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Nope yeah not so much.  Last week I received an email from Hertz with a bill for our rental car to the tune of $1,347.18.  I uploaded it to State Farm’s claims website and waited.  Nothing.  Until I woke up Saturday morning and saw a HUGE negative balance on my account – thank Goddess for my daily balance email notifications – so I bounced over to the bank’s website and low and behold I see that Hertz had not only drafted that $1,347.18 but the transaction had caused (2) Overdraft fees in its wake.

Ugh so BEFORE I’ve even had my morning coffee I call the bank immediately and file a dispute.  They immediately post a teller credit for the $1,347.18 and open a dispute for a credit from the overdraft fees.  So now we’re back at our positive balance we had when I went to bed Friday night.

And then as soon as my agents office opens on Monday I am on the phone with them trying to figure out what happened…they transfer me to the claims people who are handling the rental and I get transferred again to the total loss team who connect with me to Hertz.  Turns out the contract I initiated at the Airport the day after my wreck, that was supposed to be CANCELLED and VOIDED, never was and during an audit they found it and billed my account.  Hertz took responsibility for it and credited the funds back to us.   I just had to send them a copy of my statement showing the overdraft fees, which I did.

Came into work this morning and I see that BOTH credits are still on my account…so now what? Call the bank back and tell them what happened?  Or do I hold onto both credit + the credit of the overdraft fees and call it a day.  Keeping the 2nd credit for all the headache’s I’ve gotten trying to deal with the wreck itself, the insurance, and buying a new car.  Sort of reimbursement for having to replace a vehicle I had NO INTENTION of replacing this year…




What would you all do?

UPDATE: Called the bank & Cancelled the Dispute, They are Going to Debit the Credit they Gave me showing just the one Debit/Credit from Hertz.

So after two weekend trips, first the Girl Scouts 2014 Coastal Pines Camporee and then our weekend trip to Maryland to say we are both fried and broke is a VAST understatement…

GS Camporee


This years theme for Camporee was Colors of the Rainbow – each troop was assigned a color (we were light Blue) and over the course of the weekend we did various activities that tied into that theme which resulted in an end of the Day Saturday Color Extravaganza leaving our troop looking like a rainbow of colors – see here

GS Camporee Group Shot


That’s me in the blue bandanna center in the back row

The girls and leaders had a BLAST! We were very tired by the end of the weekend, but it was well worth it!  Financially speaking though, the expense for everything we took with us came from monies we saved through the last couple of months, and then some minor food expenditures prior to leaving for Kirkwood.  I left my hubby and son with money for dinner Friday night, and on Friday morning my hubby and I went Grocery shopping for the weekend and said food for my trip in an effort to save money.  Upon our return the grocery trip came under budget and surprisingly I didn’t use as much gas as I thought I would getting back & forth! So yay!


The following weekend saw us traveling up I-95 North to Maryland to visit our family – all in all I was surprised at how well things went.  First, Bessie (our van) got us there and back on 3/4 tank of gas each way, then my Mom bought my gas Friday morning before we headed to Annapolis to visit my Grandparents (to the tune of $70.00 OUCH!) because she said it was her fault we were driving all over MD that day – ok Thanks saved me that money!

Normally we would have had a Rental car expense thrown in there, but Fate knew we’d rather have a vehicle of our own to take with us vs. renting one, so I think that’s the reason why Bessie came into our world!  I am thankful we had her with us, we had more than enough room for the four of us, Nixon, Sadie and all of our stuff!


So to breakdown the weekend:


  • $45.00 fill up on Gas before hitting the road
  • $30.00 on Food (rough estimate) and drinks once on the road – we picked up some Snacks at Target before leaving Thursday morning
  • $26.57 – PetsMart for a new leash for Sadie/Nixon to share and food for Sadie


  • $70.00 fill up on Gas before heading to Annapolis – Landover, MD – Gaithersburg (around G’Burg that evening) – Frederick on Saturday – Back to Gaithersburg Saturday night
  • $15.00 Dinner @ Ruby Tuesday’s for me, but that came out of a $50.00 cash Gift my Grandparent’s gave me


  • No expenditures out of pocket for us


  • $38.00 fill-up on Gas before heading home
  • We packed a picnic for lunch on the road with food from Mom & Dad’s place, saved me money there.
  • $16.32 – Dinner at Incredible’s once we got into town, picked it up and took the Pizza home with us vs. eating there, had Doggies with us

All in all we didn’t do too terribly in terms of money spent over the weekend…and when we got home we only spent $100.00 of our $200.00 grocery budget, so I am saving that money to add to this week’s Grocery budget! So YAY!!!

So here goes:

 $511.67 Remaining from W/E 03/30/14
 $332.46 Amt. Spent
 $179.21 Avail. Starting
 $6.41 Tommy’s
 $24.71 PetsMart
 $22.88 Wal-Mart
 $4.57 KTC
 $1.38 Amazon Dig. Svcs
 $60.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $26.57 PetsMart
 $28.69 Harris Teeter
 $6.50 Tommy’s
 $150.75 AT&T
 $457.72 Lara W/E 04/13/14 Salary, Pay Date 04/18
 $272.13 Jimmy W/E 04/13/14 Salary
 $179.21 Avail. Starting
 $729.85 Total Pay
 $909.06 Avail. For Bills
 $1.00 BP Airpark Reversal

I carried over some cleared bills from the previous week because it seems my spreadsheet is taking the place of a written checkbook and its working well for me, so thus the reason for the $60.00 Brigades Charge ($20.00/day x 3 Days over Spring Break) and the $150.75 AT&T Charge)

 $89.83 Gas for Trip
 $63.71 Food for Trip
 $7.99, 04/21 Auto-Draft
 $100.00 LAS Financial
 $112.00 Great Lakes, 04/17 Auto-Draft
 $19.99 Planet Fitness, 04/17 Auto-Draft
 $5.00 Ashley Asst. Care, 04/24
 $70.00  Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00  Groceries
 $50.00 Gas
 $20.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $85.00 LAS Financial
 $86.54  $86.54
8%  $6.92
 $6.92  $79.62

There are two LAS Financial Charges because the $100.00 is the payment from Week Ending 04.06.14 and the $85.00 is the payment for this week – the $100.00 one cleared AFTER we were paid.

Well that’s about it from me this week! Hope everyone has a great week!

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Dog in Bathtub



BIG BIG News in our World!!!

Some time ago my husband was offered a position with the Grooming Salon with his store! Not just a come on over and work your way up from washing dogs type of position – no straight to Groomer type position!  The best part of this news is that after some discussion with his store manager he’s decided that he’s taking the position which’ll mean his weekly income will almost triple – double perhaps – on a good week triple.  He’ll get a raise and commissions after he finishes his apprenticeship of 100 dogs being groomed w/no knicks, cuts, etc.

As he explained it to me on a good week he’ll get 100% Commission which will warrant something like $600-700/week – on a slower week he’ll just get his base salary of $11-$12/hr;  if he gets more commission than he’d get paid salary he’ll get just his commission – if he doesn’t meet commission for the week he’ll get just his salary.

BUT before that he’ll have 2-4 weeks of training in Jacksonville (at least we hope it’ll all in Jacksonville) where his company will pay for his hotel, but the cost of his food will come out of my grocery budget – there’s no Per Diem for those weeks…and the new income level won’t kick in fully until after the summer, but STILL!

He’ll keep his benefits and hours and all of that – but he was chosen because he’s ambitious, driven, and a good worker within the store! He was hand-picked out of all of the employees! I am so proud of him!!!!  Now let’s just hope it all works out from here!

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21311837-outlined-light-bulb-character-showing-a-dollar-bill So this week was a long one – and tough on us financially – while I did get some overtime, it  wasn’t enough sadly and we overdid it again in terms of the bills – then again we had (2) two big  bills come in that had to be paid we didn’t plan for – I know sad I don’t plan for the electric bill,  but alas it came in and we needed to pay them almost $200…I am not sure what else to do, our  electric bill is so high that there’s no end in sight.  We unplug all of our small appliances (well  there’s only 2) when we’re not using them, turn off lights when we’re not in a room, have a  ceiling fan in our living room, and don’t run the heat/ac unless it’s extremely cold or extremely hot – we don’t have a dishwasher so we’re not running that all the time – the only things left on consistently are the lamp in the living room, the computer, the light over the stove and sink – BUT they are all switched off at night when we go to sleep or if we leave.  Unless we are going out at night, all lights are turned off when we leave – if we go out in the evening we leave the light on over the stove so we don’t come  home to a completely dark house…yet our electric bill is still so high…don’t get it…so that was $195.00 to be paid.

tagtax At the same time our Vehicle Tax/Registration bill came in from the NC DMV, $65.19, to be  paid in order to get a full tag for our new van – for now we have a temporary sticker on the  tag.  I paid the bill now vs. waiting until almost the deadline – then again the dealership would  not have given me the tag unless I paid the bill right then and there…Ugh if I could roll my  eyes here I would.  While I am happy Bessie now has her tags and is official in the eyes of the state I wish that the bill would have come in a few weeks vs. now…but alas it is what it is…


Though the upswing to all of this is that on 3/31 not only did I cross the bridge of my 13-Mos blogging anniversary, we also hit 8-Years since we left the DC Metro area and moved to North Carolina…I still can’t believe it’s been 8 Years.  That day 3/31/2006 was a daunting one, we packed the final items into the truck, loaded up myself, the kids and our two cats into our car with my husband and Dad in the moving truck and off we went, for 9.5 hours we drove south on I-95 then to I-40 East to Wilmington, twas the longest day of my life, but one of the best! Moving here was a difficult decision, not one we came to easily, but it was one that has been for the best!  Coastal living certainly has agreed with us and for that I am very happy! So happy 8th Anniversary to us!

Ok so onto why we’re here, the budget:

 $31.69 Remaining from W/E 03/16/14  $519.45 Lara W/E 03/23/14 Salary, Pay Date 03/28
 $16.00 Amt. Spent  $ 233.96 Jimmy W/E 03/23/14 Salary
 $15.69 Avail. Starting  $753.41
 $15.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14  $15.69 Avail. Starting
 $1.00 Facebook?  $753.41 Total Pay
 $ –  $769.10 Avail. For Bills
 $ –

And the breakdown:

 $195.00 Progress Energy
 $65.19 NC Vehicle Tax
 $70.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 03/28
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $60.00 Gas
 $40.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $5.00  CCA, 03/31 Auto-Draft
 $83.91  $83.91
8%  $6.71
 $6.71  $77.20

So there we are – I forecasted out our budget through the end of April and I am sad to say it’s not going to be pretty unless we get some kind of financial gift or something comes through…not happy to say the least.

Still looking for another job, its slow going, but I am looking.

Hope you all have a good week – weekend, it should be lovely here through the weekend, have a few more items I need to get my hands on this weekend before going to Camporee next weekend, I am just hoping for nice weather honestly LOL!!

Lesson Learned here: Pre-Planning can help unknowns and unexpected financial expenditures from happening…good luck with that one!

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