I Have a Quandry – Part III, Thank-You with Explanations

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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Thank-You to everyone who commented on my Blog Posts today – we’ve come to some resolution I outlined in post #2 -however, there are some items I need to clarify just so we’re all on the same page here

1 – With my hubby working in retail his schedule is extremely wonky and it changes week to week, we’ve talked about getting 2nd jobs it’s just not feasible w/the cost of daycare/babysitters being so high

2 – I don’t like the idea of being self-employed, working for myself, etc.  It’s just not something I am interested in doing, nor will I consider doing it

3 – Yes I have an MBA – BUT I am lacking the experience to back it, so I can’t use it…which sucks but it’s the truth – so that eliminates doing anything outside of entry-level/intern type work using it

4 – I am working more and more each day to transition to Publishing, the book I am reading right now Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as presented by L. Ron Hubbard is a paid review and should it go well could lead to other work and other paid reviews (I hope!)

Right now we’ve scheduled payments to AT&T and CFPUA to make those two payments over the next 10-days

I think it’s time to re-evaluate the budget and pay closer attention to all the minor details.

Thank-You Again Everyone!

  1. I worry about you guys. Hopefully the news from HR will be good!

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