Week Ending 07.31.13 Budget…Excuse Me for the Absence, Please!

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Budgets, Financial Organization
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WOW WOW WOW (borrowed from the wonderful Gordon Ramsey) we’ve been busy and therefore absent with the budgets and posts all around…I do apologize though! We went out of town last week (7/26 – 7/30) to visit family in MD and as a result I was unable to keep a budget for our Week Ending 07.21.13 paychecks as we just skimmed by using both our pay and the refund from our down payment to Jeff Gordon ($900) to fund out little vacation!  What I do love about going to MD is that we always have a free place to crash, my parents house, which means a lot of free meals, Thank You Mom & Dad! As they do the grocery shopping and we help with as much of the cooking as we can.   I will say though that it’s always a little strange to go stay with them in the house I grew up in as it doesn’t look a thing like that house anymore (they’ve done a lot of redecorating/rearranging rooms, etc) but it’s homey and serves their needs, which, honestly is perfect! It makes it Mom & Dad’s house and we love it!

My hubby and I did take advantage of having built in babysitters and headed out to a Pool Hall in town to have a quick date to celebrate our Anniversary! While the pool tables were being used when we arrived, within the hour we were set-up with a table and played 4 games of Pool (all of which he royally kicked my arse! LOL!!) Had a couple of beers and braved a torrential down pour to get home! It was very nice to just be us and hang out for a couple of hours just the two of us celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary (which was yesterday the 4th ;-))

So while there we visited with my sister, brother-in-law and my brother – enjoying a small BBQ (Despite some rain) to celebrate all of the July/August Birthdays (my sister, brother-in-law, myself, my hubby, and my Mom) and my hubby & I’s 12th Anniversary and then that same evening we headed up the road to my In-Law’s apartment for a quiet evening of a Pizza dinner and hanging out at their place.  The following day we loaded up the cars and headed to the Smithsonian National Zoo! What fun that was!!   If you ever are in DC take a day and stop by the Zoo! We drove there but honestly taking the Metro is just as easy.  We opted to drive so we could pack a picnic lunch instead of buying the overpriced disgusting food they sell in the Zoo Restaurants and those around the Zoo in DC! While admission to the Zoo itself is free parking was $22 for the 3.5 hour we were there! OUCH!

I broke down the costs of everything we spent while in MD – en route to and from MD and I was very surprised honestly!

Our rental car was $382.20 for a Ford Escape for a Week…not terrible, but not wonderful either – I have a VERY BIG Aversion to all things Ford so I was less than pleased with Hertz’s choice of vehicles!

Here’s the breakdown of all expenses while we were there – we spent more on Gas than anything else – 1.5 tanks of gas each way, a fill-up while in MD and then a fill-up before turning it into Hertz on Friday the 2nd (yes I kept the damn thing for a Week, I paid for a week I was keeping it for a week!)

Trip Expenditures
 $37.87 Love’s Country Store – Gas
 $36.33 AirPark BP – Gas
 $23.35 Taco Bell – Dinner
 $22.00 Hard Times Café – Date
 $13.00 Hard Times Café – Date
 $12.00 Hard Times Café – Date
 $8.05 Exxon – J Cigs
 $5.67 McDonald’s – J Snack
 $3.23 KTC
 $1.59 McDonald’s – Drinks
 $37.87 Boston Market – Lunch
 $23.97 McDonald’s – Dinner
 $22.84 Candy World – Candy
 $22.00 FONZ – Zoo Parking
 $5.99 Sodexho – Drink at Zoo
 $3.04 McDonald’s – Drinks
 $41.90 Hasty Mart – Gas
 $21.84 AirPark BP – Gas
 $28.00 Exxon – Gas

All in all not terrible with the Rental Car we spent $752.74, could be a lot worst had we had to pay for a hotel!

Alright so onto why we’re here, the weekly budget, again we’re two weeks post the last one, but not a ton has changed, we were able to hook up with a friend who looked at our Focus while we were out of town and determined that the stall out/shaky idle has been caused by a leak in the Air Intake system – so he replaced the hose for it and is in the process of tracking down a seal instead of replacing the whole system (which would have been $500+) and the grinding brakes was actually a brake pad that had near worn down to the point of being right on the rotor – so he had me purchase a new set of brake pads and he installed those for us late last week.  All in all we’re currently at about $100.00 if not far less for the repairs, we’ve budgeted $275.00 for the repairs in total as he’d told us the final piece for the seal is like a $0.40 piece if he can find one.  He does want my hubby to try and track down ball bearings for the rear tires, we still think that those will fall under our budget as the last one we replaced wasn’t more than $100.00…so I took the $900 ($750 for down payment/repairs + the payment) and put that money back into our general funds and I used it to help pay some bills this week:

 $1,149.45 Remaining from W/E 07/21/13  $411.92 Lara W/E 07/28/13 Salary
 $141.50 Amt. Spent  $257.21 Jimmy W/E 07/28/13 Salary
 $1,007.95 Avail. Starting  $669.13
 $28.00 Exxon – Rental Gas  $1,007.95 Avail. Starting
 $33.50 Exxon – Focus Gas  $669.13 Total Pay
 $80.00 Brigade’s B&G Club  $1,677.08 Avail. For Bills
 $ –


 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $382.20 Rental Car
 $115.00 AT&T
 $5.00 OT Solution
 $5.00 CCA
 $170.00 Groceries
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Money
 $25.00 Cat & Dog Food
 $25.00 Dinner, 8/2
 $337.00 Credit Acceptance
 $275.00  Repairs for Car
 $100.00 Progress Energy
 $107.88  $107.88
7%  $7.55
 $7.55  $100.33

And because I had to put Gas into the Focus en route to returning the rental truck I didn’t budget for the Gas expenditure (thus the reason there’s two gas transactions listed above) – so here’s the breakdown with the lump sum cash withdrawal:

 $25.00 DB Plumbing
 $80.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $382.20 Rental Car
 $115.00 AT&T
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 CCA
 $260.00 Cash for Week
 $337.00 Credit Acceptance
 $275.00 Repairs for Car
 $100.00 Progress Energy
 $7.55 Merrill Transfer

Alright I think I’ve talked enough for this Week! Until next Week!

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