A HUGE Announcement!!!! *Things are Still in the Works*

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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Dog in Bathtub



BIG BIG News in our World!!!

Some time ago my husband was offered a position with the Grooming Salon with his store! Not just a come on over and work your way up from washing dogs type of position – no straight to Groomer type position!  The best part of this news is that after some discussion with his store manager he’s decided that he’s taking the position which’ll mean his weekly income will almost triple – double perhaps – on a good week triple.  He’ll get a raise and commissions after he finishes his apprenticeship of 100 dogs being groomed w/no knicks, cuts, etc.

As he explained it to me on a good week he’ll get 100% Commission which will warrant something like $600-700/week – on a slower week he’ll just get his base salary of $11-$12/hr;  if he gets more commission than he’d get paid salary he’ll get just his commission – if he doesn’t meet commission for the week he’ll get just his salary.

BUT before that he’ll have 2-4 weeks of training in Jacksonville (at least we hope it’ll all in Jacksonville) where his company will pay for his hotel, but the cost of his food will come out of my grocery budget – there’s no Per Diem for those weeks…and the new income level won’t kick in fully until after the summer, but STILL!

He’ll keep his benefits and hours and all of that – but he was chosen because he’s ambitious, driven, and a good worker within the store! He was hand-picked out of all of the employees! I am so proud of him!!!!  Now let’s just hope it all works out from here!

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  1. Reblogged this on Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica and commented:
    Congrats to you! Things would get a lot easier for you, then. You guys deserve it.

  2. ncreadergirl says:

    Thanks Lady! We’re very happy about it!

  3. duaimei says:


    This must be very exciting for you!

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