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Have any of you watched the ABC Show Extreme Weight Loss?  If not you really should check it out, here’s their Facebook Page

Extreme Weight Loss Cover


As someone who has been on a personal journey towards weight loss I can connect with the contestants and know what they are going through, I can sympathize with each of them, and can feel their pain – their motivation becomes my inspiration to continue despite being stuck in a Plateau at present!

Last night I caught the last and final episode that was loaded onto Hulu‘s website, this episode was ‘Bruce’ a 29-year old high school football coach who weight in at 382 lbs when he started his journey – despite being that immensely overweight he had such a positive attitude and a joy for life that it was hard not to grab onto that and just enjoy it with him!  It was contagious I have to say, I kept saying over and over to my husband last night while watching his episode that I loved this kid’s attitude and positivity!

So what does that have to do with my finances?  Well as all of you know I’ve been in a lurch lately about what to do, and how to move forward with our mortgage situation, we’ve decided on three steps to take:

  1. Do the mortgage restructure paperwork, turn it in and see what happens – this is all on my hubby’s shoulders, I am not going to deal with them again
  2. At the same time we’re going to continue to look for ways to bring in more income – I have registered, as previously stated, with two Freelance websites for some kind of Freelance work; I have also set-up a HubPages account to do freelance writing, however I am stumped for something to write about (go figure); and my hubby has talked more about getting a 2nd job
  3. If Step #1 fails, then we’re looking at probably filing with the courts for a 5-year leeway plan the State of NC has that will prevent Citi from filing foreclosure for 5-years while we work to get our finances in order

Just knowing these steps has helped some – having a plan of action has helped some – but I was still feeling less that motivated to move forward – NOT anymore!

Bruce has helped push me back on my path and now I can say that along with his inspiration to push through my plateau with my weight loss – I am also pushing through with getting my financial life back in order!  I have already begun that process by tracking our spending again to keep a closer eye on what we’re spending and where (yes even the cash expenditures) so I can make adjustments if need be.  I am also applying for more and more jobs on a daily basis – at LEASE one a day – here lately though ironically enough most of the jobs I’ve applied for have been with either the State of NC or New Hanover County Governments – which as we all know means State/County Benefits and some level of stability and maybe even some upward mobility!

Whoop Whoop! So keep us in mind and in your prayers/thoughts/spells what have you! We have a long road ahead and will most definitely have speed bumps along the way, but we overcome!