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So I was all geared up to go to work this morning, get to Brigades to drop off our son to find out they are closed today & tomorrow for pre-school start prep cleaning & training…so text my boss tell her that I need to stay home because hubby had two interviews today…she took that well..

So the day is going along just fine until she sends me a meeting request for a conference call at 4, I call in and the Regional HR Director is on the phone, now  you know that’s never good – yeah turns out they are moving my position to our Tampa, FL location.  IF, and that’s a huge IF I want to I can re-apply for the job and maybe move to Tampa…yeah I don’t see that happening.  I was also informed that there’s no true timeline right now – they have to post the position, interview and hire someone, so they don’t know when this will happen…THAT doesn’t sit well with me as I do NOT do well with unknowns.  They told me that I’ll get a severance package of 6-Weeks pay + 3 Months COBRA insurance (which we won’t take the insurance its always way pricier than reasonable) BUT BUT BUT they want me to help with the transition and train my replacement…um WHAT??!?  Ugh…so many emotions right now…

My biggest thing right now is Anger, I am just pissed

Second to that is Worry, I am thoroughly concerned how we’re going to get through each day and what’s going to happen financially

Third is resentment, my co-workers in our office will retain their positions – none of them truly are struggling financially – and yet we’re floating on financial fumes…

I really don’t want to move to Tampa – I know the job market is much better than Wilmington – but the very idea of living in Florida does nothing for me (sorry to those who live there)…ugh…and if we do end up leaving Wilmington we’ll end up back in Maryland and THAT truly does nothing for me…ugh

I am not sure what’s going to happen now…still trying to figure it all out

On the upswing my husband did get Unemployment Benefits – he’s yet to tell me how much per week he’s getting – so with that and our minimal Food Stamps we’re ok…just ok…

So that’s where we are right now…

Just to remind everyone – we were going through with our what? 4th Attempt at a Mortgage Re-modification, you can read about it in these posts:

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So we got the letter from Citi yesterday and under the FHA Home Affordable possible (yes you read that right, possible) modification we have to first pay three (3) payments of $860.14/month with the first payment due 11/1 – YES in just two (2) weeks they want us to come up with $861.00! Um WHAT?!?!? I have other bills – including, oh I don’t know, EATING, due before that time…no I am not mis-prioritizing things, instead I have already scheduled our monthly car insurance, $81.72/mos drafting 10/24 first and then maybe, just maybe I could give up some funds toward this mortgage payment, BUT BUT wait for it – UTILITIES are due! Oh yeah those pesky monthly payments, right now we owe

Progress Energy (Electricity) $250.00

CFPUA (Water, Trash, & Sewer) $182.00

AT&T (Phone & Internet) $125.00

Grand Total Due: $557.00

Then you know the weekly expenses

Groceries – $200.00 x 2 = $400.00

Gas – $40.00 x 2 = $80.00

Cat & Dog Food – $40.00 x 2 = $80.00

Jimmy’s Money – $20.00 x 2 = $40.00

Friday Pizza Night (the cost of which is equal to groceries) $25.00 x 2 = $50.00

Brigades – $60.00 x 2 = $120.00

Mid-Atlantic Finance (Bessie’s Payment) – $75.00 x 2 = $150.00

Grand Total: $920.00

Between the Two: $1,477.00

Over the course of the next two weeks we’re estimating an income of roughly $1,630.48

That leaves what? $153.48

So where exactly can we afford $861.00??? Someone please tell me?!?!?!?

So here’s how this is playing out – today my Hubby is going to call Citi and see if in fact they need that initial $861.00 on 11/1 as the letter indicated, and if so then we have to figure out what our options are,

Option 1 hubby suggested taking out a small loan to cover the mortgage deficit over the next three months, so roughly $2,500.00 and that would only be done if the cost of the payments was reasonable – note this is NOT something I am on board with.

Option 2 would be the allow the foreclosure process to begin and pray we don’t get kicked out of our home for an extended period of time, allowing us to save money and rebuild our credit while remaining in our home.

Option 3 would be to walk away, find a cheap (ish) apartment here in town (so we could continue our current jobs) and move – this would mean a change in schools for the kids, which I don’t like but if push came to shove that’s where we’d go.

Option 4 would be file for Bankruptcy, he’s thinking Ch. 11 so that everything is put on hold for 5 or so years, but someone told me this morning that Chapter 11 is mostly for businesses…so not sure how this would play out.

Option 5 would be to bail on everything and head back to MD where we have family that can help us…

I don’t really believe we’re here…we try and we try to keep our head afloat, previously rent always took priority in our lives, but then again we’ve never been in a situation where we didn’t get paid time off and a stagnant salary…so now that’s changed some and I am hopeful that now we can work with the change in my income situation and prevent the losses of income.

On that note we did decide last night that we’re going to do what we can to bring in some overtime – for me I’ll log in an hour or two here and there on my rest and yoga nights and some on the weekends and he’s going to see about overtime in the salon at work just so we can bring in more income.



Spoke with my Hubby after he talked with Citi and as they’ve explained if, Yes the payments are due on the 15th of the Month like any normal payment plan for a mortgage, so that gives us 4-Weeks aka 4-Paychecks to come up with the $861.00 due or $215.25/week for this month and each subsequent month during the trial period.

At the end of the trial period HUD will step in an pony up our back-due amount, roughly $10K less the 3-Payments we’ve made and the monies currently sitting in our un-applied funds account.  IF we can make these three payments then and only then will the underwriters move forward with a HUD Home Affordable Modification with our final monthly payments yet TBD.

I’ve done out the budget for the first payment and I am not sure still about paying the utilities…but we’ll figure it out…


This week was particularly frustrating when I was doing the budget – why? Simple – the utility bills are  continuing to go up, mostly the electric bill as we’re having to run out heat at like 75 just to keep the  house at 68 around the damn clock because it’s too friggin’ cold out! Never mind that out heat pump  can only do but so much to convert 6 degree air outside to 68 degree air in the house – BRRRRR – we’re  seeing an electric bill upwards of $200.00 added to what we already are past due on and it’s over  $400.00.  frozen therm

 GAH tax time can’t come soon enough in my book! I sent all of our tax docs to my Dad last week and he’ll file them sometime in the next few weeks when he has time.  Then when done we can hope beyond hope that the refund comes somewhat quickly! We desperately need that money sooner rather than later!

So on that note here is the budget for the week:

 $41.74 Remaining from W/E 01/12/14  $507.39 Lara W/E 01/19/14 Salary, Pay Date 01/24
 $36.40 Amt. Spent  $210.37 Jimmy W/E 01/19/14 Salary
 $5.34 Avail. Starting  $717.76
 $5.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $5.34 Avail. Starting
 $5.00 Ashley Dr.  $717.76 Total Pay
 $5.00 CCA  $723.10 Avail. For Bills
 $2.06 KTC  $27.76 Money Spent Before Paying Bills
 $3.75 Kindle Charges  $695.34
 $15.59 Wal-Mart

And the breakdown, here’s where you will see my frustration


 $63.44 State Farm, 01/27 Auto-Draft
 $84.50 Credit Accept
 $90.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 01/10
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $30.00 Gas
 $7.99, 1/21 Auto-Draft
 $30.00  GS Troop# 1327, Camporee/Jan Dues
 $17.94  Shipping of GS Cookies
 $55.00  Progress Energy
 $41.47  $41.47
8%  $3.32
 $3.32  $38.15

The two points of my major frustration lies in these two lines:

 $90.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club

Why? Simple – I paid the $70.00 for last week, 01/20 – 01/24/14 but THEN schools were closed for a teacher workday on the 24th, Brigades was open but yet it was an additional $20.00 ($10.00 per child) for the day, so I ended up paying them $90.00 for last week – can someone please explain this to me???

And second:

 $55.00  Progress Energy

NOT having enough funds to make this payment in FULL, $183.00 to bring us somewhere close to current.  that just bugs me to no end!

You know normally I might have been whining, moaning and complaining, but then I read this article yesterday written ever so eloquently by a woman who is in a much tougher spot than I am at the moment and I finally just told myself to shut to heck up and move on.  You can find her article titled This is Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense here, take a moment to read it and share your thoughts below.

Lesson Learned: While you think your financial life sucks arse, there’s always someone who’d happily trade with you!

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Well after the chaos and drama that was last week’s post – which can be found here – I am happy to say that the weekend passed fairly uneventfully and we actually finished the weekend with $53.00 cash on hand – I gave $13.00 to Jimmy for his date with Ashley this week and have the remaining $40.00 in my wallet to be put into the cash box on Friday morning should it not get spent – which at this point I don’t foresee happening – so that’ll put the total in there to roughly $76.00, YEAH! That’s money to be spent for my son’s 11th Birthday celebration which is on the 3rd of February – unlike my daughter he’s opted not to have a party and is still hemming and hawing over what to do for his birthday – so yeah that’ll make for an interesting day.  May just get him some more books for his Kindle…we’ll see!

So on that note – I have restructured things slightly to allow for money to go to our three biggest payoffs each week:

1. Daycare – $70.00/week until the 1st week of February when it jumps to $100.00/week

2. CitiMortgage – $225.26/week unless we have a utility due than it’s whatever I can swing from the balance

3.  Credit Acceptance – $84.50/week until we can pay it off with our refund.

I seriously cannot WAIT until we get our tax documents coming in so I can get them off to Dad and get the taxes done…anxious much? LOL!!

So here we are – here’s this week’s budget:

 $40.20 Remaining from W/E 12/29/13  $486.52 Lara W/E 01/05/14 Salary, Pay Date 01/10
 $35.22 Amt. Spent  $255.77 Jimmy W/E 01/04/13 Salary
 $4.98 Avail. Starting  $742.29
 $5.00 Savings for Xmas ’14  $4.98 Avail. Starting
 $2.79 KTC  $742.29 Total Pay
 $9.91 McDonald’s  $747.27 Avail. For Bills
 $3.85 RedBox  $3.05 Food Lion
 $2.40 PetsMart  $744.22
 $11.27 Harris Teeter  $22.00 J-Cash
 $35.22  $722.22


Now I’ve decided for 2014 not to post the two separate items with the cash withdrawal and not – seemed too much to do both – so I’ll just post the breakdown and leave it at that:

 $116.00 AT&T
 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 01/10 Auto-Draft
 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 01/10
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $40.00 Gas
 $84.50 Credit Acceptance
 $125.00 Citi
 $31.72  $31.72
8%  $2.54
 $2.54  $29.18


You will notice (2) changes to the budget

1. I have allotted at the top as money spent what I am transferring over to savings for Christmas 2014 – no I have not calculated out exactly how much we need to put aside each week to make a certain amount of money – for now I am just doing what I can afford to spare

2. I have upped my contribution to the Merrill Account from 7% of what’s remaining to 8% – hoping to eventually get us to 10% or more! Crossing my fingers!

Well all that’s all she wrote – keeping it brief – any suggestions from my readers on how I can improve things to accommodate the additional $30.00/week coming out?


Ok so I THOUGHT and this was just a Thought we were going to be semi-ok for the year, starting off I had everything outlined, the budget preliminarily done to take us until roughly tax time and BAM something somewhat major gets thrown my way – yup – more money going out the door…UGH!

So what is it?

Well I went to pick the kids up tonight and was informed by the Brigades (a Nonprofit Mind You) that the fee structure for the kids’ after-school program is changing, so now it’s a $25.00 program fee + $25.00 transportation fee, up from the $10.00 transportation fee and $25.00 program fee for a whopping $30.00/week in addition to the $70.00/week I am already paying – Yup folks that $100.00/week for after school care – while they are still the cheapest in town by FAR this is a stretch to our already overloaded budget…

So once my workout is done tonight guess what I get to do??? Yup re-structure the budget to include this additional $120.00 hit per month! FanFreakinTastic Ya’ll!!

I am majorly bummed about this and STRESSED!

Seriously not digging this week’s finances, sure we had a nice surprise of a $6 refund come back from LCA (LabCorp) due to over payment of account, think I would have preferred to have a statement coming my way to prevent said over payment.  At the beginning of the week last week when I did the checkbook we were left with the whole of $18 in the account (this was after paying the bills and deducting the debit transactions we’d made) leaving me less than comfortable, so I pulled back into our checking account some of the transfers from the Keep the Change (KTC) program, these are auto deducted and transferred to our savings account, in the sum of $10.00 – bringing our remaining up to $28 for the week.  I am stickler for wanting to keep as much as I can, all the while paying bills, in our checking account for those unaccounted/unbudgeted items we may need throughout the week – in this case it was some pre-cooked ribs/corn on the cob from Harris Teeter for dinner on Sat night (my hubby reminded me I had mentioned wanting to have ribs for dinner this past weekend), and then a run to Target mid-week for more grocery items we were running low on – the movie rental for hubs and I on Sunday night and a snack at Dunkin Donuts last night before Lego Club, so to say we went over budget is an understatement.  See here:

 $34.73 Remaining from W/E 05/12/13  $465.60 Lara W/E 06/02/13 Salary
 $37.55 Amt. Spent  $287.26 Jimmy W/E 06/02/13 Salary
 $(2.82) Avail. Starting  $752.86
 $9.75 Harris Teeter  $(2.82) Avail. Starting
 $6.19 McDonald’s  $752.86 Total Pay
 $4.99  $750.04 Avail. For Bills
 $2.55 KTC  $16.00 Overpayment Credit from LCA ($6.00)/TXFR From KTC Acct ($10)
 $7.43 Target  $766.04
 $6.64 Dunkin Donuts  $0.20 Bank Adj.
 $37.55  $766.24

So then to add insult to injury my paycheck today was less than even a normal 40.0 hr work-week due to last Monday the 27th being Memorial Day – I did not work a full day – I put in a whole two hours when a migraine set-in and I had to walk away from my computer…so my full week’s hours totaled 37.25.  Normally I would have been able to make them all up and get my 40.0 hrs.  However, the workload has lightened considerably and I no longer have need for Overtime/Working at night – this cut into my ability to make-up my hours to get a full week…UGH!

Then here we are, it’s Friday again and while things are looking slightly better I am pleased to say that because of the deposits I put down for the kids’ summer camp at Brigades, $40/ea, next weeks tuition is covered! So WooHoo! I am able to re-route those funds to our utilities and make payments to them! And, it’s a light week on the auto-draft bills so we’re left with almost $200 to roll-over into next week for paying bills – Oh Yeah!

So without further adieu, here you go:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $   – Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 CCA, 6/10 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 6/10 Auto-Draft
 $170.00 Groceries
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 6/7
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $120.00 CFPUA
 $90.00 Progress Energy
 $30.00 Letters to Publishers Printing/Postage

The Letters I am referring to harken over to my other blog, My Journey to My New Life, I am trying to ball up the courage enough to actually send some letters I’ve written to introduce myself to a handful of Publishing Scouts/Agents/Publishing Houses to get a feel for the industry and what I’ll need to do in order to make the transition over to publishing – figured if I budgeted for the Printing/Postage of said letters I might actually follow through.  See this post about the same thing – I am such a Spaz about this sort of thing.

Ok so now with the cash withdrawal:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $    – Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 CCA, 6/10 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 6/10 Auto-Draft
 $320.00 Cash for Week
 $120.00 CFPUA
 $90.00 Progress Energy
 $196.24 Rem. For Bills W/E 06/09/13

We are also in the process of re-examining our weekly grocery budget to see if we need to make adjustments to how much we’re withdrawing each week for groceries – this will include at minimum 6-Weeks’ worth of grocery expenditures in order to get a full picture of how much we’ve spent over that time period, once we do that the $170/week I withdraw might be altered…hopefully not too much, YIKES!

Well that is all – this weekend is looking to be a rainy one, so more time indoors will be spent…anyone with any fun weekend plans?

Another Friday and this week I am just not feeling it…I really just want to go home and sleep, not surface for a few days – we’ve had a lot of hits coming at us this week, namely as it pertains to our son and some behavioral issues that are causing an uproar with our jobs…why you ask? Well because he was suspended from riding the bus to the Brigades, which in turn means he’s not going to Brigades which means that my hubby and I are having to re-work our schedules to be home with him when he gets off of school…and this on the coat tails on having already paid his tuition for this week (he was suspended on Wednesday and has been out for the last two days – he won’t be returning until next Thursday)…my boss isn’t happy AT ALL at the prospect of me having to work from home – for some reason her micro-management neediness has wavered and she’s not at all ok with me working from home – the need to keep me under thumb is just an annoyance…I want to scream at this – I told her in my interview I don’t like being micro-managed and I actually don’t work well like that…but alas she doesn’t listen to anyone but herself (I vear off topic here)…so because of the suspension my hubby and I are having to put undue pressure on our co-workers and supervisors…it really is a trickle down effect.

Added to the stress of the above, Monday being Memorial Day I was off of work – UNPAID – this has to be the biggest part of my job I hate/loathe/want to scream bloody friggin murder in my boss’ face about – taking an 8hr. hit to my paycheck is the biggest issue I have.  I did manage to work two hours on Monday, but a migraine kept me from working more – and to add to it my workload has lightened considerably as our field teams are demobing from site…again that trickle down effect – which has caused me to not have enough work to fill evening hours to make-up for Monday…STRESS STRESS STRESS!!!

Adding another layer of stress to all of this – yup you guessed it – Citi has not come back to us yet with a resolution/answer on the restructure, which is putting everything else on the back burner – buying the new car, making travel plans for the summer to visit the family in MD, and possibly getting the budget squared away so that what I pay out each bill pay period is the same for Citi…I sincerely hate that.  Each week we get a canned form letter email from our ‘Homeowner Support Specialist’ telling us there’s no update other than it’s with the final layer of underwriters – we’ve gotten the SAME email from that idiot for the last three weeks…so what are they doing? Sleeping on it? Or are they just that busy? I would prefer it if he’d just tell us that they are busy and have an abnormally large number of cases they are working on vs. the canned response  I’ve been getting.  I finally sent him a message this morning asking for something more concrete, I highly doubt I’ll get a response.

So to say that my life is a royal friggin mess is a vast understatement – the only highlight I’ve had is that my Guest Spot for the Adult Rated Blog went live yesterday, you can visit that here:  All’s Not Fair in Love and Finance I am Super Excited about this!

Alright onto why we’re here the budget – so due to the above listed circumstances surrounding Austin’s suspension his tuition next week is less (and yes I think the last two days should be carried over to next week, I’ve paid it so theoretically I shouldn’t have to pay for next week either…) so you’ll see that.  It’s a bill pay week, but our pay is so much less that it has been due to a shortage of work for Overtime (SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!!) so here we go:

 $208.85 Remaining from W/E 05/19/13  $543.31 Lara W/E 05/26/13 Salary
 $82.09 Amt. Spent  $218.40 Jimmy W/E 05/26/13 Salary
 $126.76 Avail. Starting  $761.71
 $21.64 World Market  $126.76 Avail. Starting
 $13.23 Target  $761.71 Total Pay
 $8.46 Pier 1  $888.47 Avail. For Bills
 $5.34 McDonald’s  $170.00 In From Savings for Car Payment
 $4.48 McDonald’s  $1,058.47
 $4.17 Barnes & Nobles Café
 $3.20 McDonald’s
 $4.97 KTC
 $1.00 Target
 $9.51 Rite-Aid
 $6.09 Shop & Go

I’ve had to “Borrow” $170.00 from the car down payment account in order to cover the car payment this month due to Citi’s lack of action – I had hoped to have a resolution by now, but alas that has not happened – so now we have to repay that money…thankfully, or not as the case may be, my UDR Employee Purchase plan has to be cashed out, that’s roughly $150 that’ll be coming to us within the next 10-days or so that’ll put some of that back…though I wish they could have turned it into public stock…but nope…UGH!

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $55.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $48.00 Great Lakes, 6/3 Auto-Draft
 $170.00 Groceries
 $40.00 Gas
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Dinner, 5/31
 $337.00 Credit Acceptance
 $250.00 CitiMortgage
 $53.47  $53.47
7%  $3.74
 $3.74  $49.73

And now with the Cash withdrawal:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $55.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $48.00 Great Lakes, 6/3 Auto-Draft
 $337.00 Credit Acceptance
 $250.00 CitiMorgage
 $300.00 Cash for Week
 $3.74 Merrill Acct Transfer

To say I am not happy with this is a vast understatement – hoping next pay period I can make some kind of payment to the utilities!

Well enough from Me! Have a Good Weekend Everyone!