Absenteeism is NOT Cool – But We’ve Had…

Posted: March 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

A TON going on as of late!

We are FINALLY in a spot where we’re financially stable! WHAT?!?!? I know I am shocked too!

It basically boils down to two things:

  1.  The state stepped in an approved us for their mortgage assistance program and they paid our mortgage through Dec 31 – giving us time to use our money to catch-up on bills.
  2. We had steady Food Stamp money to pay for groceries and we were able to use that money again to pay the bills
  3. We didn’t have a vehicle and relied on the bus system – as inconvenient as that was it definitely saved us money from insurance, gas, and a payment.
  4. We received an Escrow overpayment check from Midland in October in the amount of $2,321.75 which when added to my husband’s monthly disability money and my paycheck allowed us to be solidly stable!  We were able to purchase a Washer/Dryer set, pay all of the bills and hold steady for a long period.
  5. THEN in December we received my husband’s back due SSI for $2,682.75 & $1,45.25 along with his monthly funds and we put $1,500.00 of this money into savings and then about two weeks later we put down $2,500.00 on a new, to us, 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, she has well over 200K miles but she drives great and I just love her – we named her Rosie because she’s tough and strong like Rosie the Riveter!2002_chevrolet_trailblazer_4dr-suv_ext-lt_fq_oem_1_500
  6. We had an AMAZING Christmas! The kids had a great day and my hubby and I exchanged gifts and I got myself an awesome tattoo I have been contemplating for a very long time
  7. So we were able to ring in 2017 with the confidence we were good!
  8. We were set to retake over paying the monthly mortgage, $775.00/month and have enough left over to pay some bills
  9. We used the money we put into savings to pay the bi-weekly $140.00 payment for Rosie along with the $198.66/month for her insurance.
  10. Taxes were filed and WOW is all I can say, we got from our Federal return, $8,894.00 and are waiting on just over $600.00 from the State! This weekend alone I was able to pay OFF the balance on the truck, $1,509.55 – pay the mortgage, ALL of the utilities, and a couple smaller bills with a good amount left over!

Our overall plans for the refund money is to hold onto as much as we can to live off of, redecorate our daughter’s room – painting this weekend! And we’re planning a cabin camping trip over the summer.

So that’s the long and the short of it all – we’re hanging steady – I am still working the retail job though they’ve moved me upstairs to Intimates/Today’s Woman – BUT I have an interview in the morning and then I am attending a job fair for the county next Saturday the 18th.  So hoping it won’t be too much longer I am there – really want out as soon as I possibly can get out!

  1. I was wondering where you’d gone. I’m glad all is well. What a relief for you and your family!

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