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So I know everyone is just itching to know how things are going – nothing has changed work-wise for me – still working the retail job and its going well, we’re getting into our busy time of year – albeit slowly – so things are cranking along well there.

Still do not have a car – ugh – and the public transportation system in our area is just forming a more and more sour taste in my mouth – they seriously need to work on getting their ish together, it is near impossible to hold onto steady riders, who also need to hold onto steady jobs, with the crud schedule they are running.


Lastly, some good news 0 my husband was APPROVED for his disability, to the tune of $1,107.00/month, WooHoo!!! So stoked about that!  Our plan for now is to pay down the utilities and then use what we can afterwards to put toward the purchase of a vehicle. I am adamant that I DO NOT want another car payment, just gas and insurance every month.  So once tax season rolls around we’re going to put together what we’ve saved with some of our refund to pay cash for a vehicle.  We’ll also need to set aside some money for the taxes & registration.  I am hopeful we can also find someone reliable to give whatever vehicle we have considered a once over to ensure mechanical stability.

So that’s where we’re at right now!

We had a very long conversation last night – one we’ve had time and time again since my hubby lost his job – but we had the same one last night…what do we do going forward and how can we continue moving forward?

He heard back from the place that sent him for the Drug Screen and was running his background – they turned him down because something “dinged” on his background check and the Regional Manager said No…I know what it was, he was arrested in 2008 for Embezzlement while working at a hardware store – he was given (3) Mis-demeanors, restitution and 2-years probation – we paid the restitution to the courts and he served his probation – has kept his nose clean since with no problems AT ALL and it’s been what 7 years? How long does one have to carry this around?

So we’re back at square one…

We’re waiting for his Unemployment Benefits…which according to the state could be another 2-3 Weeks before we get those

We’re waiting for Food Stamps…and DSS said that too could be another 2-3 Weeks…

What do we do in the interim?

Oh yeah balanced the checkbook just now and see we’re down $62.42 going into pay day tomorrow…so with that and my check being less than $300 for health insurance we’re screwed…my car insurance is supposed to draft next week on the 28th to the tune of $212.00 (I just sent a note to my agent’s office requesting the payment be cancelled for the month as I can’t make it this week or next until we get the unemployment benefits)…

So we’re trying to figure this all out – options are thus:

1. We try and find a place to live here in Wilmington to lessen the interruption to the kids’ schedules and lives

2. We drop everything here, sell as much as we can and possibly move back in with our parents in MD – yes taking all five of our furbabies with us – we made a commitment to them when we took them in – a lifetime commitment…pray I can keep my job and work remote…pray

3. We file bankruptcy and pray we can keep Silver

As much as I don’t want to leave Wilmington I will if push come shove – we’ve not had good luck since we got here…the move itself was smooth, but we’ve had a seriously rocky road since we got here…

Hubby made an observation last night that’s stuck out with me – whenever we get somewhat stable, inevitably something gets pitched into the mix that seriously throws us off course…and this is so true…I don’t know what we did in a past life to piss off the fates but my Kids deserve better, they deserve stability and we need to be able to give that to them!


Angry Emoticon Frustration

Yup those are where I’m at right now


Our history with vehicles is a rough one, a road that was dredged over time with more downs than ups…started in 2000 when I bought my first vehicle, two months out of college I purchased my first vehicle a 2000 Chevy S-10, it was a two seater pick-up truck that worked well for me and my hubs during the time we had it, then just under a year and a half later I got preggers with my son and we had to look into trading in my truck – with negative equity on that it was more than difficult to do.

2000 Chevy S10

But we managed and a dealership was able to get us into a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero – we drove that thing for several years until about 2007 when it died.


And we traded it in for a 2005 Pontiac Vibe – that worked well for us too until my husband lost his job in 2008 and it was repossessed in Spring 2009


For five months we were without a vehicle until my husband’s church came together and bought us trust rusty aka a 1999 Dodge Caravan that had 100,000+ miles on it and a very rusty bottom.  We ended up replacing the brake lines + exhaust system – we drove trusty rusty for 2.5 years before the transmission went on that one.


We traded that in for a 2000 Ford Focus with 100,000+ miles on it too – as you all know that ran for us up and down until a wreck last year, 2014 in February; our insurance totaled it and we used the funds the insurance gave us enough money to pay off the loan and put a down payment on a new vehicle.


It was then we bought Bessie – she had 108,000 miles on her and ran very well for us – sure we replaced the radiator in Sept. 2014 and since then have been up and down with her since – then I got into another wreck in December 2014, something happened and I crashed into a Yield Sign post in a parking lot causing damage to the steering column, the tire, the entire driving system basically, $1,600 worth of damage.  We had to pay a $250 deductible on the repairs – but before she was turned back over to us we sent her over to the Service Department on site with the dealership we sent her to and it turns out the Radiator, the Transmission and possibly the engine needed work – they were saying that it was possible the head gaskets needed replacing/fixing, there was so much pressure built up inside the transmission/coolant system that they couldn’t even get the cap off…quoted me somewhere around $8K for repairs.

2005 Chevy Venture

So today we made the difficult decision to trade her in and purchase a new vehicle – now being upside down on the loan it was not easy, we got lucky that a dealership here in town was willing to work with us – a different one from the one we took her to for the repairs – and they’ve put us into a 2014 Dodge Caravan, our down payment was $500 and our monthly payment will be $538.30 *OUCH* I am not even going to think about right now the insurance payment – ugh we’re gonna be bankrupt in the near future…I just pray Citi is able to get us into a more affordable payment arrangement once our trial plan is done.

New Van 2014 Dodge Caravan

So that’ the latest on us – we’re off-loaded the rental car, took care of Bessie (I actually teared up turning over the keys and Bessie…I’m gonna miss her) and are hopefully on our way to smoother roads – the plan is to keep this thing until it dies! I am done with car payments, once these are done I am done for quite sometime!

Earlier today I posted this post Have a Quandry  and I got a wide variety of responses from both Facebook and here on my blog – some suggested  changing our Internet/Phone carrier

“have you consider no contract phone like simple talk & virgin mobile? i have virgin mobile which i pays $38.11 per month. mostly use text and data usage.”

 Anyway, your AT&T bill is quite high for Internet and landline. I cut my landline cause it was costing me $45.00 per month.”

 I agree that AT&T bill is high. We pay Verizon the same as what your paying and we have cable. That’s without the special price we had when we signed up. My bill is $160 with tax for cable, high speed internet, and a landline. Talk to them about any specials that can lower your bill or change providers.”

“either way, the most important is finding a way to reduce cost. i have verizon fios internet & digital tv: $86.00. since you are loyalty customer, i am sure at & t will work something out.”

And maybe seeing if either CFPUA or AT&T would work with us – as predicted CFPUA was like “go away, you’re on your own” as predicted – they are a monopoly and no one has ANY control over them…so we have to pay that in full or they’ll shut our water off (not like we can’t just go turn it back on as needed, the cover to the switch isn’t locked)…and we’ll end up paying a reconnect fee of $55.00 – so after some discussion w/my hubby we decided to do two things:

1.  We are cutting back our grocery budget from $200 to $150.00 for the next two weeks to free up $100.00 to put towards AT&T.  We’re going to employ his employee discount coupon for either Sadie or Nixon’s food (same brand, one coupon, one bag) to get $10.00/off a bag of their food which’ll allow us to put that money back into the grocery budget.

2.  We split up the payments to AT&T into two, one $100.00 payment this Friday the 16th and one $50.10 scheduled for the 23rd.

This will prevent us from having our service interrupted and will allow us to also pay our after school care.

My hubby didn’t like the fact that our car insurance premium went up by almost double – so he’s called the insurance company and someone at our agent’s office said it didn’t look right – she was digging into it – she said it should have only gone up by a little bit, when they quoted me it was going to be something around $80.00 odd dollars NOT $128.00/mos…so we’re on hold with that situation – if that’s the case and it’s only $80.00/mos then we’ll have that $40.00 to put back into the Grocery budget.

So how did we encounter this situation?


The same way we ALWAYS do – we dared to go out of town and I lost something like 17 hours of pay over the course of two weeks – so that drastically cut into our income…thus the reason for the email to my HR Team I sent last week.  To which I am still waiting on a response, they are investigating it and should have an answer for me later this week *crossing my fingers its good news*

So that’s where I’m at right now!


Nope yeah not so much.  Last week I received an email from Hertz with a bill for our rental car to the tune of $1,347.18.  I uploaded it to State Farm’s claims website and waited.  Nothing.  Until I woke up Saturday morning and saw a HUGE negative balance on my account – thank Goddess for my daily balance email notifications – so I bounced over to the bank’s website and low and behold I see that Hertz had not only drafted that $1,347.18 but the transaction had caused (2) Overdraft fees in its wake.

Ugh so BEFORE I’ve even had my morning coffee I call the bank immediately and file a dispute.  They immediately post a teller credit for the $1,347.18 and open a dispute for a credit from the overdraft fees.  So now we’re back at our positive balance we had when I went to bed Friday night.

And then as soon as my agents office opens on Monday I am on the phone with them trying to figure out what happened…they transfer me to the claims people who are handling the rental and I get transferred again to the total loss team who connect with me to Hertz.  Turns out the contract I initiated at the Airport the day after my wreck, that was supposed to be CANCELLED and VOIDED, never was and during an audit they found it and billed my account.  Hertz took responsibility for it and credited the funds back to us.   I just had to send them a copy of my statement showing the overdraft fees, which I did.

Came into work this morning and I see that BOTH credits are still on my account…so now what? Call the bank back and tell them what happened?  Or do I hold onto both credit + the credit of the overdraft fees and call it a day.  Keeping the 2nd credit for all the headache’s I’ve gotten trying to deal with the wreck itself, the insurance, and buying a new car.  Sort of reimbursement for having to replace a vehicle I had NO INTENTION of replacing this year…




What would you all do?

UPDATE: Called the bank & Cancelled the Dispute, They are Going to Debit the Credit they Gave me showing just the one Debit/Credit from Hertz.

February Calendar

Well February wrapped up to be a chaotic month, what with the accident and all the subsequent headaches and stress that goes along with accidents! Oy they are but a pain the arse for sure.  I sincerely felt like the whole time it was either fate and destiny pushing us towards our new van all along, or it was just purely something to push us to our outer most limits…but I honestly feel like everything worked out the way it was supposed to…I summarized our shopping trip in another post here you can read about our adventures on Friday…I sincerely hate Car shopping (as I am sure a lot of people do…though there are some crazy’s out there who actually enjoy the process…um WHAT?!?!?)

High Interest Rate As you all probably know with any new car purchase comes the headache of a car payment  and while we were nearly done with our payments on the Focus, we’re now back-ended into  almost two more years of payments on the van…honestly we’re going to try and pay  it off  sooner rather than later, as the interest rate at the Buy-Here, Pay-Here lot was something like  29% and that just HURTS!  Seriously we’re paying $150.00/bi-weekly which works out to something like 20 months worth of payments on the van…and…the best part is that if we miss just one payment they are going to come SNATCH the van…seriously there’s a GPS Device in it that’ll disable it on the lot until the back-due payments are made…WOW! Talk about OUCH! So now we really have to stay on top of these payments….

Chapter 13

Our mortgage however, yeah, not sure what to do about that…we’re seriously struggling to figure that out  – I’ve worked it so that something is going to Citi each week so that they are getting a portion of a monthly payment – doesn’t change the fact that  out –we’re back due until the beginning of December.  I’ve re-applied for the 3rd time for a modification, highly doubt they’ll do anything about it as our interest rate is already under market value, so who knows…if this doesn’t work sadly we’re looking at Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, it’s really the only option we have at this point – we’re in way over our heads and I feel like we’re drowning…we’re totally house-poor at this point and finding a rental isn’t really an option because of our six animals (and giving up ANY of them is SERIOUSLY NOT an Option! We don’t roll like that!)

Ok so now onto why we’re here, the budget – I’ve just lumped the remainder of our tax return into the overall numbers because we had to use it to pay the down payment on the van, so please to enjoy:

 $1,142.49 Remaining from W/E 02/23/14  $436.52 Lara W/E 03/02/14 Salary, Pay Date 03/07
 $261.82 Amt. Spent  $287.53 Jimmy W/E 03/02/14 Salary
 $880.67 Avail. Starting  $724.05
 $15.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $880.67 Avail. Starting
 $31.00 TGIFriday’s  $724.05 Total Pay
 $6.16 Citgo  $1,604.72 Avail. For Bills
 $4.17 Starbucks  $1,279.63 Settlement for Car
 $27.41 Gas Center  $2,884.35
 $34.50 GS Troop #1327
 $4.76 KTC
 $8.75 Checkers
 $3.85 Red-Box
 $30.00 Kwik Kuts
 $7.47 Dollar Tree
 $7.33 GameStop
 $77.79 Wal-Mart
 $3.63 PetsMart


Um yeah we TOTALLY overdid it with our spending this past week…I am well aware of that fact – I did have to put Gas into the rental on Friday as you have to turn them in with a full tank or they charge you an exorbitant amount of money per gallon of gas to refill it, and then we decided to get some movies, a steering wheel cover, air fresheners for the car and some socks for  my hubby at Wal-Mart on Sunday and that turned into the $77.79 you see above…Ooops!

 $1,750.00 Down Payment on Car
 $225.00 Citi
 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 03/07
 $40.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $62.68 Gas
 $5.00  Tate & Kirlin, 03/10 Auto-Draft
 $85.00  LAS Financial
 $396.67  $396.67
8%  $31.73
 $31.73  $364.94


Ok I will note three things here:

1. LAS Financial, Inc. is the Buy-Here, Pay-Here on lot Finance Company – our bi-weekly payment works out to $150.00 or rather $75.00/week – I figure paying them just a little more each week puts more on the principle, thus lowering what we’re paying in interest and overall.

2.  The van has a 25-Gallon tank and is costing me more to fill-up, though it’s almost double the tank size of the Focus, so I am hoping that a fill-up will last me two weeks, we shall see.

3.  The insurance premium on the van is going up to $80.00/mos vs. the $64.44 we were paying on the Focus and this is because it’s a newer vehicle.

So there we are! Hope you have enjoyed!

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