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So here I thought for sure that with the Mortgage Modification underway I’d only have that to worry about…see these two posts:

Well Here We Go Again…Into the Grinder of a Modification


Thoughts on the Modification…

I thought for sure that the Gods and Goddesses wouldn’t dump any more on my platter…but oh no, No No Nope No No Nope…we now have this to add to it, so here’s what happened on Tuesday morning on my way to work after I dropped my daughter off of work I got this bright red light on my dashboard telling me “Engine Coolant HOT” um Oh My Friggin GOD are you kidding me?!?!?! So I proceed onto work as per usual, however the road I am on is full of traffic, so I turn off to take an alternate route only to have the van decide not to run correctly, like I couldn’t accelerate properly.  So I turn off, make a U-Turn and head back to my house.  I open my engine hood and pull open the coolant area and BAM a chocolate colored goo spouts out and gets everywhere…ugh…ugh…ugh…it’s in my coolant area, in the transmission area, and just all over.  So I clean it up as much as I can, and call my mechanic.  He comes over and it’s the Radiator/Water Pump = $380.00 with labor…ugh…so I have to put it on the back burner until Friday when we get paid…send text to my boss telling her I am having car problems and I wouldn’t be in for the rest of the week.

The bright side here is two sided:

1. One of my amazing co-workers was willing to bring me my computer while she was out on a company-related errand!

2.  My hubby was home from Grooming school for two of the three days I was working at home, so I was able to spend the time with him.

I’ve lost more hours of pay, but tried to make them up as the week went, though I was only able to make-up some 3.0 hrs. of the 7.0 hrs. I missed on Tuesday…ugh…

So now the mechanic took the van on Friday morning, got the parts necessary, flushed the tranny fluid and replaced the parts needing replacing and brought it back to me.  So I took it and did our normal Friday evening stuff, the engine temp. stayed normal, then as we were heading back home from our Pizza place she started this shake-shake-shake thing shifting to 1st gear…ugh…ugh…ugh.  So he called me to check on the additional money he needed for the transmission fluid, $30.00, and asked how she did,  told him what happened and he said he’d get with me this morning, Saturday, and we’d figure it out.  Had to drain my Merrill Savings account to pay this to him…and keep funds in the account for my Hubby to use for groceries for the week.  I only budgeted the $380.00 he initially quoted me.  So then this morning, it was another $22.00 gone he used it to put this transmission stop-leak thing in the fluid and it should work.  Well it did for the errands I had to run:

1.  Pick-up a Trumpet Rental for my Son, $74.00 ($14.00 more than budgeted)

2.  Costco for some groceries, $25.00

3.  Wal-Mart for Groceries, $101.00

When we got back our neighborhood BAM she started the shake-shake-shake thing coming off the many stop-signs I have to go through…ugh…ugh…ugh…

I seriously wish I knew what the heck was going on and why now that my hubby is out of town this is suddenly happening…ugh!

I am out of money

I am out of time

I am out of energy to handle this right now

I am DONE!

Someone answer me this?

Why do mortgage companies feign to want to help you, then when you say “Ok yeah you can try to help me” do they then turn around and make the processes so complex and complicated that you just want to throw your hands up and say “You know what? Never you mind, we’ll just walk away!” Ugh, we’ve started for what now the fourth time the process of a modification on our loan, at present we’re something like 7-Months behind on the mortgage, owing somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,400.00 to the mortgage company.  Yeah they called last night and were like “Your balance tonight is $7,450.00, what can you do to bring this balance current?” Seriously? I just laughed at the guy and hung up the phone…I mean if I am THAT far behind what in the WORLD makes you think I have the funds to bring that current?  IF I had that money I wouldn’t behind…I mean seriously?!?!?

This, my friends is a case of the right hand (collections) NOT talking to the left hand (homeowner support services)…I literally had JUST talked to our “Counselor” hours prior (literally something like 3 hours before) and did the phone interview for a modification giving her all the reasons why we’re behind (which will be listed below), our financial picture (again will be listed below), and discussing the options.

Ugh…so this nice woman sends me the email with the required paperwork to be collected and documents from them I need to fill-out, sign and send back – man alive what lawyer writes this shit? I mean c’mon, why in the world does the wording have to be so daggon complex??  It literally reads in such a way that anyone with less than a college education wouldn’t be able to begin to understand it, I think they do this so you won’t file for a modification…ugh.

Ok so our reasons for being behind:

1. My salary has stayed stagnate.  That lovely email I sent to our HR team did NOTHING, I seriously haven’t heard anything back from them, nor do I expect to at this point.  Boss lady told me that the HR Manager for the area is working diligently to get me and the other woman in my position hired on full-time staff, I don’t believe her AT ALL!

2.  The cost of living has gone UP! My grocery budget once upon a time was $115.00/week – went up to $125.00/week – $130.00/week and so on up until now we’re at $200.00/week averaging $195.00/week.  Seriously the cost of a gallon of milk @ WAL-MART, WAL-MART PEOPLE is $4.59/gallon! That’s more than a gallon of gas.

3.  With having to buy Bessie (our Chevy Venture) our loan payments may have gone down by $36.00/month to $300.00/month BUT our gas cost has risen from $35.00/week for the Focus’ 13-Gallon tank to $60.00/week for Bessie’s 26-gallon tank – which she burns through every week just doing our usual back & forth to camp-work-camp-home-gym-home!

4. I STILL don’t get paid days off/time off, and my kids have had more than their normal number of doctor’s appointments this summer, so I’ve missed more hours of work each week this summer than last summer…which equals NO PAY! There’s not enough work for me to get my 40.0 hours/week, never mind overtime!

5.  See #1  – due to that situation I’ve no desire to burn myself out on overtime hours to try and keep ahead of the 8-ball so to speak in terms of my weekly work, so I’ve not gotten the usual 8-10 hours/week of overtime I’d have gotten in the past…oh well.

6.  With my traffic ticket I now have a $318.00 defensive driving class I have to take in order to avoid the hike in my insurance – lovely right? ($263.00 of this is COURT COSTS ALONE!)

7.  With my hubby getting into grooming school, I now have to purchase his toolkit, which means a $100.00 deposit and roughly $54.00/month for awhile until it’s paid off.  YES he’s going to see an uptick in his pay, BUT I won’t see the full value of this until sometime in 2015.

So with everything that’s been happening in terms of the finances and this re-mod.  I’ve been tracking our spending, so here’s the breakdown for July 2014 as I haven’t set-up the spreadsheet for August yet:

Budget Spent – W/E 07/06/14 Spent – W/E 07/13/14 Spent – W/E 07/20/14 Spent – W/E 07/27/14
Mortgage + Utilities
CitiMortgage  $    900.16  $                   225.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Progress Energy  $    123.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                   123.00
CFPUA  $    329.00  $                           –    $                   150.00  $                           –    $                           –  
AT&T  $    123.00  $                   123.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
State Farm  $      83.71  $                           –    $                     83.71  $                           –    $                           –  
Tate & Kirlin  $        5.00  $                       5.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Banfield  $      24.95  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                     24.95
Planet Fitness  $      19.99  $                     19.99  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Brigades Boys & Girls Club  $    400.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00
Groceries  $ 1,000.00  $                   194.36  $                   146.66  $                   223.75  $                   194.72
Gas  $    300.00  $                     59.15  $                     70.00  $                     50.25  $                     60.00
Pizza Night  $    125.00  $                     28.85  $                     24.07  $                     23.33  $                     23.35
Jimmy’s Money  $    100.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00
Cat & Dog Food  $    200.00  $                     29.62  $                     17.99  $                     31.44  $                       5.98
LAS Financial  $    375.00  $                           –    $                     75.00  $                     75.00  $                     75.00
Great Lakes 1  $            –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Great Lakes 1  $            –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  $        7.99  $                           –    $                           –    $                       7.99  $                           –  
Merrill Transfers  $      25.80  $                       2.46  $                       3.30  $                       7.77  $                       4.17
Misc. Spending  $      80.00  $                     31.76  $                     17.95  $                     43.75  $                     23.21

We’ve been right @ our weekly cash withdrawal all month, and therefore not depositing as much into the savings box…

So you can see we need this re-mod, I’d love it if they’d extend the term of the loan to a 40-year and tack on what we owe to the end of the loan – if this doesn’t work our next option is Chapter 13…wish us luck ya’ll!