Post Car Wreck – Day 3

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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I should have posted this yesterday, but got very busy and didn’t…apologies…

So here’s where we’re at:

My Dad posted this yesterday:

“Update on our daughters car accident:
She was driving her mother’s car. Mom had let the insurance lapse!
The driver does not have a valid Driver’s License!
State Farm is taking care of the rental car. Yea State Farm!!
Lara has some whiplash pain. Ashley has a concussion. Austin is fine.”

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, concerns and prayers!”

And in response I added to it:

“Adding to this – State Farm has also cut me a check to cover the cost of replacing the booster seats, should have that in hand in a few days; Car is being picked-up from the Tow Lot this Afternoon and taken to their secure facility for inspection – determination of repairs vs. total loss…being at work is more calming than dealing with all of this sh*t at home! I will also say State Farm is taking care of the price/billing dispute w/Hertz, so YAY on that!”

Last night Hertz called me and we’re switched the contracts over to the Focus off of the Tiquan and State Farm is handling the billing and payment – they are going to void the contract that the airport location put me on and put me on a new contract, the gentleman told me that all of this should be done today…so Thanks Hertz!

State Farm picked up the car from the tow lot yesterday and I am sure it’ll be looked at either today or tomorrow and we should have a solid decision from them by the end of either this week or beginning of next week…the waiting game doesn’t do well for me, I have little patience for waiting, so I am going to try and distract myself with work so I am not just sitting and waiting…that’s the plan.

I did also give a statement to the Medical Billing team and completed some paperwork for them for reimbursement for our injuries, was told we can get up to $1,000/ea for medical – doubt we’ll actually get that much, but hey anything will help cover the cost of paying off the car and possibly getting us into a new one – or even paying the deductible should that be the case.

When there’s more updates I’ll add them!

  1. Ugh! At least things are moving along. So sorry your daughter had a concussion, did she miss school? Glad your son is OK. I’m sending you good vibes!

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Thanks! I am pleased with our seeming progress as of yesterday, when I checked this morning nothing had changed.

      She did miss school on Monday, Dr. told us to keep her home, so we did. I stayed and worked and home while dealing with everything on the phone…that was SO NOT fun LOL!

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