CitiMortgage, More Paperwork, WTH?!??!?

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Seriously losing my patience with Citi right now – Jimmy FINALLY hooked up with our dipstick of a “counselor” who told him that underwriting was FINALLY ready for a decision BUT they needed some new, but not new, paperwork re-signed and sent in ASAP! Ok so he was semi-vague about what he needed – Jimmy wasn’t 100% sure what he needed so I printed out new copies of our workable solutions packet and we signed them – yes the same documents we both signed at the start of all of this at what was it the end of March/Late February? I sent them off to the moron this morning and asked him to let me know ASAP if those were incorrect so we could send in the correct ones tomorrow…

Why is it they needed separate documents with two separate signatures on them? We signed them together way back when and now we have to re-sign them only separately – makes ZERO sense seriously!

I am SO READY to have this be done!


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