Financial Update Post Concert!

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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WOW WOW WOW! Once Again I am at a loss for how to put into words how AMAZING the concert was! My girl and I spent the night dancing, singing, screaming and just all around having a GREAT Time!  We just sat back and just let the ambiance of the environment wash over us!

That being said I am very pleased to say we didn’t touch the $60 I had set aside for Misc. Spending – the $89 cash I had on me was more than enough to take care of all of our needs for the night and a few wants.  They gave us these amazing programs on a Lanyard when we walked in, so that took the place of the souvenir I’d planned on purchasing for Ashley

Tour Program

I spent the following:

$66.36 on the Hotel, over the expected by $6.97, but that was all in taxes

$30.00 on extra gas ($10.00 LESS than Budgeted)

$9.00 on two (2) Bottles of Water

$5.00 on a Snow Cone for Ashley (we shared though)

$5.15 on Dinner at McDonald’s

$5.00 on a Rubber Bracelet thing w/Maroon 5 Written on it for Ashley

$5.82 on Drinks/Snacks for the Ride Home Yesterday

For a Grand total of: $59.97, so we’ll call it at $60.00 even leaving me w/$29.00!

Jimmy had to use $20.00 to get to work this morning (his boss, as somewhat cool as she is, airheaded she can be at times) as he was scheduled to be there at 6am (he doesn’t drive nor does he own a car, remember we’re a 1 car household)

That leaves me with $9.00 + $60.00 to put back into the budget for next week! WOOP WOOP!!!

I am very happy about this turn of events!

And just because – Enjoy a Pic of Mr. Adam Levine doing his THANG!

Adam Levine 1



That’s all for now! TTFN Ya’ll!

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