1 Yr Blog Anniversary

Ok so technically it’s been 13+ months since I started this blog – that’s 13 Months of publishing all of the ups and downs of our finances.  Am I crazy for doing so? Some might say yes, others might say no – I am somewhere in between personally.  While I haven’t technically learned any real lessons through the last year, I have seen just how screwed up our financial life is…I’ve made promises to myself that things will change, and alas they do not…so where does that lead? More screw-ups and more issues…we’re no better now than we were a year ago…sure we have a newish car, sure we’ve lost one fur baby and gained two more in that year (well one furry the other scaled) but man we haven’t learned a thing have we?

Doom and Gloom here huh?

Well that’s been the way of it – I truly truly want financial stability – but right now we’re down so very deep that I don’t see how we can dig our way out of it…we’re once again almost $5K behind on our mortgage with no end in sight on getting caught up or even ahead…we’re once again behind on our utilities (this is a perpetual cycle)…I have no end in sight for the stagnant pay – my boss won’t give me a raise  – nor will she even talk about benefits…am I looking for another job? Yeah but I am being pickier about what jobs I apply to, not applying for everything I remotely qualify for, I want something that’s not entry-level admin w/stagnant pay & no benefits – I want a promotion, better pay (AT LEAST a $5,000/yr raise if not more) and benefits.  If the job doesn’t meet those qualifications then I am not applying for it, PERIOD!

Today my husband is talking to his store manager about a possible move within his company, he’s been invited to join the grooming team which will mean higher pay (hourly wage + commission), more stable hours and even a closer chance at management vs. the two-three cycle it’ll take to get him store management…so crossing my fingers that he comes away from that conversation with good news!

The next two weeks for us are going to SUCK arse financially – for two reasons – well one BIG reason – Days Off with NO PAY for me, Week Ending 04.13.14 will be a 4-Day workweek I am going to try and squeeze a 5-Day Workweek into 4-Days (10 hour days with gym trips in the morning, UGH)  – the reason for this is GS Camporee 04/10 – 11-12/14 and then I’ll turn around and have a 3-Day Work Week on Week Ending 04.20.14 because we’re heading to Maryland to visit our family 04/17-18-19-20/14…UGH 🙄 Joy of all Joys right??? I am just thankful that we have the new van (we’ve named her Bessie) so that I don’t have to worry about renting cars!

Well that’s all…Happy 13-Month Blogaversary to Me!

Image Borrowed from: http://www.cristina-turcan.blogspot.com
  1. duaimei says:

    Happy blogaversery!

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