Week Ending 01.26.14 Budget, Another Surprise Gift!

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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Our area was recently hit with a pretty bad ice storm, something the Wilmington area is not adept at handling, needless to say we were all house bound for four days last week, Tues through Friday – though I was able to get out on Thursday evening and hit the gym, the roads were still semi-clear, semi-not clear, if that makes sense?  LOL!!! Either way I am thankful I took my computer home Monday night because I was then able to work at home all week last week and didn’t lose any paid time, in fact I managed to a 1/2 hour of over time, not too bad in all honesty!

See what I mean when I saw ice storm:

Snow Day S 8th St BW


I took this picture while out with the kids during one of my breaks – we had sleet on top of a thin layer of snow!

BUT my gracious grandparents saw on the news that we were getting this horrible snow/ice mess and they sent us a check for $200.00 to help out with whatever expenses we took on because of the weather – well it’s helped us re-stock some groceries we used up! Ha being home together really ate into our food supply, especially because we didn’t plan on being house-bound for four days LOL!! So Thank-You very much Grandpa & Margaret! A Thank-You note will be heading their way shortly!

11th Bday

On that note, to why we are here – the budget – being home meant we didn’t spend as much money  over the course of the week, but then we got out and bam everywhere I turned we were running  out of stuff, needing to get a hold of things and oh yeah my son had his 11th Birthday on Monday  so we purchased some Birthday presents for him – Lego Chima stuff from Target he wanted with a  gift bag/tissue paper the total came to $49.52, not too shabby – I had $42.00 in cash in my savings  box at work, so in actuality we only spent $7.52 on his birthday, not too bad!


So here we go with the budget:

 $23.15 Remaining from W/E 01/19/14  $471.21 Lara W/E 01/26/14 Salary, Pay Date 01/31
 $158.11 Amt. Spent  $320.53 Jimmy W/E 01/26/14 Salary
 $(134.96) Avail. Starting  $791.74
 $10.01 Gas Purchase, 01/23  $(134.96) Avail. Starting
 $10.00 Kids’ Dental Co-Pay 01/28  $791.74 Total Pay
 $4.01 KTC  $656.78 Avail. For Bills
 $4.38 McDonald’s  $200.00 Gift from Papa & Margaret
 $8.51 Shop & Go  $856.78
 $17.67 UPS Store  $10.00 Payment for Cookie Shipping
 $2.57 Red Box  $866.78
 $2.66 Target
 $49.52 Target
 $10.00 Wal-Mart
 $3.10 Food Lion
 $17.09 Snapfish
 $10.24 Hobby Lobby
 $8.35 Starbucks


The added bonus of being home is that the check I wrote for the Brigades on Monday the 27th was basically cancelled out for their tuition last week and will carry over into this week and I only have to pay for (1) day this week, $20.00 there, so not too shabby! I am semi-happy about that.  What I am on pins & needles about though is finding out whether or not we’ve been approved for a scholarship/reduced tuition under their new fee program…we should hopefully, cross our fingers, find out this week!

 $132.00 Progress Energy
 $84.50 Credit Accept
 $20.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $200.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Dinner, 01/31
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $40.00 Gas
 $225.26 Citi
 $5.00  Austin Co-Pay
 $85.02  $85.02
8%  $6.80
 $6.80  $78.22


So that’s where we are right now – how do you all cover additional expenses when you miss pay???


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