Week Ending 02.09.14 Budget – A Good Week, A Bad Diagnoses…Ups and Downs

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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I always feel a sense of relief whenever the tax refund is sitting in my bank account, not entirely sure why but it seems that money always lifts a weight off of my shoulders…not entirely sure why but it does…so I feel like I can relax a little and just focus on making sure bills are paid, groceries are taken care of, there’s gas in the car, etc. etc. etc. – however with that relief has also come many more expenditures, specifically as it relates to the animals – Sadie needed all her stuff including a bowl, collar, leash, toys, food, etc.  I managed to use coupons that we got with her adoption for all of it, so that helped.  I used one coupon to get Flea Meds for Nixon (we initially got the wrong one, but exchanged it for the right one), took Sadie to the Vet for a wellness check – she’s healthy as a horse, 7 mos old, and doing beautifully, we took Nixon to the vet for his wellness check, immunizations, fecal test, and to check out an ear infection, $295.00 later I walked out of the vet…WOW Amazing how that works isn’t it?

Ups and Downs

 Of course with the good also comes the bad, we’ve had two items hit us this week, first I was  diagnosed with Mono which I initially thought meant no working out, no exercise PERIOD  thankfully I was able to talk to my Dr yesterday and found out that I can continue to workout, just  no impact aerobics (i.e. Kickboxing, Karate, etc.) so that’s an upside to the down.  I feel tired more  than normal, but nothing I can’t handle.  Resting as needed, when needed.  So Thankfully I have  that option.  


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other down was that my daughter went, on a referral from the dentist, to an Orthodontist yesterday and we found out she needs no less than 18 – 24 mos worth of work done to correct a structural underbite/crossbite, to the tune of, are you ready? $3,583 OUCH!  And the other down to this is that NC Health Choice DOESN’T PAY for Orthodontics! Lovely so now we have to figure out how to pay for all of the procedures they want to do…we can’t be approved for Care Credit as I already owe them money from when my 1st dog was sick (he later died from the problems I ran the card up for), and getting a loan through a bank probably won’t work, so my hubby is going to call them to see if this is a medical necessity and if it is maybe, just MAYBE we can appeal to Health Choice to help cover some of the cost – maybe not all – but some.  So then if there’s a balance we can then try to figure out how to pay that…we talked about selling my Grandma’s China, but I am hesitant to do that…but if we must we must

So there’s that…those are the two big Ups and Downs we’ve had this week – so now onto why we’re here….

 $80.45 Remaining from W/E 02/02/14  $474.12 Lara W/E 02/09/14 Salary, Pay Date 02/14
 $34.49 Amt. Spent    $232.24 Jimmy W/E 02/09/14 Salary  
 $45.96 Avail. Starting    $706.36        
 $15.00 Savings for X-Mas ’14    $45.96 Avail. Starting    
 $5.70 KTC      $706.36 Total Pay      
 $8.79 Harris Teeter    $752.32 Avail. For Bills    
 $5.00 Tate & Kirlin, 02/10 Auto-Draft  $250.00 Funds Borrowed from Refund  
 $34.49        $1,002.32        

And now the breakdown – we’re working on slowly catching up on the past due on the car payment – so there’s going to be more going out to them over the next couple of weeks:

 $225.26 Citi    
 $111.00 Great Lakes, 2/17 Auto-Draft
 $50.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries    
 $25.00 Dinner, 02/14  
 $40.00 Cat & Dog Food  
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money  
 $40.00 Gas    
 $19.99  Planet Fitness, 2/17 Auto-Draft 
 $25.00  J. Olfano B-Day Gift   
 $175.00  Credit Acceptance   
 $66.07  $66.07    
8%  $5.29    
 $5.29  $60.78    

So there we are, nothing really to mention other than my GE Stock is doing well, going up and down as predicted with the Market – not terribly concerned about it in the long run, so long as GE Continues to do well, the stock will as well…

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  1. I remember my parents got my sister and I braces, and I think they had to pay $2,000 out of pocket for each of us. If your dentist could show it was a medical necessity maybe that would help to get it covered? Would an orthodontist be willing to work with you on a payment plan do you think?

    • ncreadergirl says:

      The office manager did tell me they have a payment plan, shorter term than say a bank or Care Credit would, and it would require a sizable down payment – more questions my hubby is asking when he calls today. I had the same thing going on and my parents paid for mine out of pocket too…so hoping we can prove it’s a medical necessity but I doubt it…

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