I have just now realized that through all of my posts of the past about spending our tax refund I never once discussed our process for getting ready for tax season.

It’s always something in the back of my mind – never wavering – never moving – always thinking about making sure we both have all of our documents in order and a firm plan of action for what we’re going to do with the funds once we do have them.

Generally speaking the major work begins right after the New Year, keeping an eye out for notices from employers for W2’s being available on online systems and watching the mailbox for those mailed to us.  Then there’s also the email coming from my Dad telling me that Turbo Tax is in the house and ready for tax season! Seems silly I know, but hey it works for us.

So with that I first look for our W2’s – of course in the past there’s always been more than one as we’ve changed jobs through the previous year – or sometimes as we did for five wonderful years we only have the two – one for him and one for me – this year however we had three for me and two for him (his job + a UI 1099).

Second, I peruse through the Mortgage holder’s website for our taxes paid/interest on the mortgage – my student loan website for their information.

Third, I go to the bank’s website and see if we have any interest statements for them.

Last, it’s a matter of collecting the information for any daycare paid and taxes/registration on our vehicle.

Then once everything is collected in one spot, I scan them in (download them as available) and email them to my Dad.

He then enters the information into TurboTax and files electronically on our behalf!

Simple yes!

I always believe it’s easiest to keep your taxes on the forefront of your mind – that way there’s no push/struggle to get them filed last minute.  Personally, we need the refund we get, I wrote up a break-down of how we’d like to spend it here and have been submitting weekly to my wonderful followers how we’ve spent it, Week 1 and Week 2 are here with Week 3 being published on Wednesday this Week!

Do you have tax questions or need to find a helpful resource to help you file?  If so please visit this helpful website,,  here you will be able to find resources to help you file, forms you may need, and answers to your questions.

Good Luck and File Early!

*Image courtesy of the website*

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