Here we are, 14-Days Post Wreck and Everything is moving along at a good pace – albeit there has been a lot of ups and downs we did manage to get most everything resolved; the medical side of it is still pending, but well the collision portion is done, we received our settlement check and off we went to get ourselves a new vehicle.  Sadly, we had to go through one of those Buy-Here, Pay-Here Lots where they self-finance (which’ll mean HUGE trouble if we miss a payment, they put a GPS Device on the van to know where it’s at so they can snatch it as needed…WONFERFRIGGINFUL)…so here’s the deal, we took the $1,279.63 the insurance gave us and added some of our own funding for a down payment of $1,750.00 on a 2005 Chevrolet Venture with 108,000 miles on it.

New Ride 1 New Ride 2 New Ride 3


It’s very roomy on the inside and I am still getting used to having something so big – there’s three rows of seats, both of the back two sets can split into two separate chairs which’ll come in handy when we travel to Maryland in April and then to Camporee!  There’s TONS of Room for our luggage, our dogs, us and a bunch of our stuff!

Initially we went to the Kia Dealership and while we were approved for a loan through Capital One, they wanted verification we were in the process of doing a modification on our loan (which we aren’t) so we had to walk away – probably a good thing – and off to Lovitt’s Auto where we initially looked at a 2002 Dodge Caravan similar to Trusty Rusty, but I noticed a grinding noise in the steering column and the brakes so then we noticed the above vehicle sitting next to it and they agreed to a lower down payment so we could get into the above! I am happy – albeit worried about making sure we can make the monthly payment, $150.00/bi-weekly or $300.00/month….as we’ve had snags before where we couldn’t and thankfully our loan company let us make up the payments later…this place not so much…

So the next step is to find out where we’re at with the Medical Stuff and a possible settlement with that!

  1. I’m glad you got something. Also, would it be possible to apply for a modification a second time, or not? I realize it’s probably a lot of work to go through the process.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      It would be the 3rd Time Oy! But I did the online application, just waiting to be contacted by someone from their offices for the formal interview – if it’s not approved we’re talking Chapter 13…so not the way I want to go.

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