Foreclosure for Christmas – SO not on my Wish List

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Foreclosure Process, Uncategorized
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So the Sheriff’s office came by today with a court summons/notice informing us that the court date for the Foreclosure hearing has been set for 01/21/2016 at 11am…

So it begins – my hubby is going to go to the hearing to find out what the move-out date is…

In the meantime I am looking for housing for us…we’ve settled on the fact that we’ll need a 2-bedroom house with us using a fouton/daybed of sorts to sleep in the living room…I don’t know if I want to puke/cry/or scream bloody murder right now.

I am MAD – there I said it MAD – this is our own doing I know – we couldn’t keep up with the payments before my hubby lost his job – and then I lost mine too – thankfully I was able find a new job relatively quickly but STILL…we can’t keep up, the mortgage payment + utilities + groceries + the car payment + insurance plus plus plus…ugh.  I am sure some of it was a stagnant pay rate for YEARS.

I don’t know what else to say truthfully…I’ve put inquiries into several places for houses for rent – BUT I’m sure we’re going to run into the problem of our pets – 2 dogs + 3 cats with one dog being a Rottweiler Mix who weighs 85lbs and one being a Pitbull we’re going to run into brick walls left and right…and NO I am NOT willing to give any of them up…

Nor is moving back to MD an option – for several reasons

a) my new job – it’s a great opportunity and I don’t think it would be smart to walk away

b) we were miserable in MD – angry all the time, stressed to the max ALL the time

c) living with my parents would cause undo stress to all parties involved…

Ugh. I am talking in circles.

Gonna go sulk in a corner now…

  1. Ugghhhhh! Hang in there! My thoughts are with your family.

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