I think my hubby’s post from tonight sum’s things up pretty well for where we’re at right now:

“Update: daughter went to the nurses office for concussion symptoms today. Wifey’s injury seems manageable as long as she has her muscle relaxers. A flood of lawyer propaganda has entered the hours like Hogwarts letters. The Police report is up and we can see that the other driver is claiming that my wife is at fault. we also see that she was charged with failure to yield and not having a valid drivers licence. the owner of the vehicle let the policy lapse on it. Kelley bluebook for our car is 2k and that might pay off Most of the loan. SF has not told us if the will total it out. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts …”

The Estimate from State Farm’s adjuster: $3,172.37 less our $100.00 non-insured motorist adjusted deductible = $3,072.37

KBB for Retail Dealer Trade-In: $1,473.00   Dealer Net: $1,599.37

KBB for Private Sale: $2,331.00  Private Sale Net: $741.37

Total Due to Pay off Car: $2,370.74 – Dealer Net = $771.37 Our Responsibility

Total Due to Pay Off Car: $2,370.34 – Private Net = $1,629.37 Our Responsibility

Not Cool not matter how you swing it – still waiting to hear what State Farm is going to do…waiting…waiting…waiting…

No word yet on our medical settlement either…waiting…waiting…waiting…

  1. Ugh. I remember once when my sister was in a car accident and I think her head the windshield. I’m not sure of she had a concussion but she must have. So sorry you’re going through all of this. Hopefully you won’t owe much (or nothing) after all is said and done.

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