The Night Before Training Begins…Mixed Feelings…

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Jobs
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So tomorrow morning around 10am my replacement will be badged and on campus ready for training…

So tomorrow morning I have to begin showing this stranger how to do my job…

So tomorrow morning reality will truly truly settle in…

So tomorrow morning I am going to be doing this UN-MEDICATED…

So tomorrow morning I may puke…

Will someone be there to help pick up the pieces…I highly doubt it…my only saving grace is that I’m leaving work around 2:30 tomorrow to take our daughter to her ADHD Dr appt before her talk therapy appointment…and then after dinner tomorrow night I am hitting the gym to work-out the frustrations and anxiety of the day while “clanging and banging” on the irons (Thanks Rock for that cute phrase) in hopes of sweating away the anxiety…

On Friday I worked at home so I could go to a job fair at our local technical college – spoke with several recruiters and picked up 4-5 business cards and was told to go to this or that website to fill out an application…spent Saturday evening doing just that.  I think the one that might scare me the most was when I went to the State’s Website and filled out an application to be…hold on…I’m gonna tell…a Corrections Officer…THAT scares the ever living you know what out of me…the COPAT (or physical exam) doesn’t intimidate me as much as the fact that IF hired I’d be working in a prison…never having actually set food inside one – yeah that frightens me.  Otherwise, I found the job fair itself pretty was more about networking and putting faces with companies than anything else.  I had ZERO clue how to even initiate conversation let alone get information.  So we’ll see.

Other than that I am high anxiety right now…

Can I just ditch the laptop, badge and parking pass? And go right to my severance and stay home?


Being an Adult SUCKS!

  1. Hang in there! I know you’re going through a lot right now. Can you talk to your doctor about medication to get you through this?

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