Another Inspection…This Time Car Failed…

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Budgets, Car Shopping
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So we took the car in for it’s inspection on Thursday last week and the car failed, why? Well the treads on the tires was too low and three of the tires needed replacing.  So because two of the three were under warranty with Sear’s we took it back to Sear’s this morning to get the tires looked at, spent $224.00 for four new tires (2 reduced under the warranty + 2 brand news ones) left there to head to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping as we were leaving we began hearing this horrible grinding noise from the right rear tires…are you Friggin’ kidding me?!?! Taking it back to Sear’s tomorrow and no I am NOT paying a damn dime to get it fixed, it wasn’t making that noise when we dropped it off!

Yeah so not looking forward to that! Spent 2.5 hours waiting at the mall only to have to go back tomorrow…UGH!


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