Bills
 $2.50 ATM Fee  $75.00 Gift from Aunt Karen
 $3.27 PetsMart  $788.29
 $9.90 Fuzzy Peach
 $2.40 Target
 $22.47 Target
 $3.84 RedBox


And now the overall breakdown:

 $95.00 CFPUA
 $111.00 Great Lakes, 1/17 Auto-Draft
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 01/10
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $40.00 Gas
 $19.99  Planet Fitness, 1/17 Auto-Draft
 $25.00  GS Troop #1327 for Aunt Karen
 $7.00  GS Troop #1327 for Cookies
 $84.50  Credit Accept.
 $50.80  $50.80
8%  $4.06
 $4.06  $46.74


We may have overdone it just a touch on the spending, but some of what was spent was from the money my Aunt sent us – I bought myself 3 tank tops on clearance at Target, $22.47 there, took the kids to Fuzzy Peach (Frozen Yogurt Place) for dessert Friday night as we have some time to kill, $9.90 and then rented (3) movies from Red Box to keep us busy on Saturday, $3.84  – and honestly those were the only expenditures outside of our norm.

That’s all from us for this week! I hope all of you have a great week!

Ok so not only is the drain for the washing machine screwed up now the tumbler isn’t working right so during the spin cycle you hear it running but ALAS the tumbler isn’t moving, so everything is coming out SOPPING Friggin wet! Wonderful, just Wonderful! So now I have two options:
1) Use a laundromat until we can afford to replace the damn thing, which maybe, just maybe if we play our cards right we can swing enough Home Depot GC’s for X-Mas to replace it
2) See if I can find a reasonably priced replacement via Craigslist (not likely) or at the Habitat Home Re-Store down the street from us – here’s hoping this one is more likely!

We have a Frigidaire front loader washing machine, it was a gift from my Grandparents when we bought our house, we chose this model because they use less water than a top loading machine and thus would save us $$ on our water bill (which it’s done)…so I would be looking for another model close to this one so I can keep the cost of the water bill down – this would be a good thing as it seems CFPUA wants to raise our rates once again…fun right??!?!?! I don’t bloody think so!