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So today I committed the one “crime” most of us commit daily, I sped, went over the speed limit through a semi-residential/semi-industrial area and BAM at the 1st stop sign is a Sheriff on a Motorcycle conducting a speed trap…many many f*bombs here! I am so mad at myself right now I can’t even see straight….to summarize here’s the problem, the ticket if I choose to pay it off would be $218.00 with points assessed on my license, if I go to court the Assistant DA will offer me traffic school the last time I did that it was $155.00 and no points – the difference is what $63.00HOWEVER should I go to court I’ll also lose about 1.5 hours worth of pay= $22.50 on top of the $155.00 = $177.50 total spent, bringing the difference to $40.50, minimal at best.  BUT we all know that points on my license would also increase my insurance premium, but not for another 5 months and by that time my hubby would be working full-time in Grooming bringing home more money…

So the Quandry is this – do I go to court and get the traffic school thing? OR do I just pay the fine and run with it?

I SERIOUSLY HATE going to court – you stand in a long ass line outside of the courthouse waiting for the doors to open, once they do you then are shoved like cattle through the metal detectors and then up to the courtroom.  It’s a simple process once inside, but STILL I despise going…

Thoughts? What would you do?

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Thank-You to everyone who commented on my Blog Posts today – we’ve come to some resolution I outlined in post #2 -however, there are some items I need to clarify just so we’re all on the same page here

1 – With my hubby working in retail his schedule is extremely wonky and it changes week to week, we’ve talked about getting 2nd jobs it’s just not feasible w/the cost of daycare/babysitters being so high

2 – I don’t like the idea of being self-employed, working for myself, etc.  It’s just not something I am interested in doing, nor will I consider doing it

3 – Yes I have an MBA – BUT I am lacking the experience to back it, so I can’t use it…which sucks but it’s the truth – so that eliminates doing anything outside of entry-level/intern type work using it

4 – I am working more and more each day to transition to Publishing, the book I am reading right now Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as presented by L. Ron Hubbard is a paid review and should it go well could lead to other work and other paid reviews (I hope!)

Right now we’ve scheduled payments to AT&T and CFPUA to make those two payments over the next 10-days

I think it’s time to re-evaluate the budget and pay closer attention to all the minor details.

Thank-You Again Everyone!

Earlier today I posted this post Have a Quandry  and I got a wide variety of responses from both Facebook and here on my blog – some suggested  changing our Internet/Phone carrier

“have you consider no contract phone like simple talk & virgin mobile? i have virgin mobile which i pays $38.11 per month. mostly use text and data usage.”

 Anyway, your AT&T bill is quite high for Internet and landline. I cut my landline cause it was costing me $45.00 per month.”

 I agree that AT&T bill is high. We pay Verizon the same as what your paying and we have cable. That’s without the special price we had when we signed up. My bill is $160 with tax for cable, high speed internet, and a landline. Talk to them about any specials that can lower your bill or change providers.”

“either way, the most important is finding a way to reduce cost. i have verizon fios internet & digital tv: $86.00. since you are loyalty customer, i am sure at & t will work something out.”

And maybe seeing if either CFPUA or AT&T would work with us – as predicted CFPUA was like “go away, you’re on your own” as predicted – they are a monopoly and no one has ANY control over them…so we have to pay that in full or they’ll shut our water off (not like we can’t just go turn it back on as needed, the cover to the switch isn’t locked)…and we’ll end up paying a reconnect fee of $55.00 – so after some discussion w/my hubby we decided to do two things:

1.  We are cutting back our grocery budget from $200 to $150.00 for the next two weeks to free up $100.00 to put towards AT&T.  We’re going to employ his employee discount coupon for either Sadie or Nixon’s food (same brand, one coupon, one bag) to get $10.00/off a bag of their food which’ll allow us to put that money back into the grocery budget.

2.  We split up the payments to AT&T into two, one $100.00 payment this Friday the 16th and one $50.10 scheduled for the 23rd.

This will prevent us from having our service interrupted and will allow us to also pay our after school care.

My hubby didn’t like the fact that our car insurance premium went up by almost double – so he’s called the insurance company and someone at our agent’s office said it didn’t look right – she was digging into it – she said it should have only gone up by a little bit, when they quoted me it was going to be something around $80.00 odd dollars NOT $128.00/mos…so we’re on hold with that situation – if that’s the case and it’s only $80.00/mos then we’ll have that $40.00 to put back into the Grocery budget.

So how did we encounter this situation?


The same way we ALWAYS do – we dared to go out of town and I lost something like 17 hours of pay over the course of two weeks – so that drastically cut into our income…thus the reason for the email to my HR Team I sent last week.  To which I am still waiting on a response, they are investigating it and should have an answer for me later this week *crossing my fingers its good news*

So that’s where I’m at right now!


Well here we go again – have two bills past due – the Water Bill ($191.16) and AT&T ($150.10) and not enough income this week to cover them…ugh if I pay them both then I won’t have enough to cover the after school cost which’ll bump that up to $140.00 next week – but I can’t afford that either because as it is I’ve had to push back the due date of my Student Loan draft from 5/17 to 5/24 to help cover the cost of these bills…so now what? What do I do now? Drain the savings to cover the day care? Or let one of the slide, maybe the AT&T Bill and we go without phone/internet for what two weeks…ugh…what if I need to work at home for some reason? I don’t like my hubby being at home without a working phone in case something happens (he doesn’t have a cell phone)…decisions, decisions, decisions…

This is part of my frustration with my job and lack of paid time off, I had to leave work early two days last week to attend to some Doctor’s appointments – one for Ashley to go to her therapist, and one for me for a shoulder injury – and I lost 2.5 hours of pay – which in the grand scheme of things isn’t terrible, but it eats into my pay and I lose that time + whatever over time I would have gotten last week.  Best I can hope is that my hubby’s paycheck is higher than it was last week to help cover some of that difference…




What would you all do?  I can’t sacrifice Grocery, Pet Food, Hubby’s Bus Money and the other weekly expenditure’s we have to cover this…


Well I finally got Fed-Up with not having a raise or benefits or paid time off – going to my boss over the last several years has proved futile – so I finally went to the HR Team about it, sent them this email tonight:

Good Evening HR Team,

First off I don’t want this communication to get back to Boss Lady quite yet.
What I am writing about tonight is simple – I have been with Company almost four years (my anniversary is coming up on the 18th of this month) and in that four years I have not once had a raise, a review, or even a chance to obtain the benefits 99% of our Services home office team has.
Put simply when I was hired my offer letter stated my term was for 6-Months while XX & Company worked to streamline the ERP/Company Oracle systems; after 6-Months Boss Lady told me that I would continue to remain employed with Company for “A hot minute” (yes she literally said that) but that Company & XX were working on a solution.
Fast forward roughly a year and still nothing; we had one sit down to discuss how the XX ERP & Company Oracle systems could be cohesive, but each time XX Legal has shot it down – in my tenure attempts have been made twice and both times shot down. So then we came up with alternative solutions to prevent multiple submissions of timecards and that’s where we are now.
However, my status remains the same in PS “TEMP” – I don’t have benefits, I don’t have paid time off, and I have not received a single raise.  Each time I have asked Boss Lady about this I get “We’re not sure what we are doing with you or your position” I am sorry but you mean to tell me in almost four years you haven’t figured it out – never mind the fact that there’s been people before me doing the same job as I am for years prior.  So it does not make any sense to me.  Two summers ago I asked for a raise, and was once again shot down – in a nutshell I’ve been in a stalemate in terms of my job, income and benefits for almost four years.
And, in that four years I’ve come close to losing my home twice (we’re in that situation now), have had my power & water disconnected, and have had to struggle to figure out how to pay for groceries.  The cost of said groceries has gone from $125.00/week to $200.00/week to feed my family of four; my gas cost has gone from $20.00/week to $60.00/week, my car insurance has gone up – basically all of my expenses have risen, yet my income has stayed stale.
On top of this I am not afforded the same chance at training outside my annual EHS, Integrity, and Bottoms Up training’s as someone who is a full-time permanent employee with the company.
My husband who works at Major Pet Retailer has gotten a $2.50/hr raise over his tenure in the last four years, he’s got benefits – that’s a RETAIL position – so then why is it the company I work for a Multi-National company unable to provide those same basic things to myself.
Now I like my job – I like going to work each day – I like being with Company and wish to continue to stay with Company – however, if my situation does not change then I will be forced to seek employment elsewhere.
Thank-you for taking the time to read this, I know it’s long.
Please respond here to this email address, I want to keep this off of the XX Radar.”
Obviously I was crossing out here names of my boss, the company I work for and the one we contract for…
I am hopeful something comes of this…Goddess knows we need it…another conversation with Citi tonight proved it – we’re due for Dec – May, $5K once again…ugh

My husband and I were discussing this last night and I want to put it out there for the world…I have a serious bone to pick…

I work with a woman who is basically on the same level I am – we’re both Temps with no inclination to be Service Manager’s nor do we have the option of paid time off or a raise or benefits, etc. You’ve heard me go on and on and on about this issue with work…her hubby however works for our competitor, who also has people right in the same building as us, but he works in a different area of the plant we work at – when the contract he works on switched from my company to our competition he was making something like $20.00/hr.  His skill set is specialized and he’s a lead – so I imagine since the contract switched over he’s gotten a raise of some kind…

Now this woman I work with gripes ALL the time about how she lacks the benefits we should have – how having unpaid time off due to holidays, plant closures, etc. KILLS her budget and hurts them financially.

YET both of her boys attend a local Private School – NOT on scholarship

She spends roughly $250.00/week in Groceries (she’s disclosed this to me) – her water and electric bills are just as high as mine – if not higher – she runs her dishwasher/washing machine & dryer just about every day.

They rent their home in a higher-end part of town where there’s money and I know the houses rent for almost TWICE what they would in my area…we looked in that area when we were looking to move here from MD.

At the end of last year they borrowed money from her husband’s 401K to buy a used Jeep Cherokee V8 Engine in good condition – over the weekend they SOLD it and bought another car taking on a private loan through a bank to do so – when I asked her if she took the money from the sale of the Jeep and payed it towards the loan on the new car she said “No we’re buying a house”! WTF?!?!?!

Um wait a minute – so you took a loan on your husband’s 401K to buy a newish car to replace the 15yr old Van you had (which was in poor running condition, 250K miles, etc. needed replacing), went on and on about how you didn’t want a car loan, etc.  Then you turn around SELL the Jeep you bought and don’t use the money from the sale to re-pay the loan on the 401K or even pay down the loan on the new car?? No instead you’re not only buying a house but your BUILDING one?!?!?!

The logic here was she didn’t like the $70.00/week Fuel Expense – I get that, but you didn’t think about that BEFORE you bought the thing?

Oh and the icing on the cake here – they had a FORECLOSURE several years ago when her husband was laid off from his job…

Seems to me priorities are all kinds of screwy here…

The bone I have to pick is this – why are you griping about your finances to me (who you know is struggling JUST to pay her mortgage each month – which I am unsuccessful at doing and you know this WELL) yet you turn around and do all of the above…um WHAT?!?!?!? Seems that she either isn’t happy with where she’s at and is trying her damndest to relate to me (but is FAILING miserably) or she really just wants more income so she can spend more…makes zero sense to me…

Personally I’d have taken the money from the sale of the Jeep and used it to either replace the money in the 401K or OR paid down the loan on the new one…NOT used it to take on more debt!

She’s a nice person, don’t get me wrong – and normally I don’t judge peoples’ financial decision as each person’s situation is unique but this one just irritates me to the CORE! And they wonder why I hide in my headphones all day…we’re STRUGGLING literally STRUGGLING financially and everyone around me is doing fine financially…so I can’t relate on any level to them.

Ok enough from me…thoughts?

Over the last almost four years I’ve held the same job…day in and day out the same thing…my daily breakdown looks a bit like this:

  • Come into work
  • Boot up Computer
  • While computer ‘wakes up’ – make breakfast
  • Return to desk with breakfast, log into work systems, peruse through emails that arrived over night, flag items requiring my attention for follow-up
  • Eat Breakfast – while eating check personal email, check in with MyFitnessPal and Facebook
  • Open up report I manage – filter for Submitted Items
  • Open up System email box, using emails check against report for anything that’s been approved – marking the Submitted to Approved when checked
  • Remaining Submitted Items are then checked against client system for PM Approval
  • Go through daily tasks completing steps for unfinished items from previous day
  • Go through daily calendar reminders for unfinished items for previous day
  • Noon = Lunch
  • Mon-Tues I key in items from Report to Client system
  • Wed I check for Approved Items off of Another Report, I then check for status in our system, and then I compare this report against our system for items not completed the previous week that would now be completed; if items have not been completed yet I send emails to the field team requesting completion, if one has been done for a personal item I ask the employee for payment status; if it’s on an expense report and not completed I flag it for follow-up the following week.
  • Thurs I run a submitted-unpaid report – what this is is a report that shows all timecards/expenses added to our system but not completed by the field team; if items from the previous week still are not completed I’ll send an email to the employee requesting status of completion.
  • Friday is completion of anything not done Mon – Thurs

Every day – Every week is the same.

Throw in there sometimes I answer the same friggin 10 questions over and over again

  • I send email requesting status of an expense report/timecard that is showing in our system as pending – employee comes back with “I sent it in, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been approved” or “I sent it in and it was approved by my Service Manager” – when I tell them I was looking at the item at the SAME time I was composing the message they have no response
  • Or the employee’s expense report is missing something and our payroll team short pays the expense report creating an addendum; I’ll send the employee an email requesting they follow the steps (CLEARLY OUTLINED IN AN INSTRUCTION KIT ALSO SENT OVER AT THE SAME TIME) to reopen the expense report and send it back in – the employee will come back to me with “I resent the missing receipts in, I don’t understand why this addendum was generated” I’ll ask them if they FIRST followed my instructions and I’ll get one of two answers “No” meaning he’s admitting he failed to read my email; or “What instructions?” meaning he’s admitting he perused my email but failed to open the attachment
  • Or they won’t allow the CC Transactions to filter to our system and expense them preemptively – thus creating MORE work because they were impatient…when asked about this they act like confused monkey’s – it’s frustrating…

I could go on, but I won’t…in the meantime of dealing with all of the above stupidity I STILL do not receive paid time off and benefits – and over the last almost four years that has equated to 289.25 hours or $4,338.75 of loss pay! (pre-tax pay)…I swear to GAWD this money could have meant so much to us and kept us in line financially…

All of the above + a total lack of respect by my manager I have loss all desire to be here…

So where does that leave me?

Time to find a new job…

Which in my market is damn near impossible for someone of my experience level – God forbid I demand to make more than minimum wage for work that some employer’s see as necessary but don’t see fit to pay well…I don’t know how companies get by without their administrative staff, I really don’t.  But I digress.  So therefore, trying to find a job right now is proving difficult, but I am looking and there’s several criteria that needs to be met:

  • Minimum $16 – $20.00/hr pay
  • Next level management/supervisory level job
  • Benefits/Paid Time Off

Something I would like is Flexibility – having two children with ADHD and one with Oppositional Defiance means my need to be out of the office for Dr’s and therapy appointment’s is higher than normal…and I need to be able to go without justifying them.  So I’m not applying for every job I remotely qualify for…it’s only been a handful thus far, but it’s time for more income.

Ok rant over!  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.