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It’s time for an update.

And, man we have been busy!  Both personally and financially!

When I last posted things were on the upswing – we’d just received our taxes and were planning on what to do with them.

Well, the long and the short of it is this – we used the bulk of it to pay bills, pay off my truck and get our daughter’s room re-done! She’s thrilled with the final product as are we!



She chose the colors and we ran with it!

Then once that was done, my hubby and I were chatting about the trip we were contemplating taking and ultimately decided we had the funds, so why not do a BIG vacation – so after weighing the costs with the pros & cons we booked a 5-Day 4-Night Trip to Universal Studios Orlando Florida!

We took this trip in October 2017 and had a BLAST!

But first we took two shorter trips – 1st the MD to visit the family and then my daughter and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA with our Girl Scout Troop.  This trip was mostly funded by two years worth of GS Cookie Sales, so I was responsible for food, transportation, and souvenirs!

We had fun on both of these short trips!

BUT the big one was obviously much anticipated!


Just a few of the 100+ shots I took!

BUT I have to say the biggest news is that I was finally able to leave my retail job behind and took a FT Office Job in June at an International Pharmaceuticals Development Company – now it’s not all sunshine & rainbows – I am a contractor through the same company that placed me at the paper plant in 2015, meaning no paid time off, and minimal benefits.  Though they are working on getting this company to hire me on FT permanent which will give me those precious PTO hours I so long for.  The pay is $15.50/hr which is an uptick obviously from my $9.34/hr at the retail establishment.  Hours are M-F 8:30 – 5:30.  I did overlap sometime working both jobs to help pay for food/gas for our FL trip, but on 10/30 I said Good-Bye to my friends at the store and resigned.

While it was best for my mental health – the money coming in would still be helpful – BUT I didn’t want to do another Holiday Season.

So that’s the biggest news of all!

I know I have been scattered here, but life has thrown me major curveballs and I have been busy!

Well here we are roughly a month out from my Hubby losing his job – the job search is still going – he spends the better part of his day searching for and applying to new jobs – he’s had two bites – both Pet Retailers – one has sent him for a Drug Screen and are doing a Background Check but we wait…and we wait…and wait some more…in the mean time we’re doing our very best to try and get by.  That’s a good way to put it – get by.

After my last post I did do some thinking, digging, investigating and decided to open an Etsy shop to try and sell some of my crochet – so here it is

YarntoAfghan Creations on Etsy – Click on the Image

Yarn to Afghan Creations (1)

I also have a Website where I blog about my work and share the latest and greatest projects, such as these

Black Pink White Baby Blanket Boy Flip Fops Completed with Buttons 1 Burgundy-Gold Scarf wtih Fringe Crochet Pattern Booties Completed 1 Green Yellow White Afghan Hat & Scarf Multi-Colored Chevron Scrapghan Redskins Baby Blanket with Hat Roses 2

So I do it all – blankets, hats, scarves, etc. I haven’t attempted any sweaters/clothes, but that’s next I’ll bet!

Anyhew – this venture hasn’t brought in much other than the $75.00 for the previous afghan and about $40.00 for the White Flip Flops for a friend.  The other two projects are just about finished, putting finishing touches on one as we speak and will be delivering those this weekend.

So now down to the Nitty Gritty

I have added us to my Company’s Health Insurance and that literally eats into 2/3 of my paycheck, rendering my last one less than $300 – how is someone supposed to live on that? Ugh – we’re still waiting for his Unemployment and our Food Stamps – both places have told us it’ll be another 3-Weeks before we receive either of those benefits, lovely right?  So until then we borrow from Peter to pay Paul – so I borrowed from the Vehicle tax payment to pay the water bill yesterday, $174 to prevent shut-off.   I will say this though – being on the company benefits + having enrolled in our living well program did give us a discount + it’ll reimburse me quarterly for my Monthly gym membership dues…so YAY there! I’ve filed for 1st & 2nd Quarter and am waiting for that payment.

If there was more Overtime to be had I’d take it – but alas there’s not – I am so slow at work right now I am literally going insane sitting here day in and day out.

On the upside though my daughter went back to school today – year round school – and her supply list was all of (4) Four items + 1 donation item for the classroom and we managed to find her a pair of sneakers at a Thrift store here in town for like $10.00, and since school just let out 6-Weeks ago she hasn’t grown so much we need to replace her entire school wardrobe, Thank Goddess for that!

So that’s where we are right now…

So where are with with the modification…as of right now STUCK…what I mean is simple, Citi sent us a letter stating they can’t approve us for a general modification due to our financial documents we’d never be able to re-pay the arrears, which are in the 5-Figures right now…yes we’re that far behind guys…and that we can be approved/set-up for a FHA Making Home Affordable something or other, but we’re waiting for a letter to arrive for that – when my hubby called last week or the week before about it our “counselor” told us that the letter hadn’t even been sent – there was a deadline date of 10-09-14 on the original letter…so where does that leave us? Currently in limbo.  I’ve been looking at rentals in our area, but there’s nothing we can reasonably afford that’ll accept our animals – and um yeah Giving them up is JUST NOT an Option! We’re not that kind of family…we’ll keep looking until we find somewhere where we can take them all (all SIX of them!) – the only remotely decent thing I’ve found is a 4-Bedroom house out in  town called Delco, which is about 30-Mins West of where we are currently located and about 45-Mins from where I work…while not ideal, if push came to shove that would be an option…then again I am willing to bet it’s been rented by now – so we keep our eyes out and see what life brings our way…

So what else?

Well a thought occurred to me over the weekend, and why I didn’t think of this sooner I’ll never know – but there’s all this news of pushing the minimum wage rate to $15.00/hour – which to me seems a bit extreme, but whatever – it finally dawned on me that $15.00/hour is MY SALARY! So if this minimum wage thing passes I’ll basically be making Minimum Wage…uh Hells NO! Ugh seriously need to fix this…YES I’ve been looking for work…NO I haven’t had a single interview…NO I have zero clue why…I am curious though as to what in the world we’re being set-up for.  My hubby just started working as a groomer (he’s still in his 8-Week 100-Dog Training Period) and will be making more money, but why in the world is it that I am “stuck” – I have a few ideas lined up in my head, it’s just a matter of making them become reality…so with that I am going to add in the below.

Now for anyone who has stuck around my blogs for any length of time will know that I am a TOTAL sucker for all things Nickelback – and when I heard they were releasing a new album, well you know I have been all over that…however, as per usual Chad’s got a message to share be it Political (as is evidenced in the 1st single off the album, Edge of a Revolution) or motivational, as is the case with the below, ‘What are You Waiting for?’ I hear this and think to myself that it’s time to move forward and time to get my arse moving!

So then this all begs the question of Where in the World did things go askew for me??? My financial life has been a royal friggin roller coaster since I moved out of my parents house back in the summer of 2000…what is it that I am missing? I have a wonderful husband whom I adore, two beautiful children and yet we continue to struggle – when are we going to get our release? When are we going to finally be in a settled situation?  Ugh frustration is running rampant here, can’t you tell?

Someone answer me this?

Why do mortgage companies feign to want to help you, then when you say “Ok yeah you can try to help me” do they then turn around and make the processes so complex and complicated that you just want to throw your hands up and say “You know what? Never you mind, we’ll just walk away!” Ugh, we’ve started for what now the fourth time the process of a modification on our loan, at present we’re something like 7-Months behind on the mortgage, owing somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,400.00 to the mortgage company.  Yeah they called last night and were like “Your balance tonight is $7,450.00, what can you do to bring this balance current?” Seriously? I just laughed at the guy and hung up the phone…I mean if I am THAT far behind what in the WORLD makes you think I have the funds to bring that current?  IF I had that money I wouldn’t behind…I mean seriously?!?!?

This, my friends is a case of the right hand (collections) NOT talking to the left hand (homeowner support services)…I literally had JUST talked to our “Counselor” hours prior (literally something like 3 hours before) and did the phone interview for a modification giving her all the reasons why we’re behind (which will be listed below), our financial picture (again will be listed below), and discussing the options.

Ugh…so this nice woman sends me the email with the required paperwork to be collected and documents from them I need to fill-out, sign and send back – man alive what lawyer writes this shit? I mean c’mon, why in the world does the wording have to be so daggon complex??  It literally reads in such a way that anyone with less than a college education wouldn’t be able to begin to understand it, I think they do this so you won’t file for a modification…ugh.

Ok so our reasons for being behind:

1. My salary has stayed stagnate.  That lovely email I sent to our HR team did NOTHING, I seriously haven’t heard anything back from them, nor do I expect to at this point.  Boss lady told me that the HR Manager for the area is working diligently to get me and the other woman in my position hired on full-time staff, I don’t believe her AT ALL!

2.  The cost of living has gone UP! My grocery budget once upon a time was $115.00/week – went up to $125.00/week – $130.00/week and so on up until now we’re at $200.00/week averaging $195.00/week.  Seriously the cost of a gallon of milk @ WAL-MART, WAL-MART PEOPLE is $4.59/gallon! That’s more than a gallon of gas.

3.  With having to buy Bessie (our Chevy Venture) our loan payments may have gone down by $36.00/month to $300.00/month BUT our gas cost has risen from $35.00/week for the Focus’ 13-Gallon tank to $60.00/week for Bessie’s 26-gallon tank – which she burns through every week just doing our usual back & forth to camp-work-camp-home-gym-home!

4. I STILL don’t get paid days off/time off, and my kids have had more than their normal number of doctor’s appointments this summer, so I’ve missed more hours of work each week this summer than last summer…which equals NO PAY! There’s not enough work for me to get my 40.0 hours/week, never mind overtime!

5.  See #1  – due to that situation I’ve no desire to burn myself out on overtime hours to try and keep ahead of the 8-ball so to speak in terms of my weekly work, so I’ve not gotten the usual 8-10 hours/week of overtime I’d have gotten in the past…oh well.

6.  With my traffic ticket I now have a $318.00 defensive driving class I have to take in order to avoid the hike in my insurance – lovely right? ($263.00 of this is COURT COSTS ALONE!)

7.  With my hubby getting into grooming school, I now have to purchase his toolkit, which means a $100.00 deposit and roughly $54.00/month for awhile until it’s paid off.  YES he’s going to see an uptick in his pay, BUT I won’t see the full value of this until sometime in 2015.

So with everything that’s been happening in terms of the finances and this re-mod.  I’ve been tracking our spending, so here’s the breakdown for July 2014 as I haven’t set-up the spreadsheet for August yet:

Budget Spent – W/E 07/06/14 Spent – W/E 07/13/14 Spent – W/E 07/20/14 Spent – W/E 07/27/14
Mortgage + Utilities
CitiMortgage  $    900.16  $                   225.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Progress Energy  $    123.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                   123.00
CFPUA  $    329.00  $                           –    $                   150.00  $                           –    $                           –  
AT&T  $    123.00  $                   123.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
State Farm  $      83.71  $                           –    $                     83.71  $                           –    $                           –  
Tate & Kirlin  $        5.00  $                       5.00  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Banfield  $      24.95  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                     24.95
Planet Fitness  $      19.99  $                     19.99  $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Brigades Boys & Girls Club  $    400.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00  $                     80.00
Groceries  $ 1,000.00  $                   194.36  $                   146.66  $                   223.75  $                   194.72
Gas  $    300.00  $                     59.15  $                     70.00  $                     50.25  $                     60.00
Pizza Night  $    125.00  $                     28.85  $                     24.07  $                     23.33  $                     23.35
Jimmy’s Money  $    100.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00  $                     20.00
Cat & Dog Food  $    200.00  $                     29.62  $                     17.99  $                     31.44  $                       5.98
LAS Financial  $    375.00  $                           –    $                     75.00  $                     75.00  $                     75.00
Great Lakes 1  $            –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  
Great Lakes 1  $            –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –    $                           –  $        7.99  $                           –    $                           –    $                       7.99  $                           –  
Merrill Transfers  $      25.80  $                       2.46  $                       3.30  $                       7.77  $                       4.17
Misc. Spending  $      80.00  $                     31.76  $                     17.95  $                     43.75  $                     23.21

We’ve been right @ our weekly cash withdrawal all month, and therefore not depositing as much into the savings box…

So you can see we need this re-mod, I’d love it if they’d extend the term of the loan to a 40-year and tack on what we owe to the end of the loan – if this doesn’t work our next option is Chapter 13…wish us luck ya’ll!