Well here we go again – have two bills past due – the Water Bill ($191.16) and AT&T ($150.10) and not enough income this week to cover them…ugh if I pay them both then I won’t have enough to cover the after school cost which’ll bump that up to $140.00 next week – but I can’t afford that either because as it is I’ve had to push back the due date of my Student Loan draft from 5/17 to 5/24 to help cover the cost of these bills…so now what? What do I do now? Drain the savings to cover the day care? Or let one of the slide, maybe the AT&T Bill and we go without phone/internet for what two weeks…ugh…what if I need to work at home for some reason? I don’t like my hubby being at home without a working phone in case something happens (he doesn’t have a cell phone)…decisions, decisions, decisions…

This is part of my frustration with my job and lack of paid time off, I had to leave work early two days last week to attend to some Doctor’s appointments – one for Ashley to go to her therapist, and one for me for a shoulder injury – and I lost 2.5 hours of pay – which in the grand scheme of things isn’t terrible, but it eats into my pay and I lose that time + whatever over time I would have gotten last week.  Best I can hope is that my hubby’s paycheck is higher than it was last week to help cover some of that difference…




What would you all do?  I can’t sacrifice Grocery, Pet Food, Hubby’s Bus Money and the other weekly expenditure’s we have to cover this…


  1. duaimei says:

    My advice is to call those two companies and ask for leniency. They might be willing to come up with a payment plan for you so that the service isn’t shut off and they get their money eventually.

    May I ask why you’re doing a weekly budget? I think in this case that it is a little too granular. The water bill is not an unexpected expense, it’s a regular monthly bill. If it’s usually around $200, then a weekly budget should set aside $50 a week for it.

    If you have a post that details your specific budget situation, then please put a link to it in your reply to me (if you choose to reply to me, I’m just an interested internet stranger.) Otherwise, may I also get more details on your budget?

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Amy – I may have my hubby do just that, not sure quite yet – he’s home today and would have better luck with them. Not a phone call I want to make @ work.

      As for the budget – I do a weekly budget because we’re paid weekly – I’ve tried bi-weekly and monthly and we end up spending the bill money elsewhere, it’s just easier to get it out of pocket; also if you look back through my posts for a year or so I posted my weekly budget; I haven’t posted one recently as work’s been NUTS and I haven’t had the time.

      And my specific situation is outlined on my home page.


      • duaimei says:

        ok, I might look at it further after I get off of work.

        Theoretically, if you’ve made a monthly or bi-weekly budget that accounts for everything, then a weekly budget that’s based off of that should work.

        If you want to make sure that your bills get paid on time, you can pay the current month weekly instead of in a lump sum. If you figure your water bill is going to be about $150, you can send them $38 a week and pay whatever above $150 the final bill winds up being in a lump sum, or you can figure it will be about $200 and send them $50 a week. Money that you send that is over the billed amount will be credited to the next month’s statement. (or send $50 for the first three weeks, then wait for the bill and send in the final amount due for that month when you know what it is.)

      • ncreadergirl says:

        Our water bill is bi-monthly as is everything else – please do read through, I try to account for everything, but with my income being stale for the last 4+ years it’s been damn near impossible as those bills (water, electric, groceries, gas, etc.) have gone up without us doing anything different – the very cost of living has gone up and it doesn’t help that the power & water companies have raised their rates…

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