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Ugh…mixed emotions right now..

In the 1st quarter of 2016 we have experienced more loss than any other year previously…let’s list them

  1.  Silver was Repo’d – we fundraised and got her back
  2. Burned my hand – out of work for 4 days for recovery
  3. I was let go from my position at the outage – hours cut – found a new position immediately.
  4. I got a speeding ticket – forgot about the court date and have to take time off of the new job to go to court to take care of it
  5. Got into a wreck and Silver’s now at a body shop getting repairs – paying for a rental at a reduced rate
  6. Lost the new job I got today – was told budget cuts – ugh

It’s been an up and down year for sure – I am not sure how I feel about the job situation – I was placed as temp with the Housing Authority – worked well with the Section 8 group and the Director asked me if I want to stay, tell her yes I like my work, like the people and would love nothing more than to stay.  So she and I agree that I’ll work primarily in her group but be shared with other departments – on Friday I head to the other dept. and they send me out of the central office to one of the public housing offices to work with them – they tell me I’m the new assistant at a community and I essentially got a promotion – so I call the temp agency and tell them what’s going on – they ask me if they need a replacement for me at the central office, told her to talk to the HR team and they could let her know – two days later just as I was just getting my feet wet and learning the ropes when BAM today they tell me that they no longer need me…ugh…is there a connection there?!?!?

The foreclosure is pending – the non profit has been asking for more and more paperwork as the days go on – its with their underwriting group so we’re waiting on a final decision from them.

Hubby is still unemployed and hasn’t had an interview in something like 5 months – I am curious what the hell we did to piss off the fates at Christmas – all of this jazz went down right after Christmas – WTH?!?!?

Can I pop into my delorean and redo the last 15 years financially so that I don’t make ALL of the financial mistakes I’ve made?  I wouldn’t give back my hubby and kids, but I might undo the roommate we took on when we 1st got our apartment – undo the lack of savings from day 1 – undo some of the mistakes I made when I was at my 1st job – there’s a lot I’d redo for sure…

WOW Ok so I vanished for a little bit – sorry life’s been crazy lately…got let go from the project I was working on – and got placed onto another temp assignment through a different temp agency at a local government agency.  Sadly, this one is making $12.00/hr at 37.5 hrs/week vs. the $16.00/hr for 60.0 hrs/week I was working. Sucks, but hey it is what it is…thankfully we have some of them refund left to help live on, and we are…

So here’s the breakdown in spending over the last two weeks:

$180.00 – Regional Acceptance P1

$180.00 – Regional Acceptance P2

Total for Regional Acceptance: $360.00


$31.00 – Bourbon Street Cafe, Lunch

$20.33 – Cook-Out, Lunch

$8.56 – Starbucks, Coffee

$33.97 – Mission BBQ, Dinner

$52.97 – Gold’s Gym, Smoothie Card

$7.00 – Impact Nutrition

$2.77 – Gas Center, Energy Drink for Hubby

$48.00 – Bourbon Street, Breakfast

$30.00 – Papa John’s, Dinner

Total Dining: $234.60

$1.00 – Lanier Parking, Downtown Parking

$17.00 – Claire’s Boutique, Earrings

$80.00 – Cash, $60.00 – New Phone & $20.00- Groceries

$5.34 – Kitchen Collection, Candy Thermometer

$5.34 – Cellular Express, Phone Case

$3.20 –, Movie Rental

$3.20 –, Movie Rental

$218.27 – Target, $149.99 Samsung Tablet for Hubby, $49.99 – Replacement iPod for Lara (Mine was stolen while my van’s being repaired)

$5.70 – Target, $4.00 – Prescription for Lara, $1.70 – Bottle of Water

$143.00 – Additional Week Rental Car

Total Misc.: $476.71

$11.55 – Food Lion, Groceries

$6.41 – Food Lion, Groceries

$10.84 – Lowe’s Foods, Groceries

$8.57 – Everybody’s IGA, Groceries

$182.11 – Wal-Mart, Groceries

$11.41 – Harris Teeter, Groceries

$10.79 – Everybody’s IGA, Groceries

$19.40 – Costco, Groceries

$10.66 – Everybody’s IGA

$6.27 – Harris Teeter, Groceries

$149.51 – Wal-Mart, Groceries

Total Groceries: $416.11



$22.45 – Hobby Lobby, YTA Creations

$11.84 – Hobby Lobby, YTA Creations

$13.46 – Hobby Lobby, YTA Creations

$15.50 –, Blade for Rotary

Total YTA Creations: $66.25

Been a full few weeks for sure – I’ve picked up a Smartphone FINALLY for YTA Creations, it’s on my Dad’s family plan, so I have to be extra careful about the Data usage – doing all I can to avoid using it, and sticking to the available Wi-Fi networks when I can. So thus the $60.00 for a phone, a friend of a friend found a used phone for me to get activated, so then I had to pick-up a case to protect it.

Find YTA on Instagram, Click Here Find all of my wonderful finished projects and works in progress on this site!

Then the funds at Target – ugh went to get my stuff out of Silver on Friday from the dealership and found my iPod was MISSING – I am soo aggravated by that – it was in there when I got into the wreck – and when I left it with the tow company the 1st time – there was items moved around on the console when I went in and that was the 1st hint that something was “off”  I am going to file a claim with the insurance company on Monday to hopefully get reimbursed for it, but I feel so very violated.  So I purchased a replacement one at Target and then we bought my hubby a much-deserved Tablet – he’s been looking at them and researching them for a while and he does so much for us, I figured it was high time he got himself something. We bought him a Samsung Tab 4, with an Android operating system – he’s still very much learning how to use it and is getting royally frustrated, but he’ll get it eventually.

So that’s where we’re at currently – waiting for parts to arrive at the dealership for the repairs to begin, they are just cosmetic, thankfully no mechanical damage was done to the engine.

Thanks for Reading my novel!




Good Wednesday Afternoon All!

WOW Been a Busy Week for Sure! We’ve had some changes happening here.

1st I was let go from the project outage – hours being cut, so naturally I was an easy choice.

2nd I was placed on a new temp job paying $12.00/hr. – a LOT less than what I was making at the outage.

Just thankful we have the refund to help us some.

So here’s our breakdown for this week

$34.22 – Music & Arts

$19.99 – Gold’s Gym Membership

$8.55 –

Total Bills: $62.76

$7.46 – Hobby Lobby

$7.08 – Ship & Mail Plus

$11.04 – Wal-Mart

Total for Etsy Order #2: $14.54 + $11.04, Addt’l Yarn = $25.58 with a $22.00 Deposit for Order Rec’d 03.15.16

$11.07 – Food Lion

$9.04 – Everybody’s IGA

$5.26 – Everybody’s IGA

$23.71 – Harris Teeter

$167.72 – Wal-Mart

Total Groceries: $216.80

$11.11 – Target, Prescription + Misc.

$11.77 – Once Upon a Child – Kid Clothes

$33.54 – Once Upon a Child – Kid Cothes

$53.17 – Wal-Mart, Misc.

$24.85 – Murphy’s Oil, Gas

$6.17 – Tommy’, Cigs. for Hubby

$49.22 – Clothes Mentor, L – Work Clothes

$17.80 – Sunrise Express, Laundry

$5.00 – Dr. Robbie Adams, Co-Pay

$208.57 -NC Courts, Speeding Ticket

$2.00 – Parking Downtown

$10.00 – Nintendo Digital, Game for Kids

$343.00 – Hertz Rental Car (see below)

Total Misc.: $776.20

$4.82 – PCJ, Coffee

$7.00 – Impact Nutrition

$10.86 – Kilwin’s Ice Cream

$12.14 – Kilwin’s Ice Cream

$28.00 – Papa John’s

$9.04 – PCJ, Coffee

$7.00 – Impact Nutrition

Total Dining Out: $78.86

Ok so in the middle of the week we also received our State Tax Refund, $105.00, so that’s been added back into our budget.

Explanation for Hertz – I was involved in another wreck this morning – this time it was 100% my fault – filed the claim with the insurance and picked up a rental car at their rate so we can still get to work, the gym, scouts and the grocery store.  The cost listed is a $200.00 deposit hold on top of my cost – which for a week is $120.00 + taxes/fees, not terrible in truth.  Final amount will be determined once the repairs are done on Silver.

Anyhew, that’s about it from us this week! One more large bill due, the taxes on Silver so we can get the tags renewed.  That’ll be next week’s payout, think I’ve spent enough this week.



Ugh Ugh Ugh…

We do this time and time and time again – we overextend ourselves and we get ourselves into situations financially that we just can’t overcome…

I’ve done the math with the payments and financials for the new van and I must say I am less than pleased with where we’re at and where we’re going to be.

Here’s the breakdown using our last four (4) paychecks are the basis of our overall budget

W/E Date  Lara  Jimmy
12/21/2014  $    512.23  $    290.12
12/28/2014  $    550.68  $    307.58
1/4/2015  $    471.34  $    286.22
1/11/2015  $    490.92  $    263.42
 $ 2,025.17  $ 1,147.34
Average Weekly Pay  $    506.29  $    286.84
Combined Weekly Pay  $    793.13
Combined Monthly Pay  $ 3,172.51
Expenses: Monthly Weekly
Mortgage  $    860.14  $    215.04
Car Payment  $    538.30  $    134.58
AT&T  $      85.00  $      21.25
Progress Energy  $    125.00  $      31.25
CFPUA  $    180.00  $      45.00
Groceries  $    640.00  $    160.00
Brigades  $    240.00  $      60.00
Dinner  $    100.00  $      25.00
Jimmy’s Money  $    100.00  $      25.00
Cat & Dog Food  $    120.00  $      30.00
Gas  $    140.00  $      35.00
Planet Fitness  $      19.99  $        5.00  $        7.99  $        2.00
Oster  $      57.97  $      14.49 One more Draft for Feb 2014 – Then Done
Music & Arts  $      33.80  $        8.45
State Farm  $    148.68  $      37.17
Banfield  $      24.95  $        6.24
Tate & Kirlin  $        5.00  $        1.25
 $ 3,357.51  $    856.71
Difference:  $  (185.00)  $    (63.58)
OT Hrs Needed to Break Even          (7.83)          (2.69)

In order for us to break even every month one or both of us is going to have to bust out some major overtime…I know that once the final Oster (hubby’s grooming tools paid on a 6-Month payment plan) payment is made then we’ll be better off.  What’s worrying me more than anything right now is that with everything surrounding the wreck & buying our new car has hindered our ability to make the final payment on our trial plan – here’s how it all breaks down:

Rental Car #1 = $98.83

Rental Car #2 = $675.52

Deductible/Repairs = $390.00

Down Payment on New Van = $500.00

Sum total paid out in the last month for vehicle stuff: $1,661.35 – OUCH

I have right now $860.14 due to CitiMortgage on Tuesday 01/27 and IF we want to, oh I don’t know, EAT this week and feed our furbabies + put gas in the van I can set aside all of $250.00 on this week’s paychecks…ugh…

I went to balance the checkbook this morning and discovered we were hit with overdraft fees because of piss poor financial planning on our part and hoping the rental #2 wouldn’t draft until today (it drafted on Wed) therefore causing my payment to Brigades ($40.00), the DMV ($10.00) for Jimmy’s new ID + the down payment on the van ($500.00) to cash out and overdraft our account to the tune of $105.00 (3 Fees @ $35.00/ea).  I’m not sure how I am going to pay this payment to Citi + everything else I have to pay out on next week’s paycheck – BUT OH wait Citi wants their payment on Tuesday the 27th and I am coming up $610.14 SHORT.

I can’t even schedule the payment to be delayed until the 30th (Friday) because Citi wants to ensure their funds are drafted & applied before the end of the month…so I can’t even put it on next week’s pay (Pay Date: 01.30.15) – so we’re basically SCREWED! Anyone want to generate a miracle here????

I QUIT!!!!  

Hello One & All – Its been ages since I’ve been in the post here, been super busy with work and getting ready for the Holidays!

Our Holiday season was a busy one, and one that closed out with some HUGE financials burdens being laid at our feet – seems to happen every year at that time, I don’t understand it seriously – why does something go wrong with the car at the holidays every damn year!?!?!?!? This year it was a wreck – something happened 5-Days before Christmas and I managed to hit a pole! A totally learner’s permit move, but it happened – ugh – a lady told me that my front drivers side tire didn’t turn right and thus caused me to hit a pole on that side of Bessie (aka our van) – BUT its a pole with a yield sign that EVERY single friggin’ person hits!  Frustrating as Hell!  So I have incurred for this a charge for a tow truck, $65.00, a rental car, cost TBD and a deductible on the car repairs, $250.00 + an Oil Change + a Coolant Flush, cost TBD from the dealership…ugh! And we have one more payment on our trial period for the mortgage to make on the 15th, $860.14.  Ugh someone has decided we’re bleeding money that time of year….happens every damn year and frankly I am sick & tired of it.  Curious who we pissed off in terms of the financial karma’s that has cursed us and caused us to consistently be struggling?!? We do everything we can to make things work – do everything right and inevitably we hit trouble financially ALL the DAMN TIME!

Ok so where does that leave us financially for the New Year? Well currently at a stand still until I know for sure where we are in terms of the cost of the rental car + the oil change and coolant flush from the dealership – I’m waiting on an estimate from the dealership and won’t know how much the rental will be until I turn it in – I got an estimate when I opened the contract, $90.68, but that was for only 4-Days and now I am sitting here on two+ weeks, it’s $21.00/day = roughly $294.00, then there’s taxes + fees, etc…so I am looking at about $350.00…so not happy about this!  Not sure where to go from here…

We are doing something, or more taking on a challenge of sorts – we’ve decided to join the millions doing the 52-Week Savings Challenge and keeping the funds in a jar here at work so we’re less tempted to use it, see the image here

52 Week Money Challenge

I’ve deposited the 1st Week’s Amount into this jar – if all goes well, maybe by the end of the year we’ll have a decent amount of money saved and we can use that money to start our Emergency Funds account! Or even start saving toward a vacation – we haven’t decided exactly how to use that money yet – in fact, we haven’t even discussed it…for now it’s just a matter of budgeting smart so we can make those contributions weekly.

Well enough from me – hope everyone is having a good week! I’ll try to get back in here weekly to bi-weekly to update!

Two days ago I posted this:

What is it with Cars/Vans and Hemorrhaging Money? As if Stressing Over a Mod Isn’t Enough…Let’s Add this to It!

Financial Windfall

And today after a large amount of begging the Fates and the Goddess I talk to for some help of some kind for money or some help somewhere I get in the mail (2) Checks from State Farm for the kids’ medical claims from our wreck in February! Each check was issued for $210.00/ea x 2 = $420.00 which is just about what we spent on getting the repairs done to Bessie.

I posted this to Facebook earlier:

“If you want to send out those good vibrations now is the time to do it, let’s list off the shit that’s gone WRONG in the last week:
1. The Van Issues = $450.00 still not fixed
2. Bed Bugs in Ashley’s bed = Her spending the night in my bed
3. Bed Bugs in Austin’s bed = Him spending the night in my bed
4. A possible disconnect notice from CFPUA I haven’t even opened yet – OK Small Correction – It was just the usual water bill, but it’s still $188! OUCH!
5. Now the finance company for the van is calling for their “past due” payment…they don’t like the $75.00 a week I am sending – my contract state $150.00/two weeks – um what’s the difference? $75/week or $150/bi-weekly, there’s no difference here nor there
6. My job is on the line because I am having to work at home for more than the originally planned timeframe – so worried my boss is going to call me and tell me that my time w/my company is done and then we’re really f*cked!
Anything else want to get lumped on my overloaded plate?!?! Seriously!!! Why now? Why when my Hubby is gone??? I am totally overwhelmed right now!”

And then to check the mail and find those there! Man it felt amazing to see that and to know Goddess was watching over us and handed us that money right when we needed it!

I shared this sentiment when I saw what was in the mail:

“Miracle of all Miracles – Just got two (2) Checks in the mail for the kids’ medical payments from the accident in February!!! Oh man we have funding now I just need to get it to the bank!”

Talk about a bit of Amazing Luck!

So Thank-You to the Goddess!

February Calendar

Well February wrapped up to be a chaotic month, what with the accident and all the subsequent headaches and stress that goes along with accidents! Oy they are but a pain the arse for sure.  I sincerely felt like the whole time it was either fate and destiny pushing us towards our new van all along, or it was just purely something to push us to our outer most limits…but I honestly feel like everything worked out the way it was supposed to…I summarized our shopping trip in another post here you can read about our adventures on Friday…I sincerely hate Car shopping (as I am sure a lot of people do…though there are some crazy’s out there who actually enjoy the process…um WHAT?!?!?)

High Interest Rate As you all probably know with any new car purchase comes the headache of a car payment  and while we were nearly done with our payments on the Focus, we’re now back-ended into  almost two more years of payments on the van…honestly we’re going to try and pay  it off  sooner rather than later, as the interest rate at the Buy-Here, Pay-Here lot was something like  29% and that just HURTS!  Seriously we’re paying $150.00/bi-weekly which works out to something like 20 months worth of payments on the van…and…the best part is that if we miss just one payment they are going to come SNATCH the van…seriously there’s a GPS Device in it that’ll disable it on the lot until the back-due payments are made…WOW! Talk about OUCH! So now we really have to stay on top of these payments….

Chapter 13

Our mortgage however, yeah, not sure what to do about that…we’re seriously struggling to figure that out  – I’ve worked it so that something is going to Citi each week so that they are getting a portion of a monthly payment – doesn’t change the fact that  out –we’re back due until the beginning of December.  I’ve re-applied for the 3rd time for a modification, highly doubt they’ll do anything about it as our interest rate is already under market value, so who knows…if this doesn’t work sadly we’re looking at Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, it’s really the only option we have at this point – we’re in way over our heads and I feel like we’re drowning…we’re totally house-poor at this point and finding a rental isn’t really an option because of our six animals (and giving up ANY of them is SERIOUSLY NOT an Option! We don’t roll like that!)

Ok so now onto why we’re here, the budget – I’ve just lumped the remainder of our tax return into the overall numbers because we had to use it to pay the down payment on the van, so please to enjoy:

 $1,142.49 Remaining from W/E 02/23/14  $436.52 Lara W/E 03/02/14 Salary, Pay Date 03/07
 $261.82 Amt. Spent  $287.53 Jimmy W/E 03/02/14 Salary
 $880.67 Avail. Starting  $724.05
 $15.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $880.67 Avail. Starting
 $31.00 TGIFriday’s  $724.05 Total Pay
 $6.16 Citgo  $1,604.72 Avail. For Bills
 $4.17 Starbucks  $1,279.63 Settlement for Car
 $27.41 Gas Center  $2,884.35
 $34.50 GS Troop #1327
 $4.76 KTC
 $8.75 Checkers
 $3.85 Red-Box
 $30.00 Kwik Kuts
 $7.47 Dollar Tree
 $7.33 GameStop
 $77.79 Wal-Mart
 $3.63 PetsMart


Um yeah we TOTALLY overdid it with our spending this past week…I am well aware of that fact – I did have to put Gas into the rental on Friday as you have to turn them in with a full tank or they charge you an exorbitant amount of money per gallon of gas to refill it, and then we decided to get some movies, a steering wheel cover, air fresheners for the car and some socks for  my hubby at Wal-Mart on Sunday and that turned into the $77.79 you see above…Ooops!

 $1,750.00 Down Payment on Car
 $225.00 Citi
 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 03/07
 $40.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $62.68 Gas
 $5.00  Tate & Kirlin, 03/10 Auto-Draft
 $85.00  LAS Financial
 $396.67  $396.67
8%  $31.73
 $31.73  $364.94


Ok I will note three things here:

1. LAS Financial, Inc. is the Buy-Here, Pay-Here on lot Finance Company – our bi-weekly payment works out to $150.00 or rather $75.00/week – I figure paying them just a little more each week puts more on the principle, thus lowering what we’re paying in interest and overall.

2.  The van has a 25-Gallon tank and is costing me more to fill-up, though it’s almost double the tank size of the Focus, so I am hoping that a fill-up will last me two weeks, we shall see.

3.  The insurance premium on the van is going up to $80.00/mos vs. the $64.44 we were paying on the Focus and this is because it’s a newer vehicle.

So there we are! Hope you have enjoyed!

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