I literally spent ALL AFTERNOON on the phone with my insurance, the other gals’ insurance company, Hertz and My Dr’s Office (something totally unrelated) – turns out that the chick who hit me (and yes she hit me) does not have active insurance um yeah WTF? Her Mother, who owns the car, let the policy lapse at the beginning of February – which means yes she gave false information to the police – probablyh unknowingly – and it now means that this falls under my “Uninsured Motorist” clause on my insurance.  FIrst though because NC is so sticky about it they have to prove one of two things:

  • She really did let the policy lapse and is now 100% uninsured, or
  • She has new insurance with a different company and my Insurance Company (State Farm) needs to get that information to file my claim against
So once that is done SF will cover my rental 100% and lower my deductible to $100 should they decide to repair it…
The saga of the rental though – UGH this is what I put up on Facebook earlier today:
“OMFNG GAWD I am trying to switch the VW SUV Hertz gave me yesterday for a smaller compact care as advised by my insurance and I get transferred all over God’s Green Earth by Hertz! Seriously WTF Hertz?!? I’ve been using you guys for EONS and have never in my life had this much trouble! Oh and BTW that TWAT who hit me, yeah her Mom let her insurance policy lapse, State Farm in trying to determine if she is in fact uninsured or if she switched insurance companies – though it sounds like she’s uninsured…I have literally been on the phone since 11am!”
“I just want to cry right now that’s all I want to do – traded out the SUV for a Focus and the total is going to be $600+ for a 5-Day rental, WTF?!?!?!?”
 – this was on my MyFitnessPal profile as a response to something one of my friends said
“SF has me covered with a provision on my insurance for uninsured motorists, I have filed a claim w/her insurance so SF will get a denial letter and everything will be covered…I have literally been on the phone for an hour at this point…Ashley has a minor concussion, I have whiplash, Austin is good, but this is turning into a major deal here”
“Got my muscle relaxer & pain pills tonight, won’t use the pain meds unless I absolutely need them…on another note it appears that Hertz extended the contract on the SUV (price and all) and gave me a Ford Focus and are charging me for the Tequan..My hubby will be following up with Hertz tomorrow to dispute the charge…so NOT having that, even if State Farm will be paying the bill eventually”

“Yeah a Focus is only $152 for a week…yeah idiot! Will be closing the contract on the Tequan and opening one on the Focus”

So I am filing against my SF policy and will let SF go after her and her mother for reimbursement…and as of right now I am not interested in pursuing this legally against her…that could change on a dime though..

  1. duaimei says:

    I’m sorry that you were involved in an accident. Are you very hurt?

    Someone rear ended me last year (my car had only 1500 miles on it), and I wound up having to drive a grand caravan for two months.

  2. Hang in there! Maybe a good workout at the gym would release some stress? Car accidents suck though. Not only do you get hurt you have to spend so much time getting a rental car, getting your car fixed, going to the doctors, etc. I know what you’re going through.

    • ncreadergirl says:

      And see that’s why I love chatting with you – relating so very well – yes that’s it, not only is it a royal pain in the arse to sort everything out, but then you have to then turn around and deal with all the external crap that goes with it!

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