So man alive 2016 has been a chaotic one at best.

First Silver is Repo’d – thanks to all of the generous donations we received we were able to retrieve her from Repo, $2500 lighter, but she’s back and we’re able to get around town – most importantly, get me back and forth to work.

All the while this is happening our water is shut-off, ugh I cannot even begin to express my frustration there – then AT&T shut us off – the pendulum is swinging hard one way for sure.

So then almost as soon as we’re clear there, I go and burn my hand – yup – 2nd degree burns on two of my fingers on my right hand – one trip to the local ER and then a trip to the Burn Center and UNC Chapel Hill and I am on the road to recovery.  Had to take two days off last week, but alas I am healing.  I worked a whopping 25 hours last week – and with the new insurance draft I was paid a whopping $61.12! WooHoo!!

Now though in the midst of all of this we managed to collect our tax documents and get our taxes filed, Thanks Dad!

Right now we’re getting about $5700.  Not too bad.

So our plans are such:

$1,000 to savings right off the top

$400 for a new TV

$300 for our daughter to attend camp – might be less if I can get her another Campership Scholarship.

$500 -? for a new washer/dryer – I am getting tired of going to the laundrymat.

$200 to repay my Dad – he helped us with an electric bill before Christmas and then paying him for the tax filing.

The rest will go to bills and carrying us through – we may take a day to go to Jacksonville and have one dinner out, we’re not 100% sure quite yet.

I am hopeful we’re able to stay relatively stable through the end of the summer…that might be too much to ask though.



  1. I’m going to be a Debbie Downer here, and say something similar to what I said last tax season. I really don’t think you’re in a position to be putting money towards a new TV, washer/dryer or trips right now, particularly if you want the money to help last you through the summer. This might sound harsh, but if I had contributed to your fund to get your van back, I’d be pretty annoyed that the following month you bought a new TV. Just my two cents.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      The bulk of the money is going to bills/carrying us through, I doubt it’ll last all summer, as bills tend to pile-up quickly – utilities alone.
      We’re probably going to end-up using some of it to move – we’re not sure yet, we’re allocating all of like $700 – $1000 of it for the TV, Washer/Dryer. Jacksonville is a day trip, up and back in one day – Hubs wants to show us around to where he spent a month last September while in Grooming Academy. Like we did with Myrtle Beach last year. Lots of driving – lots of walking.

  2. I’m sorry, but you cannot afford your monthly bills, your utilities are being shut off and your only vehicle was repossessed. Even if the “extras” you wanted were $100, you cannot afford them; that’s the harsh reality. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I’d suggest reviewing your blog posts over the last year and a half, and thinking critically about what you should do with this money.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      I get that, I do. We’re afforded a little luxury this one time a year – the utilities are back logged because we can’t afford them yes – they continue to raise our rates but our usage stays the same. I don’t know what else to say other than its one time a year we get to spoil ourselves, we can’t afford much right now – we’re never able to afford anything and we make due a LOT – we don’t buy designer clothes, we don’t spend a lot of going to a salon or those types of things – so yes I want to use this money to replace some items that are broken around my home – imagine for a minute being a household of 4 having to treck your laundry to a laundry mat every week setting aside that 2 hours to get it done – nevermind if something needs washing in the middle of the week -sometimes we go two weeks between laundry trips and end-up wearing dirty clothes for a week – it’s not fun and its embarassing…to have a working washer/dryer in the house would eliminate that.
      Unless you have more suggestions, which I am open to, we’re going to proceed as we planned – use the bulk of the funds for bills – including the taxes and registration for Silver.

  3. Glad you’re getting a tax return! I had to pay $188 due to having a second job last year where taxes weren’t taken out.

  4. Whatever happened with the foreclosure?

    • ncreadergirl says:

      We hooked up with a non-profit that helps people in our situation with their mortgages – did the initial interview, they got us a 60-day extension on the court date, which we’re now down to 30-Days on. We’re in the paperwork collection part of it right now. They want like a whole stack of paperwork.

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