The Ups and Downs of State Healthcare – Income Requirements…

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ok so here’s the deal – when Jimmy lost his job in 2008 we also lost 80% of our income and our health benefits as well – so immediately we applied for State Health Insurance and for a time all four (4) of us qualified – that is until I began working full-time again and Jimmy & I no longer qualified, but the kids were able to keep their benefits.  Then in 2011 Jimmy went into the hospital for a torn ligament in his thigh that was bleeding out – the hospital got the two of us back on Medicaid for a brief period to cover the costs of the hospital.   Once that (6) six months was up we no longer qualified and I was ok with that.  Then he got full-time at work and along with that came the full-time benefits – ok not a problem, it was an extra $76/week from his paycheck to cover our costs, which in reality was a loss of something like $30.00/week as it balanced out with taxes, etc…BUT the kids were still on NC Health Choice for the time being…

Now we go to re-apply for their benefits last week and BAM we’re told once again we make too much for the kids to remain on NC Health Choice unless we pay a monthly deductible – which the state files as “affordable” at $172.10 per child PER MONTH! That’s $344.20/Mos for health care for the kids – someone PLEASE tell me how that is affordable???? PLEASE!!!!  That’s more than my monthly car payment…um who in the WORLD thought that one up???  In the past we had an annual deductible of $100/yr…

So I am having Jimmy call DSS today to see if that was actually their final decision, or if they are still reviewing the case – this needs doing today because Ashley has an appointment with Dr. A this afternoon to go over her ADHD meds/weight check, etc.  Austin still has his weekly OT Appointments and his own appointments with Dr. Robby and Ms. Rivenbark (his therapist) at school to mitigate his own issues – we simply cannot stop going to these appointments…nor can we reasonably afford to add the kids to Jimmy’s already pricey health insurance…UGH UGH UGH….So you see our dilemma?

It’s a double-edged sword…seriously!

  1. I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. Will the Affordable Care Act be of any help when sign-up begins on October 1st?

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Not entirely sure – but they used that as the basis for what our cost per month will be…at least that’s what the letter said…Jimmy took on the full-time hours to help cover the bills…and now it’s all going out the window for insurance.

  2. I’m assuming he couldn’t find a job that pays what he made in 2008 before getting laid off. That stinks. I know how hard it is to make ends meet, and I am only responsible for me!

    • ncreadergirl says:

      Sadly not yet, before he was fired he was making $14.00/hr and at the time my job paid $12.00/hr + Commissions, right now he’s at $9.92/hr, up from $8.00/hr when he started, it sucks but it’s a vast improvement over where he was.

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