We have Another Quandry…Ugh So This One is 120% My Fault

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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So today I committed the one “crime” most of us commit daily, I sped, went over the speed limit through a semi-residential/semi-industrial area and BAM at the 1st stop sign is a Sheriff on a Motorcycle conducting a speed trap…many many f*bombs here! I am so mad at myself right now I can’t even see straight….to summarize here’s the problem, the ticket if I choose to pay it off would be $218.00 with points assessed on my license, if I go to court the Assistant DA will offer me traffic school the last time I did that it was $155.00 and no points – the difference is what $63.00HOWEVER should I go to court I’ll also lose about 1.5 hours worth of pay= $22.50 on top of the $155.00 = $177.50 total spent, bringing the difference to $40.50, minimal at best.  BUT we all know that points on my license would also increase my insurance premium, but not for another 5 months and by that time my hubby would be working full-time in Grooming bringing home more money…

So the Quandry is this – do I go to court and get the traffic school thing? OR do I just pay the fine and run with it?

I SERIOUSLY HATE going to court – you stand in a long ass line outside of the courthouse waiting for the doors to open, once they do you then are shoved like cattle through the metal detectors and then up to the courtroom.  It’s a simple process once inside, but STILL I despise going…

Thoughts? What would you do?

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  1. duaimei says:

    Can you arrange it with work for you to make up that 1.5 hours? Even though it’s not the most pleasurable thing, I would go to the court – just so I wouldn’t have points on my license.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      I can work the time over lunch and such – but that’s our slow time of year and there won’t be a lot to do…we’ll see, a friend of mine who works @ the Police Dept is going to give me some advice/info tonight, so we’ll see

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