Hello One & All – Its been ages since I’ve been in the post here, been super busy with work and getting ready for the Holidays!

Our Holiday season was a busy one, and one that closed out with some HUGE financials burdens being laid at our feet – seems to happen every year at that time, I don’t understand it seriously – why does something go wrong with the car at the holidays every damn year!?!?!?!? This year it was a wreck – something happened 5-Days before Christmas and I managed to hit a pole! A totally learner’s permit move, but it happened – ugh – a lady told me that my front drivers side tire didn’t turn right and thus caused me to hit a pole on that side of Bessie (aka our van) – BUT its a pole with a yield sign that EVERY single friggin’ person hits!  Frustrating as Hell!  So I have incurred for this a charge for a tow truck, $65.00, a rental car, cost TBD and a deductible on the car repairs, $250.00 + an Oil Change + a Coolant Flush, cost TBD from the dealership…ugh! And we have one more payment on our trial period for the mortgage to make on the 15th, $860.14.  Ugh someone has decided we’re bleeding money that time of year….happens every damn year and frankly I am sick & tired of it.  Curious who we pissed off in terms of the financial karma’s that has cursed us and caused us to consistently be struggling?!? We do everything we can to make things work – do everything right and inevitably we hit trouble financially ALL the DAMN TIME!

Ok so where does that leave us financially for the New Year? Well currently at a stand still until I know for sure where we are in terms of the cost of the rental car + the oil change and coolant flush from the dealership – I’m waiting on an estimate from the dealership and won’t know how much the rental will be until I turn it in – I got an estimate when I opened the contract, $90.68, but that was for only 4-Days and now I am sitting here on two+ weeks, it’s $21.00/day = roughly $294.00, then there’s taxes + fees, etc…so I am looking at about $350.00…so not happy about this!  Not sure where to go from here…

We are doing something, or more taking on a challenge of sorts – we’ve decided to join the millions doing the 52-Week Savings Challenge and keeping the funds in a jar here at work so we’re less tempted to use it, see the image here

52 Week Money Challenge

I’ve deposited the 1st Week’s Amount into this jar – if all goes well, maybe by the end of the year we’ll have a decent amount of money saved and we can use that money to start our Emergency Funds account! Or even start saving toward a vacation – we haven’t decided exactly how to use that money yet – in fact, we haven’t even discussed it…for now it’s just a matter of budgeting smart so we can make those contributions weekly.

Well enough from me – hope everyone is having a good week! I’ll try to get back in here weekly to bi-weekly to update!

  1. I’ve missed you on here but I’m glad even though you had a car mishap that you have a full-time job with benefits and your hubby also has a higher paying job.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Us too which is good because we didn’t lose pay on top of having the mishap with Bessie (our Van) – just seriously need for the shop to get her done, this rental is getting pricey LOL! 😀

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