Have You Ever Had Your Car Stolen…?

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well we did, July 2012 ours was stolen! Right from in front of our house – I won’t rehash the whole story, but the gist of it is this – went grocery shopping in the morning, dropped hubby off at work right from Grocery store, came home unloaded the groceries with the help of the kiddos, sometime during the afternoon while I was out back with the kids in their wading pool I heard tires squealing away from in front of the house, not thinking anything of it as it’s a semi-regular occurrence in the summer in my neighborhood we went about the rest of our day – got the kids inside from swimming, got them dressed, settled in for the afternoon/evening – later that night my hubby comes home from work, abt 10:00 – 10:15 pm, asks me where the cars at, I’m like ‘what?’ – it was then we figured out the car was stolen…

Here’s the kicker – the ignition key was left in the ignition – I must’ve left it there when unloading the groceries, was the car locked, probably not as we hadn’t had cause the lock them previously, windows were down (one would say we were practically inviting it – doesn’t matter, I could have left the damn thing running, doesn’t give anyone the right to take it)…it was summer, it was hot, so of course we didn’t think on it…too trusting perhaps….stupid, maybe…either way it shouldn’t have been stolen!

Cops were called, report was filed – called insurance filed a claim with them, life is on hold until car is recovered 5-days later…arsehole who was caught with the car tosses key into River (we only had the one) and threatens to jump into the river himself – it’s a whole elaborate operation with the Fire boat being called in to prevent this from happening, Jimmy goes with cops/tow truck to recover car, after its dusted for finger prints…file follow-up claim with insurance.

To get to the point of the matter – it seems that everyone involved is somehow pointing the finger at us, making us feel like we’re the ones who did it, we’re the ones to blame and we set the whole thing up – I will admit I HATE our car, but we NEED it – and until it’s replaced we’re stuck with it…it’s the only one we have…so why in the world would we do such a thing.  Yes, I know people do it all the time…but STILL!! Are people who work in insurance and now the Public Defender’s office naturally suspicious?

This comes about because I just had a brief interview with the investigator for the Public Defender’s office – and he asked me to recount everything I remember from that day – was it  possible that the guys who stole it maybe a friend of a friend, had I ever seen them before (answer to both is a resounding NO, going to have to say I don’t hang around any thugs, which is what these two basically are), had we ever or would we ever loan our car to someone, um NO!  Could we possibly know them from work? Again, NO!  We don’t know many people in town, and those we do know, we don’t know all that well, we don’t know their groups of people they hang with.  Were we discussing the car earlier in the day/week with anyone, again NO!  I just got the feeling that, while he was doing his job, he was suspicious of the fact that the keys were in the ignition, windows were down, and the car wasn’t reported stole for about 8 hrs. after the fact…again the timeline isn’t perfect as I didn’t check the clock when we came in from the pool or when I heard the squealing of the tires…we didn’t go outside again,  I didn’t go check the mail, it was 100+ degrees and I wasn’t about to go anywhere else…

I guess I am just a tad put off by this whole experience…and yes it’s made me very paranoid with the car now, it’s always locked, we got the ignition keys replaced (along with a new locking system), windows are always up, etc…but MAN! Can this please be done?!?!?!  I am starting to think we might need a Lawyer – I can’t afford one, but STILL?!?!?


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