My husband and I were discussing this last night and I want to put it out there for the world…I have a serious bone to pick…

I work with a woman who is basically on the same level I am – we’re both Temps with no inclination to be Service Manager’s nor do we have the option of paid time off or a raise or benefits, etc. You’ve heard me go on and on and on about this issue with work…her hubby however works for our competitor, who also has people right in the same building as us, but he works in a different area of the plant we work at – when the contract he works on switched from my company to our competition he was making something like $20.00/hr.  His skill set is specialized and he’s a lead – so I imagine since the contract switched over he’s gotten a raise of some kind…

Now this woman I work with gripes ALL the time about how she lacks the benefits we should have – how having unpaid time off due to holidays, plant closures, etc. KILLS her budget and hurts them financially.

YET both of her boys attend a local Private School – NOT on scholarship

She spends roughly $250.00/week in Groceries (she’s disclosed this to me) – her water and electric bills are just as high as mine – if not higher – she runs her dishwasher/washing machine & dryer just about every day.

They rent their home in a higher-end part of town where there’s money and I know the houses rent for almost TWICE what they would in my area…we looked in that area when we were looking to move here from MD.

At the end of last year they borrowed money from her husband’s 401K to buy a used Jeep Cherokee V8 Engine in good condition – over the weekend they SOLD it and bought another car taking on a private loan through a bank to do so – when I asked her if she took the money from the sale of the Jeep and payed it towards the loan on the new car she said “No we’re buying a house”! WTF?!?!?!

Um wait a minute – so you took a loan on your husband’s 401K to buy a newish car to replace the 15yr old Van you had (which was in poor running condition, 250K miles, etc. needed replacing), went on and on about how you didn’t want a car loan, etc.  Then you turn around SELL the Jeep you bought and don’t use the money from the sale to re-pay the loan on the 401K or even pay down the loan on the new car?? No instead you’re not only buying a house but your BUILDING one?!?!?!

The logic here was she didn’t like the $70.00/week Fuel Expense – I get that, but you didn’t think about that BEFORE you bought the thing?

Oh and the icing on the cake here – they had a FORECLOSURE several years ago when her husband was laid off from his job…

Seems to me priorities are all kinds of screwy here…

The bone I have to pick is this – why are you griping about your finances to me (who you know is struggling JUST to pay her mortgage each month – which I am unsuccessful at doing and you know this WELL) yet you turn around and do all of the above…um WHAT?!?!?!? Seems that she either isn’t happy with where she’s at and is trying her damndest to relate to me (but is FAILING miserably) or she really just wants more income so she can spend more…makes zero sense to me…

Personally I’d have taken the money from the sale of the Jeep and used it to either replace the money in the 401K or OR paid down the loan on the new one…NOT used it to take on more debt!

She’s a nice person, don’t get me wrong – and normally I don’t judge peoples’ financial decision as each person’s situation is unique but this one just irritates me to the CORE! And they wonder why I hide in my headphones all day…we’re STRUGGLING literally STRUGGLING financially and everyone around me is doing fine financially…so I can’t relate on any level to them.

Ok enough from me…thoughts?

  1. Tania C says:

    Personally, I agree with the first option. The “Seems that she either isn’t happy with where she’s at and is trying her damndest to relate to me (but is FAILING miserably)” as well as the “wanting more income to spend more”
    When it comes to money, people tend to only see their own life and budget (if they even have one) and can’t really understand that they are going down a bad path. She’s just self absorbed in her own world (which is fair enough, aren’t we all?) and looks like she is very “keeping up with the Jones” which is the opposite of wealth creation/maintance.
    Just smile and nod and if it makes you feel better you can imagine what kind of position she will be in 5 years compared to your own. 🙂

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Thanks Tanya! My hubby & I agree that they are on a path of self destruction that’ll get them no where. Like I said I don’t generally pay any attention to the financial situations of others, but I spent time working w/a Financial Adviser as his assistant and I know there’s better options vs. getting into more debt. We try to make smart financial decisions and to see and hear about this just riles me up.

      • Tania C says:

        I can imagine. :-/
        And sadly, there are way too many people who are like that. Living beyond their means. When they are enough income to live well. Stupid decision ontop of stupid decision.

      • ncreadergirl says:

        Yup! Totally Sad! Thus the reason Bankruptcy Courts are so busy these days too.

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